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  1. Two against one, eh ? I'll PM Winchy and we two will tag team you two and go FULL SMACKDOWN on your hineys. Although you and SM will probably be fighting more with yourselves ;)

  2. I SAW YOU ! Sneaking in my profile with SM. What are you two up to ? *slightly worried*

  3. I saw you strolling, leaving red tinted prints in my profile. ;)Afraid of a second escape ?

  4. This is your official Halloween boo: BOOOOOOO !!

  5. The only way you're "emo" is if it comes in "demolition", duckie dear. Bye bye

  6. *uses Catfish soap and is now running away from a shotgun wedding*

  7. Tough to say. Every day with you is like the last day of my life. You big softie you.

  8. Oh and congrats for your upcoming 22th hundred post. *thumb up*

  9. "Keep your friends close but your enemies closer". By making you my friend, I have 1) put you out of distance of most of your arsenal of easily wielded sharp thingies and 2) you have to kill my enemies, who are between us, to get to me. Win-win.

  10. I'm here to take you up on that leg breaking offer. ;)

  11. *stands ready to bash Copper with May Day champagne bottle* :)

  12. For a shy homegirl in librarian glasses, you sure have your crowd wolfwhistles. I'll add mine. ;) <3

  13. *complains back* You're never on MSN. Or even under it.

  14. *waves frantically*

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!

  15. Congratulations for the new job offer, April. Excellent news !

  16. Update: I bought the Star by Star paperback from Amazon. No short story in it.
  17. I'm thinking of the movie Multiplicity, except you in Michael Keaton's place.

  18. This world needs more insane wizards with creative talents like that.

  19. Still smirking innocently ?

  20. Delirious ? And I was the one who was supposed to have a fever at the time. ;)

  21. First a weasel. Now a donkey. You're a real animal friend, aren't you ? ;)

    One lion, extra UPS delivery, coming your way !

  22. How about boss a dog ?

  23. A little note to say hello. ;)

  24. The number one is a pointy number. ;)

    Merry Christmas (belated) and happy New Year (early), you naughty librarian you.

  25. *condition deteoriating*

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