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  1. Not quite OG, I'm from 2003 and just too late to witness ThunderDroid's reign. I curse the fates, curse them!

    The sequel trilogy. I was saddened when the book canon went to the trash when Disney bought Star Wars but maybe, I thought, they can do better. The books had some lemons, to put it mildly. Then The Force Awakens came out and it was so milktoasty rehash of the first movie. Well, at least, they can only go up from here, I thought. Even if they just imitate The First Three, the next one is Empire. Oh boy, that prediction went badly with the  Last Jedi or as we call it Character Assassination Exhibit A. Clearly my ability to foresee events were not on par with the Emperor. Speaking of whom... the third film. The Rise of Scavengerhunt. I'm not sure how much of this hot mess was caused by the frantic re-writes after Ms Fisher died or how much of it was planned. Clearly something was supposed to be in the second film that led to from Snoke to Emperor Reborn but Ryan Johnson didn't get the memo. The only saving grace of it being the low expectations I had when I watched it.

    Anyway, welcome back, skater!

  2. I feel that with Marvel moving into their more "niche" characters with this movie and Shang Chi, the Hawkeye and Moon Knight tv series, I can finally watch them like a non-comics reading person because I know next to nothing about them going in.

  3. On 12/23/2021 at 10:57 PM, monkeygirl said:


    I just watched Rare Exports:A Christmas Tale but I think it moves too slowly and it's in Finnish.


    Hey!! I'm insulted now.

    So a horror movie for 12 year old female, who laughs at horror movies? Hmmm. Well, the 1990's "Arachnophobia" should be a riot. :D

  4. This had to be pointed to me but since it was, I can't stop thinking about it. When Loki was watching "This is your Life" reel it didn't end with Thanos breaking his neck but with Thor holding him. That means Loki was still alive and the last thing he felt before death was his brother hugging him.

  5. Let's see. 2005. Smack dab in the middle between the Attack and the Revenge. I was Star Wars surfing the net and was pretty new to the larger internet. I had only been a member to one other online forum before Nightly and I was curious, although for a long time I stayed only within the Star Wars threads in Nightly. I was 22, had gotten out of the military the year previous, was working in a second-hand bookshop and trying to earn enough money to move out of my parent's house which I did next year. Currently 38, unemployed since January and living at my dad's place (mom passed away few years ago after long stint of health problems from kidneys to bloodpressure to heart condition) because my upstairs neighbour took a nap in their shower causing water damage to their own place and mine and there are no available apartments because of an uptick in construction (people from torn down buildings needing apartments and those new buildings being few years from being finished having apartments available). Sigh. Nostalgia.

  6. Oh hell. Now the conspiracy is here. There was a protest here (that got serious news coverage) about the anti-vaccine people linking any upcoming covid vaccines to microships, nanomachines, 5G, mutating human genome and mark of the beast. America, I blame you!

  7. 13 hours ago, Odine said:

    Are you in Finland? 

    That's what I'm told.

    Restrictions are being tightened again which is one step away from roadblocking the capital city areas from the rest of the country like was done earlier this year. Mind you, this is 25% of the whole population of country.

  8. We've lost about 50 people in the last 2 months, quite horrible, it had been stable for several months after the first wave. Government is continuing restrictions on travel across the border which makes sense because on one side its Sweden which went with the herd immunity route with this pandemic, and on the other its Russia which....did what only Russia knows.

    At my workplace we wear masks and gloves, as do about 80 percent of the customers. But the last two weeks have seen a break in willingness to do distancing which worries me. Couple of my co-workers have been tested for the virus because of flu like symptoms but so far everyone's tests have been negative. 

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