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  1. I didn't know Randy Travis was going to be Superman!
  2. The people making this are talented but going from their past work and comments they have already made, I have a feeling they are going to try and make a darker, grittier version of Superman and I don't think that will work with this character.
  3. I'm a power-load T.N.T. Watch me Explode!

  4. I read an interview with Ridley Scott where he pretty much said the space jockey "corpse" we see in Alien is really going to turn out to be some kind of space suit/exoskeleton kind of thing. Kind of like the exoskeleton armored suits the aliens in ID4 have. This means the space jockeys real form could be very different than what we imagine from looking at the exoskeleton.
  5. Telemarketers Suck!

  6. Coming Christmas 2010: Tickle Me Massa Dolls

  7. You better watch out or Rev is going to shoot you man. He threatend Red 5 and he's not been back since. That dude is stalker crazy. lol

  8. Jesus man that was brutal. I'd flame you but I'm wiping tears from my eyes, lol

  9. The following TV commercials FreeCreditReport.com - I want to beat that guy with his guitar they play that crap so much. Don't waste your money on them anyways. You can get all of the info they provide for free elsewhere. Pure Michigan - I'm sure Michigan is a nice state with nice people but they play this commercial every 5 minutes lately to promote tourism in their state and I am sure I will never go there now.
  10. Have something to share? Yes even if I didn't have an enormous giant horse sized penis, and didn't go by the nickname Tripod, I still wouldn't fall for that stuff.
  11. 1) People who buy a cart full of items at the Self Check out lines. If you have more than a handful of stuff go to the regular check out line please. The whole point of self check out lines is to be quicker than being waited on. I can't get out of the store faster if somebody that has 100 items and doesn't know how to scan half of them gets in my way. 2) Male Enhancement pill commercials - Would they be able to do this if it didn't really work? Yes. It's called false advertising. And it's really annoying. Does anybody fall for that stuff? 3) Cable TV always flickers/goes out when I really
  12. Either that or they might do some kind of direct to DVD movie/s that lets them wrap up their storyline. They could release a Terminator: TSCC DVD a year or so before the sequel to Terminator Salvation comes out to help build hype for the sequel. I know I would buy it.
  13. I liked the finale and the last half of the season has been top notch story telling. When they get away from the brooding teenager soap opera John Connor struggling to have a normal life and get into the big arc of the show with all of its complications and deeper questions then this series really shines. To bad it will likely be canceled but I think the season finale can serve as a series finale if you assume John Connor survived judgment day by going to the future in the first place.
  14. Yeah I think this show is really coming into to its own. Even John Connor was less whiney. To bad the ratings are down. Maybe it's a little bit to dark for a big network audience?
  15. I liked SR despite what the critics say but I honestly think Superman would work best set in the 1930s/40s. Like these cartoons. Superman is a lot like Captain America. He comes from another time when there were less shades of gray. He doesn't need to be remade, updated, or made darker. Just go back to the era from which he came.
  16. My vote would be for Monsters Inc. I just thought they did an amazing job with both the animation and creating the whole world of the Monsters. It's a classic.
  17. Less than half...or have you forgoten you lost the last election as well as the one before that? Only about half the eligible population votes in total. The percentage of eligible voters who voted in 2004 was 53.1%. Which means only about 25% of the country voted for Bush.
  18. At least half of us here in the States feel that way too. laugh
  19. Why is it that the US is always portrayed as either the savior of the human race or the devil of the free world? The US is like any other country when it comes to it's foreign policy. It acts on it's own self interests like every other nation on Earth. However, I do think the US does set itself up for attacks of being hypocrital because our government is always going on about how we support freedom and democracy, while we often look the other way and support regimes that go against everything we claim to support in order to support our way of life. Don't forget we supported Saddam in the 19
  20. Is it me or do yolande's posts read like they came from the Anti-Yogie?
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