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  1. chapter 1: Luke Skywalker catches his nephew, Jacen, in his office, practicing with Luke’s lightsaber. Jacen feels he’s ready for one, but Luke isn’t so sure. He encourages Jacen to be patient. In the meantime, Jacen asks Luke to see if he can persuade Tenel Ka to accompany him, Jaina and Lowbacca on their trip to Lando Calrissian’s GemDiver operation on the planet Yavin. Tenel Ka doesn’t think the trip will be interesting, but Jacen thinks she’s just making it up. Luke explains that Tenel Ka has to make her own decisions. It turns out that Tenel Ka is expecting a visit from a Hapa
  2. chapter 1: After a month at the academy on Yavin 4, Jacen Solo has finally got his room exactly the way he wants it. Jacen has one wall filled with cages for the pets he’s gathered here on the moon. His natural affinity in the Force is toward living things. Animals and other creatures will approach him when they would otherwise ignore someone else. But, today, he realizes that his crystal snake is missing. The snake isn’t very harmful, but it does give a painful bite that will cause someone to sleep for a couple of hours. He heads down the corridor to his sister, Jaina’s, room. Jai
  3. chapter 1 Anakin Solo work on a holographic light puzzle in his room. Master Ikrit compliments him on his skill. Tahiri arrives and tells him that Master Skywalker has gone back to Coruscant for a couple of weeks so their next few lessons will be with Tionne and Ikrit. She notices the light puzzle and realizes he’s put together a hologram of his family. Anakin admits he got the idea from the hologram of Luke in Vader’s castle. He’s pulled images of his parents from his last birthday party and combined them with ones of Jacen and Jaina when they were here on break. Tahiri wishes she had hol
  4. chapter 1: Outside the Jedi Academy, Anakin and Tahiri wait with their friend Uldir who is wearing new brown Jedi robes. Tionne’s ship should be arriving soon, but they’ve waited a long time already. Uldir is worried that he won’t have time to practice with them before he has to work in the kitchen. Learning to use the Force is hard work for him. Anakin doesn’t think about it because it’s so fun. Tahiri says she knew nothing about using it until Tionne found her on Tatooone. She makes everything so interesting that Tahiri really doesn’t have a problem learning. In fact, Tahiri has been p
  5. Prologue: Aboard the Millennium Falcon, Anakin Solo seems troubled. His father tells him his mother noticed this during his visit home. Anakin can’t really put his finger on it. Han Solo tells him he doesn’t have to go back to the academy yet. He’s still young to be going off to school a couple of months at a time. His siblings were a bit older when they started. Anakin admits he misses his parents, but he sees Jacen and Jaina. He also has friends there and Uncle Luke looks after him. At landing, Anakin is greeted by his uncle who also seems to know that there’s something wrong.
  6. Prologue: A purella knows the time for the changing has come. Spinning her web, she thinks about the Melodies coming each year at the same time and how she will catch one in her web to devour. -------------------------------------------------------- chapter 1: Anakin Solo sits in the Great Temple on Yavin IV and watches the girl with red hair and yellow eyes. She’s about his age. He’s never seen her sit with anyone since he arrived. She must be a loner, like him. Studying the Force to be a Jedi Knight takes time and quiet, something Anakin’s new friend, Tahiri, doesn’t understand. It’s be
  7. chapter 1: Han and Leia Organa Solo say good-bye to their youngest son, Anakin, as he prepares to take a shuttle to Yavin IV where he will join other students at his uncle’s Jedi academy. Leia could not bear to have all of her children gone at once, so, only after Jacen and Jaina returned from their time at the school, would she allow Anakin to go. There is always danger in studying the Force. Leia cannot help but worry about the power her son will harness. She hopes he finds a friend to help him through the challenging times. Anakin knows his mother is worried, but he is not. He’s read al
  8. chapter 1: The bright-red Star Destroyer Errant Venture is not quite as intimidating as it might have been at the height of the Empire’s power. In fact, Booster Terrik doesn’t have enough crewers to keep it maintained and functioning properly most of the time. For this reason, Talon Karrde has to wait to send his transmission until the comm. system works. He’d expanded his information gathering operation from the leaders of the New Republic and Empire to various planetary and sector governments. This required expanding the number of employees which, in this specific case, has resulted in an
  9. Jedi Cool


