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  1. Well, I saw Return of Skywalker over the holidays and quite enjoyed it. I thought it was better than The Last Jedi, and was quite impressed with how it pulled from Dark Empire regarding the cloning/resurrection of Palpatine. I'd have to shrug and just say that I'm a Star Wars fan, and I enjoyed The Phantom Menace back when it came out, so perhaps I'm not thinking crtically enough, but I just have fun with the films.
  2. Carrie, I always enjoy reading your stuff. So in the cigarette example (just so I understand how it works), the flung cigarette is an act of negligence. That act will have guilt determined. Then depending on the damages resulting from the negligence, a large criminal penalty could be imposed for what would normally be punished as a civil nuisance?
  3. So I joined this social media site called Facebook. And for those of you who friended me, I think you all know how that went. I don't think anyone follows me anymore.
  4. Cruz, because I think he actually believes 90% of the crazy stuff he says, and is not just pandering to the lowest common denominator.
  5. This diner owner is a Hero For Freedom, and given that their diner isn't that far from me, will get my future patronage. This incident brings home the state slogan: Maine - The Way Life Should Be
  6. Savannah, GA is really nice. I could easily call it home. I've lived in different parts of Georgia and I don't care for the heat or conservatism. Atlanta is culturally great though. Maine is a great state, but an acquired taste. The winters suck and the taxes can be high. But it's a very pleasant culture. Like you, I'm not well traveled and have little to recommend.
  7. Here's an odd concept-- I believe in every bit of the Holocaust. And I simultaneously believe that Hitler was one of the greatest leaders of the past few centuries-- and for nothing to do with the Jews. It takes a persuasive leader to build a propaganda machine that can lead to such blind hate. I think he can have been a convincing leader as well as crazy as hell.
  8. Polyamory solves a lot of these problems.
  9. I've learned a few new card games that I enjoy. Egyptian Ratscrew is easy enough to teach a child, and addictive fun. My friend taught me Cribbage a few weeks ago, and it was a blast. I really think I need more exposure to fully have it under my belt Having played it just once, I'm sure I'd forget a few of the minor nuances and more obscure rules. But it was great fun that required some thought, but it was still random enough that you didn't feel like an idiot if you couldn't put together a lot of points on a hand. This might be cheating, but one of my all-time favorite Wii games was th
  10. I don't see it as much now, but when I used to be doing database administration for our company's largest program, I was exposed to a LOT of names at any given point. We had at our peak 1,300 active employees plus many thousands of terms. With that many employee names, you're BOUND to get some juicy ones. Sadly, none come to mind right now, but I might just print off a roster of the entire DB just to look for weird names.
  11. Impossible for a man maybe. Welcome the mythical world of multiple, female orgasms.
  12. Pong, this thread really needed a "TRIGGER WARNING" on it. Cause I'm reading it and getting all triggered up in here now.
  13. Okay, the anti-masturbation thing is purely schtick. But the point about people bitching about the Nepal app instead of being horrified over the actual problems in Nepal-- THAT was the real point of my post. Sorry if you're too brain dead from getting drunk every night to discern the main idea from a couple of paragraphs Krawlie. fuck off and die.
  14. So apparently, in the past couple of days there has been a little bit of blow-up regarding people that mark themselves "safe" from the Nepal earthquake stuff on a FaceBook app, even when they are nowhere near Nepal. Now here is my deal, I am very active in anti-masturbation ministries which have a global reach. At any given point, I could be travelling the globe to preach against the spiritual dangers and consequences of self-rape. And yes, sometimes my ministry takes me to Nepal. We have some fierce anti-self-rape advocates among the Buddhists there. Despite their culture being largely
  15. Do you even fathom how much other STUFF you could have bought with $600?!?! This is just insane, and I know our values don't mesh on this. But I'm the type that would just as soon have a bare light bulb sticking out of the ceiling than spend even $100 on some "fixture" whose only purpose is ornament. And as Pong points out, you could have bought a lot of XP with that much gold.
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