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  1. Happy now? I have a brain the size of a planet. Of course I'm not happy! Okl now that Deathstoke was seen (if that was him, I'm not 100 percent convinced), there's only one thing to look forward to. Getting Tommy to that island.
  2. If he does, I'll start getting a PaulGross/Eastwick flashbacks.
  3. That was episode 4. Episode 5 is this week's. Unless you're watching ahead and spoiling us. Cheater McCheat Ummm.... So, captain Jack, eh ?
  4. I was promised Deathstroke in episode 5. I was lied to.
  5. The norm for stories in Once Upon have either fairy tales or popular stories whose cookie jar Disney has had a hand in and I was on the fence thoughout the episodes since Wales doesn't fit in that. But then at the very end, they showed at awesome castle and BW world and they won me over. But are they now going to have Ruby date Lon Chaney Jr ? Has Griffin been in Storybrook all this time unseen ?
  6. Yet Hawkeye became useless after running out of arrows while Black Widow hijacked an alien skyski.
  7. was a Batman wannabe. And the original Batman did use gun. HA ! My beautiful Lannsiter joke....ruined!! Damn you, Momoa ! Damn...you..
  8. Interesting sidenote: ShadowDog has been ragging about Green Arrow being a Batman ripoff but in the comics Deadshot originally was a dark knight pretender, came to Gotham in a costume and all. So this episode was probably to Dexter "The Battle of the Wannabes"! (/BBatB Aquaman voice) Oh and Icy? I'm going to let the whole "bro" comment slide this time but only because I know you've been reading George RR Martin.
  9. Book convention tomorrow and Saturday !
  10. Not according to the comic although the tv serie could have changed that. See that mask in the tip of the stick next to the bonfire ? It belonged to a man whose reflexes and physical conditions were artifially elevated through a serum. So if he was on the island with Oliver Queen, Green Arrow might have partaken with the same serum.
  11. The only reason Human Torch hasn't posted yet because he went to geek coma seeing Slade Wilson's mask. I'm not GA comic follower but I picked the Speedy, Lian, Canary and Merlyn references. Is Dig a reference to the comic too ?
  12. Detective Harry Dresden Star City PD.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDajL441mZc[/url[/media]
  14. Pardon but in that case the daleks of this season seem pretty stupid. Then again, the Doctor did say "And the daleks need genius"
  15. Aaaand now I'm trying to imagine what it sounds like when a dalek goes "MEH".
  16. The most dangerous warrior race in the universe see they're being followed by a big blue box and they decide shrug their non-existent shoulders at it ?
  17. Why would the daleks haul Tardis with them onto the ship ???
  18. This is relevant to my interests http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyNXnuHNF8k&list=UUkan4ZKlryf94OFFZc53Ojg&index=2&feature=plcp STARROOOOO!!!
  19. I'm going to keep scrolling over this until I see my name in it and then read every word thrise for future litigation purposes slash epic quatation.
  20. A coop and a cat filled family. I've seen enough saturday morning cartoons to expect hilarity.
  21. Sheepy is making me read a Stephen King. My expression is pretty much like Okay Guy meme.
  22. I'm thinking of cutting my hair to buzz. It's currently well well past my shoulders and a devil of a job to keep clean every day.

    1. Sheep Murderer

      Sheep Murderer

      Have you gone through with it? A sad day. That means I can't dangle you from the ceiling by your hair.


    2. Darth Virul

      Darth Virul

      Thinking of making it a new years thing. On the downside, my love life takes a dive after my headbanger image is scissored away.

    3. eye_of_the_wolf


      I do love you sheepy ... you never do falter to brighten my day with your lovely, happy and insightful comments!

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