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Found 3 results

  1. Obviously, I'm the only person on Nightly who has a problem with police shooting unarmed, autistic 6-year olds. Is Nightly also OK with police shooting a 17-year old who poses no threat 16 times? Chicago on edge after release of video of Laquan McDonald shooting This one is pretty bad, too. The teenager was armed with a knife and high, so he did constitute a threat. But he was never within striking distance, nor did he raise the knife as if to throw it. Plus, something like 15 of the 16 shots took place after he was already down on the ground.
  2. Nobody good likes terrorists, bros, SJWs, bubbas, Republicans, or lawyers, but I think we can all agree cops belong in their own private Hadesian suites. Especially murdery cops... and as if on cue: One of the cops had already been charged twice for aggravated rape and faced lawsuits for excessive force. Wow.
  3. I understand why Daniel Pantaleo was not indicted in the death of Eric Garner. It sucks, but I understand the results. I also understand why this would outrage people and ideally lead to laws and police training being changed, etc. There is video available. It is obvious Garner was in no way a serious threat to the life or safety of anybody around him. He was asking them to leave him alone and simply (and most likely justifiably) agitated. Yet this story, which demonstrates, IMO, a clear bad guy* and clear flaws in the legal system had one fraction of the coverage of Ferguson. Why do you
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