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  1. I like your list Choc. I would add that I liked all the mystical almost EU like aspects such as a hidden Sith Planet, Palpy’s SithGoth resurrection, Rey’s healing ability, Reylo’s bond forming a diad in the force so strong that they could bring each other back to life, Leia sacrificing herself at just the right moment. A lot of these things are wtf moments for many people but I like that kind of stuff. The thing that’s so interesting about that stuff is that most of the galaxy knows very little about the Force, the Jedi and the Sith. The Mandalorian is exploring that too. I would like to s
  2. Djo

    The Next Star Wars

    Thank you The Kurgan for your excellent and expansive response. I enjoyed reading it I’m too am thinking “The Next Star Wars” will be from the gaming VR medium.
  3. At the end of the day, I have to totally agree. I even enjoyed Solo.Has its issues, but as a film to see in the theater, they all have succeeded. It’s 5/5 for me too. I’ll miss not having a Star Wars film to go see in the Cinema for a couple of years. Looking forward to S2 of Mando and The Child (that kid needs a name) though and when is the Obi Wan series due? Do you think they might be able to get Taika Waititi to direct a Star Wars film? See I just love Star Wars and so does my family. I have no time anymore for the Phandom Menace. I used to argue with them but no more. Of the ST TLJ i
  4. I’ve added in the two new non-Skywalker saga films because R1 is so good it deserves to be up there with my favs. I must say that I enjoyed everyone of these films when I first saw them and still do. AotC would have been higher, probably above RotJ, when I first saw it; but it really doesn’t hold. In fact the prequels haven’t stood the test of time very well imho. ESB TLJ *R1 ANH TRoS TFA RotJ *Solo RotS AotC TPM
  5. Djo

