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  1. Pretty good. Got married, moved across the country, own a home, had a baby.
  2. It was pretty good. Weve got a kid now so its different
  3. I made Cabbage (the homeless cat) a new "shack" on our driveway to save her sleeping under a tree. She was in it before I'd finished weatherproofing it with bin bags!
  4. Can you find Dad another home? SRSLY, I get this, but could you build kitty a shelter or something? We have on the driveway, but she doesn't always go in it. She sleeps under a huge conifer tree in a garden opposite, it's dry under there, and there's times when she's come for food at night and she's been warm must be pretty cosy under there!
  5. They're all no-kill over here, there's one nearby, but they're also a cattery/kennels, so might not have room over Christmas. The notices are a great idea, we'll have to get some put up on my next day off!
  6. Cabbage (the stray cat that we feed) is now living between the wheelie-bins on our drive. I really really want to take her in, but our indoor kitties haven't had their boosters for over 10 years, and the house has been rigorously de-flea-ified. Sadface. The kitteh shouldn't be out in this weather, she's huge and so so affectionate, me and my mum love her but dad has taken a stand and says our cats take priority. She is beautiful and has very thick fur.
  7. This is Plissky's new friend I refer to him as Noodle, but we're probably going to call him Indiana. He's adorable, and so very tiny. Plissky's being all paternal towards him, and it's very sweet!
  8. Good to hear it went well, and that Lunar's up and about already... poor kitty being bald, though!
  9. Thanks everyone, I think it's been hard on us 'cause he lived indoors, in front of the sofa at the flat and in my fiance's room at his house, so we were around him all the time. Going to look for a new friend for the white one today, he looks very lonely, poor guy. Hope your cat's surgery goes ok Cita, and I love seeing all the kitty pictures - they're so fluffy and cute
  10. this little guy went to the big veg box in the sky today happened really suddenly, and we're not taking it too well. this is the guinea pig who would fall asleep on us, be inquisitive and cheeky etc i miss him already
  11. I gave my Guinea pig a bath earlier in the bathroom sink, he looked so disgruntled.
  12. our himalayan guinea pig (plissken) just peed on me again. the ginger guinea pig (dante) just ate carrot and fell asleep on me.
  13. ahh... that'll be why the only thing I can see that's happened is Otanku put a message up!
  14. um yeah. not a lot goes on in the home clubhouse!
  15. people who see the boba fett on my arm and ask "why do you have a tattoo of a robot?" i then reply "he's a character from star wars, he's called boba fett", they then say "oh, i don't watch star wars". it's not that they haven't seen star wars, it's that they refer to it as though it's a soap opera. minor annoyance there!
  16. people who refuse to understand what you're saying to them, even though you've laid it out so they can understand it. i don't have to tell you how to understand your bill, but it's what i choose to do so you don't ring up next month with exactly the same questions about it. "but i don't understand maths..." it's not maths! it's the concept that if you have more channels, you pay more. if a bill is in advance, and you add channels on, you've paid less than you should have for at least a day or two, so you get charged more. ARGH! [/end rant]
  17. the gold/beige argente guinea pig full-on fell asleep on my lap, snuffling away. the himalayan one ran away from me as usual.
  18. argyleanklet is my live ID too, sortof embarrassingly few gamerpoints though (I usually play on my fiance's tag) edit I just checked, I don't think I have any gamerpoints on that ID :|
  19. I just got a PSN tag, it's argyleanklet for anyone playing R:FOM online, since that's all I'm on at the mo!
  20. There's a village in the Yorkshire Wolds called Wetwang. Can't believe that didn't come up on the list! EDIT: Here's it's Wiki page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wetwang
  21. http://www.joystiq.com/2008/04/15/the-best...ed-with-rc-car/ this vid is about as good as it gets without nudity
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