    Prologue: Death of a Jedi: Toro Irana is angry because he’s been stuck on Makem Te for weeks. He’s not a patient Jedi anyway. After numerous meetings have been canceled, rearranged and moved, his contact is late. The air is bad, dust is everywhere and the world is covered by the Tract. The crypts and mausoleums of the Tract can be seen from the restaurant windows. The inhabitants, Swokes Swokes, look like lumps of flesh, argue about religion and death and eat funny. A Rodian comes in with a bottle as a gift for his patron being delayed. Toro hates getting into these control games. But h
  10. chapter 1: The Chimaera waits by the gas world of Pesitiin. Captain Ardiff tells him the ship is at full readiness after the pirate attack that was supposed to make them think General Bel Iblis of the New Republic was rejecting Pellaeon’s offer of peace negotiations. Ardriff doesn’t like the communications blackout. Neither does Pellaeon, but tapping into a relay station or the HoloNet will let everyone know they’re here. The captain wonders if pirates might have staged the whole thing. They could have intercepted Colonel Vermel and found out the Chimaera was here. Pellaeon decides to give
  11. chapter 1: At the very edge of the pitiful scraps of what had once been the Empire, the Star Destroyer Chimaera floats. Admiral Pellaeon, Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet, feels the weight on his shoulders of too many defeats. His captain, Ardiff, tells him they are ready. Pellaeon remembers ten years back when they’d watched the final test of the prototype cloaking shield Grand Admiral Thrawn had retrieved from Wayland. But that time is gone. Thrawn is dead. The Empire is dying. He signals the attack. They are using a device called a Predictor to analyze flight data during an atta
  12. chapter 1: Approach: Han should have gone down with Leia in Jade’s Fire but he owes Dracmus and her people who will not give up even this old spacecraft. He does his best to fix the multiple problems with the failed coneship. Dracmus is a member of the Hunchuzuc Den of Selonians who live on Corellia. They are part of a faction called the Republicists. This would make Han feel better if he knew what they actually want. As it is, he is either a fellow escapee or prisoner of Dracmus. He’s not sure that he isn’t both. It seems that the Republicists are fighting the Absolutists who want
  13. chapter 1: Family Ties: Han Solo knows that there’s only one reason he’s alive right now is because his cousin Trackan Sal-Solo, leader of the Corellian system’s Human League movement, wants a look at him. The paunchy, unshaven guards may wear fancy insignia but they are clearly not seasoned warriors. They are astounded at the similarities between Han and Thrackan. Thrackan is unhappy at the damage Han caused at the spaceport, shooting up patrol ships and allowing an Ugly to escape. Han tells him that he can’t win this battle. The New Republic has defeated far greater threats than the Human
  14. chapter 1: Visible Secrets: Han Solo and Chewbacca work on the Millennium Falcon when they are approached by a woman calling herself Kalenda who wishes to speak with Solo alone. He won’t listen to anything Chewbacca can’t hear. She agrees and he invites her aboard the ship. A probe droid monitors the exchange from a distance. On board, Kalenda explains that Leia’s being part of a delegation headed to Corellia next week has prompted New Republic Intelligence to ask for Han’s help. The entire family is going to Han’s homeworld to give him a chance to show them a rare look inside the Corellian
  15. chapter 1: Kueller stands on the roof of a tower on the planet Almania where he has recently wiped out the Je’har. He is soon joined by Brakiss who is eager to get off of this cold world. He wants to see if the experiment works. Kueller assures him that he will know when it happens. Through the Force, Brakiss can sense the screams of others which fills him with warmth and an odd sense of joy. Kueller dons a Death’s Head mask and assumes Brakiss wants to leave now. He is determined to show the young man the value of hate, but Brakiss won’t budge. Kueller had helped him after his life on Ya
  16. chapter 1: On Kashyyyk, Chewbacca takes his son, Lumpawarrump, through the jungle for his coming-of-age ceremony. In the Koornacht Cluster, Plat Mallar and the other pilots approach the Venture, noting its guns pointed at them and hope they don’t get into too much trouble for losing the commodore. They are brought on board one at a time, their vehicles inspected and held for debriefing. During Mallar’s interrogation, he explains everything he did before leaving Coruscant and everyone he spoke with. The interrogator is particularly interested in his unusual friendship with Admiral Ackba
  17. Part I: Lando: chapter 1: Lando and Lobot determine that the ship had meant to dump them out as soon as it severed the Lady Luck, but that the jump to hyperspace sealed the door before they could all be sucked out. Lobot’s datalinks were brought down, one of Lando’s gloves was sucked out into space and they have no way to communicate with Pakkpekatt who is surely trying to follow them. The compartment they are now in start repressurization after they made the jump. Lando decides that this ship sees them as interlopers which means their chances after reverting to real space are not good. The
