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  1. Bemböle. I'll see if Duke will get the reference since it's swedish
  2. Promises promises.

  3. Have you read the Thraxas book yet ? Wishing to know if it's your kinda magic.

  4. I thought I felt a chill but it was just you walking over my profile.

  5. From the creators of such titles as "Raiders of the Lost Car Park", "Dog called Demolition" and "Armageddon: The Musical", now comes.... ...Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse I've got to see where this kind of title leads to !
  6. Reading the second Eragon book Eldest, but I'm a little intimidated by the thickness since last time I saw something that size it was the supporting lego in the Great Wall of China.
  7. Not a beagle ? But that's not true. With you it's always "dark and stormy nightly"....

  8. And stop sneaking my profile chats with other people, you...you... snoopymurderer....

  9. I'll let you know that my head orbits only the more prettier bright stars and, ahem, celestial bodies. Btw, IF the Dampyr is to your liking...IF....you may want to check another comic called Brendan. Not a vampire one but apocalyptic bountyhunter. But let's see.

  10. Second time inside a week you're asking that, angel. It's a Yes but are you nervous ???

  11. Heya ! Are they downsizing in the celestial kingdom or what are you doing down here ?

  12. As for the little lady with red ballpoint, you go an awful lot of trouble for some comicbook I recommend. I'm surprised. In internet speak "less than three" :)

  13. Yours or mine, Shady ?`*wink*

  14. My lord ! No one's been here THAT long ?! That's what you get for having a frowny photo in your profile. Hi, sulky ! *waves*

  15. Oh and if you've read already a copy of the Dampyr comics, let me know what you thought, won't you darling. Bye bye ! <3

  16. Poison ? So impersonal non-hands on approach. Besides, I didn't figure you using a rock band in your tortures.

  17. How long do I have grace period left ?

  18. Hello, coyote pretty.

  19. Boo!!


  20. So as long as I glue all mybest books together, I get to call it The Best. Sweet, dude ! Han Solo, prepare for your new co-pilot, Crowley. His last vehicle crashed in a flaming ball but that can't happen twice. Can it ?
  21. ....but....but....LOTR is three books.... *confused*
  22. You always stroke me as a lady to do her careful watching DURING killing. And on good nights, after.

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