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  1. chapter 1 Above the nightmarish scene on Kashyyyk, the Millennium Falcon flies over the forest planting beacons. Chewbacca’s son, Waroo, is aboard, helping Leia and Han who can’t help but think that, had things gone right, might have been flying the old ship someday with Jacen. Though Han tells himself that his son is dead, it still grips his heart when Jacen does something even more outrageous than the next. After the beacons are set, the ships in orbit will begin setting strategic fires to help burn out the uncontrolled one. In the cockpit, Han hears a voice behind
  2. Prologue: Jacen flow-walks Tahiri into a battle. She worries that they may alter the present by accidentally changing the past. Jacen assures her that he won’t let her do anything wrong. What he doesn’t tell her is that it’s impossible for them to change the past without the Force correcting it. He needs her to believe they are risking something catastrophic in order to deal with her grief. The cloning lab had been their mission on that terrible day in the middle of the Vong war. She touches her lightsaber and Jacen knows she wants to do more than give Anakin that last kiss. She want
  3. Prologue: Maa Jade Skywalker lies awake, wondering if she should have tried to kill Palpatine. Mixed in with these thoughts are worries about where her son, Ben, is. He is alive, but it’s been days. Ben had reminded her and Luke of those they’d killed. She hopes he knows, now that he has killed, the mark that doing it leaves on a person. Luke wakes up, assures her Ben is fine. Mara knows he’s not. The galaxy isn’t fine, their family isn’t fine. Her son is a stranger and she doesn’t even know Jacen Solo at all. Lumiya tried to kill her son and she will pay for that. ------------
  4. chapter 1: Guilt doesn’t keep Jacen Solo awake at night, but the awareness that he should feel guilty and doesn’t. Aboard the Anakin Solo, Jacen’s mind races as it has every day since rescuing Tenel Ka from an insurrection started by her nobles and aided by the Corellians. Believing his parents were a part of that coup, he’d fired on the Millennium Falcon. It would seem they had no connection to the plot, but he doesn’t really feel badly about what he did. What kind of a father does that make him? While trying to relax, he has a vision of his mother wielding the lightsaber Mara used
  5. Prologue: Jacen Solo just stands there as if he has no need to fear the underworld of Coruscant. He’s as arrogant as Alema Rar remembers him. She needs to kill him, to see the pain on his parents’ faces. She’d spent years wondering how to repay Leia Solo from the half foot that had been taken from her, the lekku and being fed to a giant spidersloth on Tenupe. This is about revenge and balance, not cruelty. She stops when she sees two brothers gazing at her. She uses the Force on them to push one into a radank web so they’ll know what it’s like to disfigured. She pushes off a zap g
  6. Prologue: Ten years after the Yuuzhan Vong war, Slave I pursues a prisoner named H’buk, an Atzerri glitterstim dealer who owes the Traders’ Coalition money. H’buk offers Boba Fett double to call it off. H’buk just doesn’t understand a contract is a contract. Technically, an old Firespray like Slave I shouldn’t be able to catch up, but Fett’s made so many modifications that the only original part of the ship is the pilot’s seat. He is rather disgusted at how these things always go. Threatening to fire on him doesn’t work. He grapples onto the fighter and starts pulling it in. Offe
  7. chapter 1: Luke Skywalker wakes up from a dream about a man who doesn’t exist. He explains to his wife, Mara Jade Skywalker, that he’s had the dream before. Some enemy shadowed in darkness but with currents of light, ignorance and denial who brings great pain, not only to the galaxy, but also to Luke himself. But he can’t find him by searching through the future, he can’t find the man because he doesn’t exist. Mara asks if it could be Raynar Thul. Raynar is being held in a cell within the Temple, undergoing treatment for his mental and physical wounds after spending years among the Ki
  8. Prologue: On the Iesei nest world, Jaina, Jacen, Zekk, Tahiri and Tesar gaze at the Chiss megaweapon sitting on the sand dune above. Jacen insists they follow the summons they have been getting for hours to return to Ossus. The others at least want to check out this bomb. Jacen argues that it could be a Chiss trap, but Jaina and the others are determined to investigate. While the Iesei are not the Taat, the nest feels like a sibling to Jaina and Zekk. They note that Jacen seems to be in a hurry. Jacen doesn’t allow them in the twin bond anymore and, after the raid on the Thrango Suppl
