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  1. This was my thought as well. I've only seen the first episode (it only started this week over here), and I thought it was okay, but I'm not sold on it just yet.
  2. I saw it when it aired here originally, and really enjoyed it. The second outing was the weakest of the three though. My only real problem with it was the similarities (in some ways) between Sherlock and the Eleventh Doctor. Given that they're both Steven Moffatt, that's not hugely surprising, but it would have been better if they hadn't aired quite so close together.
  3. I was a little annoyed at how easy it was to actually get the Doctor out of the box, but other than that I really liked it! I like the back and forth of timelines (and usually gets me into paradox arguments with people, lol) and the episode in general actually Also good to see the Doctor actually saving the day in a major way, as so often it seems to be the assistants that tip the balance! Wasn't quite as good as the penultimate episode, but still a good outing!
  4. I thought it was excellent as well! For so many reasons! Can't wait until next week!
  5. My thoughts exactly! A little different from the norm.
  6. I know I shouldn't, but I do kinda expect them all to be amazing now Moffat is at that helm. And I know I can only be disappointed, lol!
  7. I felt it was pretty much a filler episode really. Nothing outstanding, nothing appalling, just... okay. The trailer for next week's episode looked curious, if rather odd!
  8. I know that, but given Matt Smith is about 10 years younger than Tennant, and by the end of her life she has to have met Eleven (as she already has), tied with what The Human Torch said about looking into his eyes when she said that, it leads me to believe that it is the earliest part of his timeline she has interacted with. And as I said before, if she had killed Eight, Ten should surely have at least recognised who she was as they would have had to interact to some extent (you would hope anyway).
  9. In Silence in the Library, didn't she say that the Doctor was 'younger than she had ever seen him before'? And the Doctor had no knowledge of her then - you would think he would know who killed him! I really enjoyed the angel episodes for the most part. I wasn't really looking forward to it, since I had been of the opinion that they worked better as a single episode, but they did okay, though I didn't like seeing them move. It limited their scaryness.
  10. I thought it was a good episode (though I missed the beginning as well - stupid BBC and their random scheduling!). It *felt* very Moffat, but not necessarily in a Doctor Who sense, and I can't quite put my finger on why. Eleven was less Tennant-y, which was a good thing. I hope he's able to carve out his own distinctive character. What they did at the end leading it into the next episode I loved because it reminds me of the old serials Looks like the shape of the crack is going to be important then - that makes three appearances in two episodes (that I know of anyway)
  11. Completely agree. I really enjoyed the episode - it was good fun and had some nice little quirks to it, but the doctor needs to be different, not just playing Ten. Liking Amy Pond though. Also, wibbly wobbly timey wimey is really annoying me. It was fine in Blink, but both mentions of it since then really make me grind my teeth.
  12. Happy Birthday! Best wishes to you and many more to come! Congrats to you and your beloved!

  13. Prior to Matt Smith, Peter Davidson was actually the youngest doctor (he was 29 when he was cast I think, while DT was 32 or 33ish) I think that's pretty much it. It was a one line comment that seemed completely superfluous.
  14. I both liked and disliked things about the episode. Most of it, I thought was okay. However, the regeneration bothered me. Mostly because of all the explody crap (I mean wtf???), but also because I felt the effect was severely diminished b the ridiculously long drawn out ending. Skip all that, and have him regenerate with just Wilf there and it would have been so much better. And more memorable. We already had the shoehorning everyone in at the end of season 4, we don't need it here as well! Particularly the very forced line about Martha being married to Mickey. What happened to her doctor guy
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