    The Next Star Wars

    I’m bringing this back up because wit TRoS ending the original storyline, I still contend that we haven’t seen “The Next Star Wars”. He main criteria that all other contenders fail on is, that to be the next Star Wars, it needs to come from an original cinematic story. So the multi-media Galaxy keeps expanding. The Mandalorian has proven that a Star Wars TV series can be popular and I was blown away by the response to Baby Yoda. Next up: Obi Wan. The Rise of the Resistance Ride appears to be a huge success and the immersive nature of it points to the next evolution of Star Wars. If Disney
  6. I really enjoyed it. I have been with The Skywalker Saga since 1977 when I was 10 years old. I was invested in the expanded universe as well and disappointed when most of it was overwritten. Im happy with how they wrapped it all up. I know it is at this time, the worst reviewed Star Wars film ever; but thats ridiculous and means nothing to me since I have enjoyed all the films - even TPM. I became a member here at nightly around 1999 to discuss the creation of the Prequels. Ive dropped back in occasionally to see the reaction to the new movies and am loving The Mandalorian. As this 9 movie sa
  7. I have dropped in a few times but couldn't bring myself to comment on Solo. I actually enjoyed it but it was the first Star Wars movie ever that I haven't immediately wanted a repeat viewing. Now this comment is the first analyses that I completely agree with. I think the same can be said for Mark/Luke and Carrie/Leia. The fact that they all reprised their roles in TFA was the main draw card and the fact that it was a great movie kept people coming back. Coming here and seeing that long time fans haven't even seen it in the cinema is a shock! But it does go a long way to explaining why Solo
  8. ? I wasn't making a comment on the commercial viablitly of anything. Sorry Odine I wasn’t actually having a go at you here. I was acting out my frustration with the narrative that is out there amongst the fans base who seem to want these films to fail so they can say I told you so.
  9. Yeah you know Disney must really be worried about the Star Wars franchise since it has only managed to be the top grossing movie in the US Domestic market and the top 1 or 2 worldwide over the past 3 years. That means that Solo will probably do really bad as well. :shrug:They should really stop making such unsuccessful movies... P.S. The Solo trailer looks great. Can't wait
  10. Just wanted to jump on here to say that TLJ just passed Titanic to become the 3rd highest grossing film in Australian Box Office History behind Avatar and The Force Awakens. http://www.mpdaa.org.au/customers/mpdaa/mpdaa.nsf/HistoricalBoxOffice?ReadForm I had predicted earlier that it would probably pass Titanic but I didn't think that Jumanji and The Greatest Showman would be so leggy over the the Summer holidays. So the fact that TLJ managed to hold audiences long enough to pass that milestone despite the strong competition says a lot about how beloved Star Wars is in Australia. Btw, I lo
  11. Oh Sinjar is quickly becoming one of my favourite flawed heroes of the Star Wars Universe along with the Wexley's...and Temmin has a little cameo in Bloodline as well, referred to as Snap Wexley. Then I discovered he made an appearance in The Force Awakens played by Heroes and Lost actor Greg Grunberg. Cool!
  12. So Darth Maul is from Dathomir? My screen name comes from Tenenial Djo a witch of Dathomir. I cant even remember too much about the witches of Dathomir except that they were forced sensitive and and tamed Rancors. BTW really enjoyed Bloodline and am now getting in to Aftermath 2. I'm actually going to buy Princess of Alderaan next week though so I might read that after I finish Afternath 2. I'm also interested in Catalyst so that might come after Princess...
  13. Thank you Mara! This is brilliant I've just about finished Bloodline and I'm really enjoying it. Then I'm going to read 2 and 3 of Aftermath series. I'll read From a Certain Point of View after that because I loved the Legends "Tales from...". Then I'm going to go back and read Servants of the Empire then Thrawn because I've always loved his character and I'm glad they brought him into the new EU. Then I'll make my way through the Rogue One Era because they all sound interesting. I really like Rogue One and thin k there are a lot of in interesting characters there to keep exploring.
  14. Everyone I know liked to loved it. Anyway... I just found some up to date Aussie figures and as of this weekend TLJ is at AUD51.3mill. That means it it less than 2mill off the Avengers in all time 4th place at AUD53.2. Titanic in 3rd place at AUD57.6 is looking quite likely to fall. That is way beyond my expectations. I have a Gold Class ticket and was thinking of going and seeing TLJ tomorrow on my own as a way of getting out of the house when my daughter has some friends over. I just had a look at the sessions and they are already quite full. I was expecting to be almost on my own with
  15. "...also falls flat"???? I think becoming one of the top 5 movies of all time (probably top 10 internationally) is hardly falling flat. But the perception that it has "fallen flat" is what I don't understand especially when people say it as if it's a real thing not just an opinion. Yes more and more movies will make 1bill. In the last 3 years, 13 movies have 1bill plus - 3 of those were Star Wars movies. The big question for the North American Box Office is who will crack the 1bill domestically. Will it be a Star Wars movie? IX is the best bet for Star Wars. Solo wont do it. Avengers seem
  16. People are saying that Star Wars is done on some of the Box Office Analysis sights. How can a series that has topped the North American Yearly Box Office 3 years in a row be done? I'm pretty sure Solo won't top the Box Office next year what with a new Avengers and Avatar 2 on the schedule but even that doesn't mean star Wars is "done". It only means Star Wars will probably from now on act like the comic universe movies. I suppose in that sense Star Wars is done being Star Wars. I suppose that's what many fans are a little sad about. Personally I'm just happy that I will be able to hang out in
  17. I'm in the middle of reading Bloodline and I see now how the Galaxy got itself into trouble once again and why Leia was so afraid to speak about her true father. The other thing that really grabs me is the reminder that the Rebellion committed their share of mass murder when they destroyed two Death Stars. While that doesn't compare to the Evil of Vader and the Emperor, I can see how that could be used by someone like Snoke. It's a great read by the way. I've always been one who loved the movies and used the books to fill in the politics and backstories. I was disappointed that the original E
  18. When is that one set? Is it new canon? I'm going to read it right now... Just bought it on Kindle. Laterz...
  19. After seeing TLJ for the 3rd time I'm now thinking completely, totally absolutely no f'n way. But Repoe well maybe No not really. That's just a joke ok. I'm also thought Leia would redeem Kylo in the end. I still think it will happen but it will be Rey who does it. It should have been Leia but maybe they can write something into the story that makes Leia sacrificing her life the catalyst for Ben's redemption....and I'm an optimist and think that 9 will be great.
  20. I liked Rose and was happy she saved Finn. Why does everyone have to keep sacrificing themselves? Anyway that was Luke's role in this film. I want to see Rose develop more but I would have not included the kiss nor the little hint of a love triangle. Talking about saving the things we love should have been enough.
  21. Thanks. I've sent this link to my daughter.
  22. So here's what I think about the family dynamics and why Vader took on such a mythological persona to be emulated by Kylo Ren.
 To construct this view I am using just the OT, PT and ST movies. I have read a lot of the "Legends" EU but none of that comes into my analysis. I have only just begun to read the Aftermath novels which as I understand are considered new canon. 
 The PT, OT and ST are first and foremost a family saga that with TLJ is transitioning to a wider exploration of the Star Wars Galaxy. After RoJ the Galaxy is in a state of upheaval. The Resistance may have won the war but
  23. Though I'm not Tank, I think the general consensus in the fandom about lightsabers is that they are plasma-based bladed weapons, with the plasma of the blade contained in a magnetic field. This explains why they do not become infinitely long, and why they do not pass through other lightsabers. They are not literally "laser swords", and the blade is not completely massless. Cool! I'll pass that on Thanks pavonis.
  24. Im about done with the latest edition of the Bible, Ill put it up when its ready. The short version is, the props are made from the same parts in ANH, ESB, and TFA. Not literally the same, but the same material. TFA and TLJ just gave it a lot of dedicated close-up shots, something the OT never did outside of the time Luke drops it on Bespin. TLJ especially gives it a giant screen-filling close up. But the dimensions are the same in all 3 movies. ROTS though did not use the same real-world parts. They made all their sabers from scratch chromed rubber casts of scratch-made originals around t
  25. Djo

    The Next Star Wars

    I agree. Interactive story line, world building games are the future but not quite yet. I don't know about Warcraft and Minecraft but my daughters who are now aged from 19, 21 & 24 play other games such as Kingdom Hearts , Zero Time Dilemma and The Last of Us. Mind you they still love Star Wars though my youngest really didnt get into Star Wars until TFA was coming out. She had exposure but really hadn't absorbed the world. When I first started this discussion she was 5 and not interested at all in Star Wars. My eldest was 5 when TPM came out and became hooked at that point. My middle dau
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