  9. Prologue: Jaina Solo and Zekk have been sent to Bespin to route out Tibanna gas thieves. The presences in the Force are individual which makes them sad because they miss their Taat colony. They would never have changed their decision to avert a war, but it did get them banished from the nest. It’s like being cut off from family and friends. Still, they have each other. Still with minds connected and finishing each other’s sentences. When they board the ship, they find that the thieves are inside the vessel somewhere. There are nesting eggs over the floor and a dark muddy liquid that Z
  10. Prologue: The call through the Force continues to come, distracting Jaina Solo from the interrogation she is receiving at Detention Center Maxsec Eight. Athadar Gyad is asking her about her and Lowbacca’s boarding of the Night Lady. Though Luke had wanted to keep the Jedi out of the operation of the new government, it’s been difficult not to become involved. While Tesasr and Lowie wait for Jaina to finish, the call through the Force doesn’t let up. On Zonama Sekot, Tahiri Veila is working to encourage the Yuuzhan Vong living here to stop thinking in terms of castes. The warriors refus
  11. Part I: Across the Stars chapter 1: The planet Selvaris is a lonely planet that has risen to significant in large part due to its backwater location. There is a prisoner of war compound hollowed from the jungle which is now full of Yuuzhan Vong bioengineered product that will soon become dominant here. The dead are being carried off to be recycled, over the objections of the prisoners. Captain Page has the prisoners moving the dead bodies to hurry off. The subaltern, S’yito, knows that this is a warrior to contend with. If it had been up to him, all of the prisoners would have been e
  12. Prologue: The Shamed Ones of Yuuzhan’tar, formerly known as Coruscant, chant to the Prophet Nom Anor. It’s difficult for him to shake years of contempt for his new army, but they are his only hope now. Setbacks have made it hard for him, though, with his agent in Shimrra’s palace killed, more of his followers uncovered and fewer responding to his call. He needs to give them back their faith. Anor announces that he had a vision of the living planet of the Jedi and the Shamed ones walking with them on this world. This is Shimrra’s doom. Anor has put this together from rumors he’s heard o
  13. Prologue: Tahiri and Riina stare at each other, each refusing to stand down, advancing on each other, one with a lightsaber, the other with an amphistaff. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part I: Infiltration: 1. Han is in the middle of the strangest game of sabacc he’d ever played and still wins. After a brief altercation over whether or not his win was the result of pure luck, he’s taken to the boss of the establishment on the run-down world of Onadax. He’s pushed into a room where a voice speaks to him
  14. Prologue: A man who is no longer a man stands before an alien who is not what he seems. They agree that everything is in its place, but the alien will only give the man what he wants when he’s satisfied that the bargain has been met. The alien general gives him leave to depart, reminding him that they have what he wants. ------------------------------------------------------ Part I: Expedition: 1. On Munlali Mafir, Luke finds the atmosphere rather thin. His team continues moves to avoid the Krizlaws. The Imperial survey had attributed the native inhabitants to the centipedal Jost
  15. Prologue: Saba Sebatyne returns to Barab I to find it burning. Four coralskippers escorting a huge ovoid ship appear to be the only remnants of the attack force still in system. She allows rage to rise within her, easing her pain as it builds to action. Saba veers off to intercept. She destroys one coralskipper, then finds that the huge ship has tentacles unfurling from the stern, attempting to grab her. Keeping herself close, she avoids the limbs, destroying the coralskippers and punching a hole in the huge ship. It opens, spilling what appear to be six-pointed stars into the vaccum
  16. chapter 1: Sitting in Chewbacca’s co-pilot chair, Leia’s mind goes elsewhere until she gets a sense of her son. She tells Han that Jacen is alive. He’s with friends for right now. Han isn’t sure he wants to believe her, but decides to go with it for now. She tells him that everything is going to change. The Falcon had been given the dubious honor of ferrying Commander Vana Dorja of the Imperial Remnant home after she’d been trapped on Coruscant during its fall. Leia is pretty sure that the Commander having been there to negotiate some kind of commercial treaty is just a cover-up for h
  17. Prologue: The Embrace of Pain: Jacen Solo is in pain. Besides the intense physical pain he endures, there is also the pain of betrayal by Vergere whom he had trusted and the pain of his brother, Anakin’s, death. He had faced losses before, but they had always been mistakes, misunderstandings or tricks. Then Chewbacca died and it was as if his family suddenly became vulnerable, culminating in the death of his brother. He cannot remember where he is. It’s hard to remember his past – being captured on Belkadan, being rescued by his uncle, Vergere bringing him to the voxyn queen and that m
