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  1. Salvador Dali and Carlos Castaneda, then ?

  2. Funny, with the arranging of intestines theme going on, I thought you would have been more of a Picasso fan. Or on a really bad day, M C Escher.

  3. I really need to learn how to send profile comments. This is so embarassing every time it happens. :(

  4. Sure you can and yesterday was that day. ;) But you have to pick either inquisitor or megalomaniac. Small and sharp or big and blunt. Sorry, candylips.

  5. Sure you can and yesterday was that day. ;) But you have to pick either inquisitor or megalomaniac. Small and sharp or big and blunt. Sorry, candylips.

  6. But you get the exact same result with a Hershey bar and a meeting of Weight Watch. Come on, use that pretty little underbelly of yours and think creatively.

  7. I thought booms were too quick and impersonal for you ?

  8. All right, I'll bite. What does the red button do ? ;)

  9. Oh yeah ? Who did you slap and why did he deserve it ? ;)

  10. Wise ? Do I look like wise to you ? Do I look like I know the sound of one hand clapping outside of hitting my own forehead with it ? Well, do I ?

  11. You should at least appreciate the honesty in the title. "For Love of EVIL" ;)

  12. Just so you know, I'm about to read a Piers Anthony novel. >:p

  13. I'm suing your contents page for manslaughter, you...you....awesome censorbreaker you!!!

  14. Currently Terry Pratchett's Nation. Next up: either second volume in Warhammer's Konrad series or Stephen King's Firestarter.
  15. Hey ! The sudden death rate among people visiting my profile is blown out of proportion by media.

  16. Thanks for visiting :) Signed: The Ego

  17. Reading Von Carstein trilogy now and damn, I'm definately going to pick up the Witch Hunter books after this. They play such a major role already in the beginning.
  18. Ooops. I just now noticed the first comment you sent me. Boy is my face red! Oh and sad because Copper won't continue a funny story she started. I call her now Copper the Stopper.

  19. I started with The Vampire Genevieve books and I'm going to continue to the Vampire Wars because they (von Carsteins) got mentioned a lot of time as a reference point in the Genevieve stories. I'm going to pick up the Sigmar and Konrad books at sometime in the future because they were refered to also. So I'm kind of hopscotting in the Warhammer series but if the Wizards get refered in those future books I'm reading, sure I'll get the Masters of Magic too.
  20. Ah, here's one for you in Canada. And you get it almost a week before than I. Unfair. http://www.amazon.ca/Matthias-Thulmann-C-L...640&sr=1-12
  21. An omnibus with the three books is coming to stores 3rd of November. I'm getting mine via either British or German Amazon since they are closest to me postage-wise.
  22. It's a game manual right ? I was thinking next from Warhammer world either the Witch Hunter trilogy or one of the Heretic books. There's of course the Malus the Darkblade series and a Sigmar book whose title I forget right now.
  23. Harry in the middle of a porn movie ? What's not to love about the book ?
  24. I'm in the middle of Blood Rites. After that it's the Vampire Wars Trilogy, the rise, reign and fall of Von Carstein family.
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