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  1. chapter 1: Jaina turns her X-Wing so she coming directly toward the Rebel Dream and the coralskippers beyond it. Kyp and Jag are next to her. The maneuver is not hard for Jag, but it had to be hard on Kyp’s X-Wing. They continue to operate under the guise of treating her as a goddess. On Coruscant, Luke is wearing his fake crab armor which spares him the twitches sometimes made by living armor. They move through a residential area which is likely been looted and find bodies. On a world with no wilderness or farmlands, much of the population has probably starved to death. Face, Ke
  2. chapter 1: One day into the occupation of Borleias, Vong Penzak Kraal and Charat Kraal are piloting coralskippers over the world which is to be used as a staging area for the assault on Coruscant. They debate who is braver: a god or a mortal. Charat has heard that the infidels know how to kill a star. His clanmate assures him they did it the wrong way anyway and obviously don’t know how to use it again or they’d be destroying worldships everywhere. Charat has also heard that the gods may smile upon them. An enemy battleship appears, followed by more of them. The Mon Mothma is one o
  3. chapter 1: On Myrkr, Harrar the priest and Khalee Lah, the warrior son of warmaster Tsavong Lah, head toward the battle. Harrar is wary of Khalee whose father is an adherent of Yun-Harla, the trickster goddess and wonders why the young Yuuzhan Vong has been assigned to him. They spot Nom Anor’s frigate leaving and Lah ponders why, if the battle is going so well, Anor is fleeing. Harrar contacts the executor who admits that the voxyn primary and her spawn are dead and that the frigate has been commandeered by Jaina Solo, whose twin, Jacen, is a captive and whose younger brother, Anakin, h
  4. chapter 1: In the Jade Shadow, Jaina Solo tells R2-D2 to stay connected. Finally, tired of arguing with the droid, she lets him go wake Mara up. Suddenly, she feels a sense of ravenous hunger that unnerves her. Mara Jade Skywalker appears and tells her to sit down. They look out at a Corellian cruiser called the Nebula Chaser which is one half of a duo of troublemakers. Mara sensed the disquiet earlier, too, but it’s nothing to do with the passengers of the ships. Aboard the Nebula Chaser, Captain Pollux turns to the the Twi’lek sisters who are watching a piece of yorik coral detach
  5. Prologue: Jacen Solo opens his eyes and thinks he’s seeing blood drifting in starlight. Tsavong Lah stands on his new foot and is told by one of his aides that the priestess, Ngaaluh wants a word with him. He’s not happy with the worshippers of Yun-Harla, but she might have favored him lately, so he obliges. The priestess tells him that she was sent by Harrar. She reminds him that the priestess Elan who died in service to the Yuuzhan Vong had a familiar in the form of a sentient creature named Vergere. The creature has escaped and made her way back to them. She has much information f
  6. Prologue: Dorsk 82 rushes his charges aboard his ship. A protocol droid urges him to join them quickly. Dorsk 82 wants to talk to the mob of Aqualish headed toward them first. They are destroying all the droids in the city because they are frightened. The Yuuzhan Vong hate machines. No one knows why, but they are causing people in their path of invasion to lose their senses. The droid wants to know why he’s helping them. Even though they are droids, Dorsk 82 explains that they don’t deserve to be destroyed. The head of the Aqualish mob tells the Jedi to move. The owners of the droi
  7. Prologue: In battle, Jaina Solo loves being a Rogue where her family name and her ability to use the Force have no bearing. She is flying escort for refugees fleeing Kalarba when she’s hit and ejects. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The time is officially 26 years ABY, so Jacen and Jaina really should be 17. chapter 1: After the disaster at Centerpoint, Jacen Solo fled Coruscant to the planet Duro where a refugee camp is set up. He watches his father trying to settle a dispute between two Ryn clans, headed b
  8. chapter 1: In Gyndine’s capital city, morning brings only the sights and sounds of battle. Only the New Republic embassy is protected by a strong-enough shield and that is where thousands are gathered, hoping to get in. As a representative of the Senate Select Committee for Refugees, Leia Organa Solo is everyone’s best hope for help, but she cannot go no near the fence or make eye contact with anyone. She spends most of her time pacing and hoping that another evacuation ship has landed. Her bodyguard, Olmahk moves with her while C 3PO looks as unnerved as a droid can be, particularly a