  18. chapter 1: Jaina turns her X-Wing so she coming directly toward the Rebel Dream and the coralskippers beyond it. Kyp and Jag are next to her. The maneuver is not hard for Jag, but it had to be hard on Kyp’s X-Wing. They continue to operate under the guise of treating her as a goddess. On Coruscant, Luke is wearing his fake crab armor which spares him the twitches sometimes made by living armor. They move through a residential area which is likely been looted and find bodies. On a world with no wilderness or farmlands, much of the population has probably starved to death. Face, Ke
  19. chapter 1: One day into the occupation of Borleias, Vong Penzak Kraal and Charat Kraal are piloting coralskippers over the world which is to be used as a staging area for the assault on Coruscant. They debate who is braver: a god or a mortal. Charat has heard that the infidels know how to kill a star. His clanmate assures him they did it the wrong way anyway and obviously don’t know how to use it again or they’d be destroying worldships everywhere. Charat has also heard that the gods may smile upon them. An enemy battleship appears, followed by more of them. The Mon Mothma is one o
  20. chapter 1: On Myrkr, Harrar the priest and Khalee Lah, the warrior son of warmaster Tsavong Lah, head toward the battle. Harrar is wary of Khalee whose father is an adherent of Yun-Harla, the trickster goddess and wonders why the young Yuuzhan Vong has been assigned to him. They spot Nom Anor’s frigate leaving and Lah ponders why, if the battle is going so well, Anor is fleeing. Harrar contacts the executor who admits that the voxyn primary and her spawn are dead and that the frigate has been commandeered by Jaina Solo, whose twin, Jacen, is a captive and whose younger brother, Anakin, h
  21. chapter 1: In the Jade Shadow, Jaina Solo tells R2-D2 to stay connected. Finally, tired of arguing with the droid, she lets him go wake Mara up. Suddenly, she feels a sense of ravenous hunger that unnerves her. Mara Jade Skywalker appears and tells her to sit down. They look out at a Corellian cruiser called the Nebula Chaser which is one half of a duo of troublemakers. Mara sensed the disquiet earlier, too, but it’s nothing to do with the passengers of the ships. Aboard the Nebula Chaser, Captain Pollux turns to the the Twi’lek sisters who are watching a piece of yorik coral detach
  22. Prologue: Jacen Solo opens his eyes and thinks he’s seeing blood drifting in starlight. Tsavong Lah stands on his new foot and is told by one of his aides that the priestess, Ngaaluh wants a word with him. He’s not happy with the worshippers of Yun-Harla, but she might have favored him lately, so he obliges. The priestess tells him that she was sent by Harrar. She reminds him that the priestess Elan who died in service to the Yuuzhan Vong had a familiar in the form of a sentient creature named Vergere. The creature has escaped and made her way back to them. She has much information f
  23. Prologue: Dorsk 82 rushes his charges aboard his ship. A protocol droid urges him to join them quickly. Dorsk 82 wants to talk to the mob of Aqualish headed toward them first. They are destroying all the droids in the city because they are frightened. The Yuuzhan Vong hate machines. No one knows why, but they are causing people in their path of invasion to lose their senses. The droid wants to know why he’s helping them. Even though they are droids, Dorsk 82 explains that they don’t deserve to be destroyed. The head of the Aqualish mob tells the Jedi to move. The owners of the droi
  24. Prologue: In battle, Jaina Solo loves being a Rogue where her family name and her ability to use the Force have no bearing. She is flying escort for refugees fleeing Kalarba when she’s hit and ejects. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The time is officially 26 years ABY, so Jacen and Jaina really should be 17. chapter 1: After the disaster at Centerpoint, Jacen Solo fled Coruscant to the planet Duro where a refugee camp is set up. He watches his father trying to settle a dispute between two Ryn clans, headed b
  25. chapter 1: In Gyndine’s capital city, morning brings only the sights and sounds of battle. Only the New Republic embassy is protected by a strong-enough shield and that is where thousands are gathered, hoping to get in. As a representative of the Senate Select Committee for Refugees, Leia Organa Solo is everyone’s best hope for help, but she cannot go no near the fence or make eye contact with anyone. She spends most of her time pacing and hoping that another evacuation ship has landed. Her bodyguard, Olmahk moves with her while C 3PO looks as unnerved as a droid can be, particularly a
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