  18. Prologue: Eight months after the Battle of Endor, the Imperial repair yards at N’zoth is ordered to evacuate. The commander is told to destroy the yards and any remaining assets. This is more difficult by the fact that only one of the nine Star Destroyers in the yards is ready for space. The leader of the Yevethan Underground, Nil Spaar, is aware of this. He puts word out that the Imperials are leaving and that the plan is to be implemented. There are nine prizes to be had. The commander, Paret, transfers his command to the Intimidator, hoping not to alert the Yevetha, who comprise nine ou
  19. chapter 1: On Munto Codru, Leia runs from her receiving room to the meadow to find a pressure bomb has gone off and Chewbacca is seriously injured. Jacen, Jaina and Anakin are gone. The doctor arrives to treat the Wookiee while Leia insists measures be taken to prevent the kidnappers from leaving the planet. The Chamberlain, Mr. Iyon, is certain that will not happen. Munto Codru has a tradition of ritualistic kidnappings that all amount to nothing. Leia insists they close the port anyway. She had never really worried about her children’s safety. It had been planned for, but with her percep
  20. chapter 1: Wedge Antilles takes Qwi Xux out to dinner, planning to break up with her, but she breaks up with him first. They both agree they were good for each other at the time, but neither sees the other in their future. Wedge takes a leave of absence in order to contemplate the next stage in his life. General Airen Cracken has other plans. The world of Adumar is on the outskirts of the Unknown Regions. It hadn’t had much contact with the Old Republic and no contact with the Empire. Their main industry is explosives which can be converted very easily into the manufacture of proton to
  21. chapter 1: Aboard the New Republic ship Admantine, Chief of State Leia Organa Solo is traveling to the Meridan sector on an unofficial visit to Nam Chorios where she is to meet with Seti Ashgad, head of the Rationalist Party. A small incident en route concerns a midshipman who abruptly falls ill and dies. In the meantime, Leia and Ashgad discuss the problem with Nam Chorios. The world had been used as a penal colony centuries ago. The descendants of the guards and prisoners managed to eke out a living farming. About 40 years ago, then-Senator Palpatine had revived the prison world concep
  22. Really sorry about this one. chapter 1: On the planet of Tatooine, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo ride with the Tusken Raiders, disguised by the Force, and watch a Bantha-less Tusken be abandoned in the desert. His Bantha has died and, since Tuskens believe the beast and Raider bond, they will leave the Raider to either find a new mount and rejoin the tribe or die in the desert. That night, they listen to a storyteller tell the clan about their exploits against stormtroopers, krayt dragons and moisture farmers They watch an apprentice to the storyteller relate a tale to the word lest his life b
  23. chapter 1: On the planet Ithor, a hunter stalks his prey through the forests. Meanwhile, Han and Leia Organa Solo are here for the Time of Meeting which Leia had attended once as a child. As Chief of State, she is able to keep tabs on Coruscant’s daily news and is disturbed to find out that Stinna Draesinge Sha was assassinated. She was a teacher at the reknown Magrody Institute who taught one of Luke’s students, Cray Mingla. A top-notch assassin named Phlygas Grynne did the job, too, which gets Han wondering why someone would hire him to kill a programmer. Of course, it begs the questio
  24. Jedi Cool

    I, Jedi

    chapter 1: Rogue Squadron is waiting to ambush the Invids, a pirate gang working with the former Imperial Star Destroyer Invidious commanded by Leonia Tavira, near the planet Alakatha where Corran Horn and his wife, Mirax, honeymooned three years ago. The Invids are planning to hit a luxury liner called the Glitterstar and the Rogues are hoping this is not an ambush. Fortunately, Tavira seems to like luxury so, in between pirate raids, Corran has time at home which he has had little of the last few years. Thrawn ruined his first anniversary, the rescue of the Lusankya prisoners the next an
  25. chapter 1 One week after leaving Luke Skywalker for dead on Yavin IV, Kyp Durron pilots the Sun Crusher into the Caridan system. Having already wiped out Admiral Daala’s remaining two Star Destroyers, leaving a message pod behind so the galaxy will know who was responsible and removing the memories of Qwi Xux, the scientist who designed the Sun Crusher, Kyp is now planning to attack the world that houses the Imperial Military Academy. He demands to speak with Ambassador Furgan, the Imperial who’d insulted Mon Mothma and tossed a drink in her face on a visit to Coruscant, and tells him he w
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