  9. chapter 1: At Obroa-skai, the priest, Harrar, receives an indication from an acolyte that Commander Tla is unhappy with the role of the priesthood in this venture. The battle for the planet is impressive. Harrar suggests that Tla be told to allow some of the smaller ships to escape so that word of this may spread among the infidels. Several hundred prisoners have been captured so he may have his pick for the sacrifice. Among the prisoners, he is disgusted to find droids clothed in garments marking them as research assistants. Harrar moves among them and finds a Gotal who identifies hi
  10. chapter 1: Facing the worlds of Dubrillion and Destrillion, the Yuuzhan Vong warrior, Shedao Shai, allows himself a moment of conceit as Yun-Yammka as promised them this galaxy as their home. The Vong had traveled in great worldships seeking this home. Over 50 years ago, scouts had located this place and the survivors had brought their report back to the Supreme Overlord. Agents infiltrated it and brought back data while a whole generation was trained to cleanse it of infidels. Here at Dubrillion, Nom Anor, of the intendant class, had conspired to usurp the warrior caste. He launche
  11. Dark Tide I: Onslaught Prologue: The pirate ship Free Lance, captained by Urias Xhaxin, is headed toward a raid when it exits hyperspace in the middle of nowhere. It’s supposed to be empty here, but there’s a burning freighter, surrounded by life pods and yachts. An asteroid appears to be hanging there, but it’s orbited by several others that look just like it and start attacking the yachts. Xhaxin orders the shields up. There are gravitic anomalies everywhere. Their fighters are losing shields. The Free Lance takes a hit. He orders a blind jump. Wondering who their attackers are,
  12. chapter 1: The Fraying Fabric: Leia Organa Solo finds the peace of flying through space ironic. She knows what she will find at the end of the journey. It happens too much these days. She looks onto the bridge of the Jade Sabre which belongs to her sister-in-law, Mara Jade. Mara and Leia’s daughter, Jaina, sit at the controls and talk comfortably with each other. Jaina is 16-years old, but she has the calmness of a veteran pilot. Leia sees much of herself in her daughter, but the girl she once was, not the person she is now. Arguably, it had been much easier to settle disputes with a
  13. chapter 1: Jaina teases Zekk about how he’s always working on the Lightning Rod. He tells her that the ship means a lot to him. It was with him when he was learning how to trust the Force again. Besides, everytime he works on it, she shows up. So it reminds him of good times with his friends, too. Jacen, Tenel Ka and Lowie appear. Zekk wonders what caused all this and asks if they’re planning a trip. He also asks where Anja Gallandro is. Jacen checked in on her this morning, but she wasn’t feeling well. Because she was shaking all over, they guess she’s going through spice withdrawal.
  14. chapter 1: Jaina runs through the forest of Yavin IV , followed by Tenel Ka and Lowie, until they reach the waterfall where Raynar and Lusa are already waiting. The group had planned to swim together, but Zekk and Jacen decided to help Anja Gallandro with her lightsaber skills. Raynar suggests they could have invited Anja to swim and make her feel more at home. However, everyone gathered here agrees that Anja doesn’t seem willing to feel at home here or associate with any of them, save Jacen and Zekk. This, of course, is of some concern to Tenel Ka and Jaina. Raynar hopes they know what
  15. chapter 1: Jaina runs through the forest of Yavin IV , followed by Tenel Ka and Lowie, until they reach the waterfall where Raynar and Lusa are already waiting. The group had planned to swim together, but Zekk and Jacen decided to help Anja Gallandro with her lightsaber skills. Raynar suggests they could have invited Anja to swim and make her feel more at home. However, everyone gathered here agrees that Anja doesn’t seem willing to feel at home here or associate with any of them, save Jacen and Zekk. This, of course, is of some concern to Tenel Ka and Jaina. Raynar hopes they know what
  16. chapter 1: Zekk takes a wooden staff into the forest of Yavin IV as part of an important test. He battles a tree that uses its vines and branches to lash out at him. During this fight, his staff is ripped away and, in anger, he reaches out to free it and try to free himself. Zekk recognizes where this success is coming from and stops. He calms himself and tells the tree that he is not its prey. Luke Skywalker is proud that Zekk has learned to reject the darkness he was taught at the Shadow Academy. Zekk feels he has too far to go in his relearning of the Force. He’s afraid to do the sa
  17. chapter 1: Jaina is released from the bacta tank where she has been recovering from her injuries on the dayside of Ryloth. Zekk meets her there. Lusa has been here and so have her parents and Master Skywalker. Tenel Ka and Jacen end their turns in the tank, too. Jacen quips he’s glad they’re all bacta normal. Tenal Ka goes to visit her parents, Isolder and Teneniel Djo, who have arrived from Hapes. Her grandmother already has her spies at work uncovering information about the Diversity Alliance. Lowie and Sirra go to visit Chewbacca while the twins return to their home to spend time wit
