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  1. Ooops. I just now noticed the first comment you sent me. Boy is my face red! Oh and sad because Copper won't continue a funny story she started. I call her now Copper the Stopper.

  2. I started with The Vampire Genevieve books and I'm going to continue to the Vampire Wars because they (von Carsteins) got mentioned a lot of time as a reference point in the Genevieve stories. I'm going to pick up the Sigmar and Konrad books at sometime in the future because they were refered to also. So I'm kind of hopscotting in the Warhammer series but if the Wizards get refered in those future books I'm reading, sure I'll get the Masters of Magic too.
  3. Ah, here's one for you in Canada. And you get it almost a week before than I. Unfair. http://www.amazon.ca/Matthias-Thulmann-C-L...640&sr=1-12
  4. An omnibus with the three books is coming to stores 3rd of November. I'm getting mine via either British or German Amazon since they are closest to me postage-wise.
  5. It's a game manual right ? I was thinking next from Warhammer world either the Witch Hunter trilogy or one of the Heretic books. There's of course the Malus the Darkblade series and a Sigmar book whose title I forget right now.
  6. Harry in the middle of a porn movie ? What's not to love about the book ?
  7. I'm in the middle of Blood Rites. After that it's the Vampire Wars Trilogy, the rise, reign and fall of Von Carstein family.
  8. Warhammer novel ? Excellent. Let me know how that floated your seacraft because I haven't ventured to the 40k section yet. I do believe that every single book I've posted in here is a 40k book.... Well.....yessss.... But. That was before I myself got to reading the series. So it doesn't count.
  9. Man in the Iron Mask Warhammer novel ? Excellent. Let me know how that floated your seacraft because I haven't ventured to the 40k section yet.
  10. I interpreted it to mean he was playing Ted one time when he was between hunts and needed to lay low, and he couldn't turn off Ted afterwards. Copper, if you're as far in your Ultimate Spideys, check volume vol 18 and Moon Knight's role in it. That's your Ed/Ted. I have friends like that.
  11. My take is that it really starts with Asher coming into the storyline.
  12. In Bloody Bones ? About there in the end when Anita's sidekick gets double she-vampire lapdance action.
  13. But its got preggers in it. Spoiler! --Click here to view--And nothing happens in it. The plot last only one day !
  14. In that case,Cerina, whatever you do, don't pick up Danse Macabre !
  15. 180 days of Sodom. And I. Can't. Stop. Laughing. SheepMurderer has infected me !
  16. Just finished Star Wars Revelation, that was last on my list. Now I can buy the final Legacy of Force tome on my abroad vacation. Hardbacks here are xxxpen$ive.
  17. nag nag Thraxas nag nag Nightside questions nag nag nag nag How's work and family? nag Florida nice this time of the nag nag year ? nag nag happy smiley nag nag PM

  18. Don Juan Come on, you all looked shocked.
  19. So nobody can do what The Master did again! Oh, who else is going to/is capable of creating a "sonic laser" (whatever that is) specifically to age the Doctor! Rani. Davros. Heck, even the Autons and the Celestial Toymaker could find use for it.
  20. I need to check that out too, then. Thanks for the heads off....I mean, heads up, SM. As of now, I exercised the dreaded Pippi scennario and now I'm balancing between Edgar Allan Poe and Piers Anthony. And my Amazon books STILL haven't arrived !
  21. I have a book of Pippi Longstocking if things get that desperate....
  22. Gaah ! I'm bored. The two last books on my this year's reading list and that I ordered from Amazon are taking their sweety lilly ass time getting here.
  23. Just finished Lovecraft's collection which included the fabled Re-Animator. I liked so I watched the movie afterwards. Both very nice on their own respective towers, except the movie soundtrack is annoyingly Psycho. It also had Mountains of Madness so I'm prepared for that movie as well if it comes into reality but it has to be done very differently than the story or it just the third Thing (yes yes, Lovey was first, tentacles down everybody). As for now ? Kama Sutra. Alas, uniconed edition. More candy for the mind, less for the eyes.
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