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  1. Yoda was shown to be more intelligent in the fight, and in some cases more powerful. He was the better adversary until he falls at the end (whether a result of his carelessness in the heat of the moment or just bad luck). It's reasonable to assume he would have gained the upper hand. This is why Palpatine was shown panicking, trying to escape and relying on the stormtroopers to get Yoda. Not that the Emperor isn't powerful, but he was clearly having a rough time. The movie went out of its way to show him getting extremely pissed at a ridiculously unstoppable Yoda during the ludicrous swordfigh
  2. The Stormtroopers in the OT managed to be intimidating and inept depending on the situation. We bought it, we loved them. I think the droids could have been a bit more intimidating, but then I think they were much better in this one than, say, Revenge of the Sith. As for the DVD commentaries...what a chore to sit through. I'd listen again if it was just Lucas as opposed to Ben Burtt blabbing about sounds effects, Rick McCallum being himself and FX guys going on about how they perfected CGI cloth. Have LFL ever heard of separate commentaries??
  3. Qui-Gon was obviously never part of the original continuity. Yoda trained Ben. Lucas saw Schindler's List and decided he wanted Liam Neeson to portray a Jedi character in the new movies. Instead of saving Jews, he's trying to free slaves and liberate a planet. Like Schindler, he initially doesn't care about the plight of those he later attempts to save (slaves in the outer rim). He even does all that negotiating with Watto similar to Oskar and the Nazis.
  4. - Thoughts on John Williams' score thusly. The Main Title (or Luke's theme) is great as always, though it's pretty much going through the motions. I think that the theme should have featured more prominently in the PT as the theme for Anakin before his fall, as it was the theme for Luke in the OT. The various appearances of the original theme are a bit puzzling. Yeah, it's the Star Wars theme and you have to have it, but what the hell. There is an eerie, suspenseful mood as they arrive at the ship and the Emperor's theme from ROTJ is reprised (or, rather, it makes its first appearance?) during
  5. "It's your Mom! She's tracked you down! Quick! Let's cover the time machine!"
  6. "I'll never forget that Saturday. I'd just picked my car up from the shop because I rolled it in a drag race a few days earlier." "Hey, I thought you crashed into a manure truck." "How do you know about that..?"
  7. "I'm not really feelin' up to this today. So I'm gonna have to forfeit." "Forfeit?! What's that mean?" "Uh, it means that you win without a fight." "Without shootin'? He can't do that--HEY, YOU CAN'T DO THAT!"
  8. One of the greatest moments in at least my cinematic viewing history is Marty riding off on his skateboard while "The Power Of Love" plays. I can confirm that none of you are as awesome as McFly in this scene.
  9. The cartoon is awesome. Makes me wish they'd have made an animated series about the actual Star Wars heroes rather than Droids/Ewoks. Whatever.
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