  18. chapter 1: On Yavin IV, Jacen, Jaina, Tenel Ka and Raynar sit around a campfire and miss their friend, Lowbacca. The Wookiee left several weeks ago with his friend, Raaba, and sister, Sirra, and hasn’t even contacted them. They worry that he has decided to join the Diversity Alliance. Tenel Ka suggests that he may be prevented from contacting them or even returning to the academy. Ryloth will not allow them to speak to him when they get a connection through. Jaina suggests they go there in person. They are attacked by a predator called a rakhmar which gashes Raynar’s leg before being cu
  19. chapter 1: Jacen Solo wakes his sister, Jaina, to tell her that his gort egg is about to hatch. She tells him she’ll be there shortly. While he goes to get the others, she tries composing a message for Zekk, urging him to come back to the Jedi Academy , telling him about their adventures searching for Bornan Thul and asking if he has any news himself. The four friends watch the gort hatch and it’s a female Jacen names Nicta. Artoo arrives to tell them Luke wants them to help Peckhum unload supplies for the academy and the New Republic forces. Jaina hopes he brings news of Zekk. Peckhum’
  20. chapter 1: Most of the Thul family had been off-world when Alderaan was destroyed by the Death Star. Over the last two decades, they have cobbled together a trading fleet under the company Bornaryn Trading. Right now, it’s not going anywhere. Aryn Dro Thul waits on the Tradewyn, the flagship of the fleet, with her brother-in-law Tyko. He confirms there’s no word from her husband. He wishes Bornan would contact them instead of letting them fret through this latest scam. Aryn isn’t convinced it is a scam. She thinks he’s been kidnapped. Tyko reminds her that, at least, his theory allows
  21. chapter 1 : Hours of hard work are spent rebuilding the Great Temple on Yavin IV that had been damaged during the recent attack from the Second Imperium. Jaina’s friend, Zekk, who had served the Imperium as a Dark Jedi trained at the Shadow Academy had received medical attention and is now recuperating in the pyramid. She watches Tenel Ka and Lowie work together nearby, while Raynar Thul, though dusty and dirty, seems much more subdued than normal. The Dark Jedi had humiliated him by tossing him into a muddy river. It seems to have helped him realize he’s not nearly as important as he’d t
  22. chapter 1: It’s been only two days since the Second Imperium attacked the world of Kashyyyk. Jacen, Jaina and their friends have returned to Yavin IV to prepare for an attack there that Zekk had warned Jaina about. She is sure this means that Zekk still cares about them. Jacen reminds her that their uncle has been through many Imperial attacks. He tries to lighten the mood by telling them that it’s time to get a new chronometer when an Imperial walker steps on yours. When that doesn’t go over well, he goes to greet Luke and Lowie who are landing the Shadow Chaser. Luke sends Lowie out t
  23. chapter 1: As Lowbacca traverses the trees on Yavin IV, he considers the dangers facing his younger sister, Sirrakuk, who will be undergoing her rite of passage soon. Times like these make him miss his family. Meanwhile, Jacen Solo explains to his sister, Jaina, about the specimens he’s collected and how he needs her help making sure his crystal snake isn’t trying to find a way out of its cage again. Lowbacca returns, but doesn’t want to talk to them or eat the way he should be. They assure him they are here when he’s ready to confide his problem to them. Tenel Ka is practicing with her
  24. chapter 1: Dawn arrives and Luke Skywalker stops his meditations, using the Force to engage in physical exercise. He is troubled by the recent events surrounding his former student, Brakiss, who had abducted several students from his school and attempted to corrupt them to the Dark Side. Having failed at that, he resorted to culling Force-sensitives among the poor youth of Coruscant. Now, Jacen and Jaina’s friend, Zekk, is among Brakiss’s students. Equipment stolen from a New Republic supply ship by the former Imperial TIE pilot, Qorl, leads Luke to believe that an attack is coming. He g
  25. chapter 1: Aboard the Millennium Falcon, Jacen and Jaina, along with Tenel Ka and Lowie, are traveling to Coruscant for a month-long break from their Jedi training. Jacen tests out a new joke on Jaina: their Uncle Luke sleeps for one Jedi night. She suggests he tell it to Zekk instead. Zekk is a friend of theirs on Coruscant who escaped a natural disaster on his world and has traveled the galaxy since then. He’s a friend of Old Peckhum who delivers the supplies to Yavin IV and sometimes helps him. Then the twins practice shooting space debris and Jacen tries to beat Tenel Ka at the gam
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