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  1. This is relevant to my interests http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyNXnuHNF8k&list=UUkan4ZKlryf94OFFZc53Ojg&index=2&feature=plcp STARROOOOO!!!
  2. I'm going to keep scrolling over this until I see my name in it and then read every word thrise for future litigation purposes slash epic quatation.
  3. A coop and a cat filled family. I've seen enough saturday morning cartoons to expect hilarity.
  4. Sheepy is making me read a Stephen King. My expression is pretty much like Okay Guy meme.
  5. I'm thinking of cutting my hair to buzz. It's currently well well past my shoulders and a devil of a job to keep clean every day.

    1. Sheep Murderer

      Sheep Murderer

      Have you gone through with it? A sad day. That means I can't dangle you from the ceiling by your hair.


    2. Darth Virul

      Darth Virul

      Thinking of making it a new years thing. On the downside, my love life takes a dive after my headbanger image is scissored away.

    3. eye_of_the_wolf


      I do love you sheepy ... you never do falter to brighten my day with your lovely, happy and insightful comments!

  6. Trying to finnish Wicked before this year's out but I keep getting distracted by all my Brightest Day TPB tie-ins. So shiny.
  7. I think Sheep Murderer has lost all respect for me since she found out I work out. Sad face.

    1. Sheep Murderer

      Sheep Murderer

      FOR SHAME. How dare you have amazing abs and great strength. *sigh* I'm just going to have to cut some of those muscles out with a knife.

  8. Awww. He so dirty and sooty he needs wash, apparently.
  9. That's time travelling William Tell. Avengers is done back-to-back with the third Bill&Ted.
  10. I've never been able to see her allure but I've come to accept that others do.
  11. My extra bodypart for a witty caption.
  12. That's basically how I do my internet porn. I mean, someone who I know, heard, read from newspaper does it.
  13. To add to this...I came into this thread to watch the teaser, but while it was loading I got caught up reading your little pissing match and now the GAT DANG VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED!! I blame you both. Good day to you, sirs. I'm always in service to a purty lady. *hat tip* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nK6oJ74BRTQ
  14. Had really good hammer time in Thor 3D

    1. Iceheart





  15. Had really good hammer time in Thor 3D

  16. has met female version of himself. Hahahahaha!

  17. Saw something, thought of you, forgot what I saw. The usual kind of day.

  18. *unfortunately for the Pink Spy, she wasn't a daylight savings time conformist so her bomb detonated an hour before beign built*

  19. Am I still a total **** ?

  20. I want a birthday thread !!

    1. Sheep Murderer

      Sheep Murderer

      Your wish has been granted. Now pay up!

  21. is bleeding

    1. Sheep Murderer

      Sheep Murderer

      YAY! I hope it is extensive.

    2. Darth Virul

      Darth Virul

      Nothing compared to how my heart always bleeds when you say these mean things to me *super frownie face*

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