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Found 5 results

  1. https://youtu.be/3Wjx01CuqDs Apparently, Team Negative One got their hands on some 35mm copies of the original Star Wars movies (as in the pre-special editions), restored them, and put them on the web (although it looks like it got taken right back down again). But the comparison videos are still live on youtube.
  2. Looks like there is movement for a Live-Action Star Wars TV show. Sounds like it is in the very early stages and there is timing issues with the movies for when it will be played out. Link: http://www.cinelinx.com/tv/item/7320-star-wars-live-action-tv-show-is-happening-but-still-a-ways-out.html
  3. I was wondering if anyone knows how to get a hold of a Star Wars Holiday Special (from 1978)? Links: A well made Star Wars Holiday Special site. The Star Wars Holiday Special listing at the IMDB Wikipedia's article on the Star Wars Holiday Special YouTube's Listings
  4. Hello everyone! I happened upon an old post from a few years ago about a Green Machine style bike that was turned into a Speeder Bike. This is what the original post said: The Return of the Speeder Bike Ride-On March 23, 2009 Starting our week-long look at some of the international Star Wars merchandise arriving on store shelves in the coming months, we thought we'd begin with a toy that puts a new spin one of the old-school Star Wars classics: the ride-on speeder bike. If you were a fan in 1984, you may remember the original speeder bike ride-on put out by Huffy in a toy store sweepst
  5. Abrams tweeted a hand. It looked kinda like Ani's AOTC hand. Now there's a pic floating around of a weird looking dude with a partially mechanical looking face holding the helmet of Vader, and the hand supposedly belongs to him. This is rumored to be the big baddie, or one of them, from Episode VII. Pics attached, or at least supposed to be. Posting from mobile so God help me.
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