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Found 3 results

  1. chapter 1: On the starliner in orbit around Coruscant, Jaina Solo and her comrades are among the few who know that the Sith have infiltrated the highest-levels of government in the Galactic Alliance. At Customs, normally welcoming of visitors, the Sith Sabers keep an eye out for the Jedi they are expecting to appear. Valin and Jysella Horn insist they are from Kalla VII and are tourists hoping to get better positions with Unlimited Horizons Incorporated in the Corporate Sector. One advantage they have against the Sith is that the Lost Tribe has been isolated for millennia. Their
  2. Jedi Cool


    Chapter 1: Jaden Korr awakens in pain and darkness. He has to struggle to recognize the architecture. It’s Rakatan. He sees the unfamiliar lightsaber in his hand, remembering he’d made it on Junker because he’d given his original one to Marr. He calls for Marr and Khedryn but gets no answer. The rumbling grows, he hears his name being called and sees a figure holding a lightsaber hilt that glows red. He knows he’s in the belly of a beast, but ignites the yellow glow of his own saber to reflect the light. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. chapter 1: 5000 years before the Battle of Yavin, the forces of Naga Sadow burn the largest moon of Phaegon III. The Harbinger, captained by Saes Rrogan, former Jedi, now, recent recruit to the Sith cause stands with the Omen as the moon is peeled like a fruit. Saes would have previously considered such an attack wrong, but the freedom of the Dark Side is that there is no right or wrong. Those with power wield it as they see fit. His second-in-command, Los Dor, is here, not only as an aide, but also a spy for Sadow, to see that he returns all the Lignan to Sadow’s forces.
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