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  1. chapter 9: Daala isn’t particularly good company at dinner with her friend, Nek Buwa’tu, Chief of Naval Operations. He admits he’s heard rumbling about her lack of toughness, especially with regard to the Jedi. He thinks that some kind of special-interest group is fanning those flames. He doesn’t object to more control being exerted over the Jedi, but he doubts they are as out of control as some think. At heart, the Jedi Order is beneficent. She worries about how the loss of Niathal is going to make things better. Bwau’tu admits he doesn’t know how to handle a civilian go
  2. chapter 8: Allana works on how to escape the ship without Threepio knowing about it. She finds the small life that takes mechanics to the topside hatch has not been programmed to ignore her commands. Sneaking herself and Anji into a storage compartment, she finds some cable and takes it to the lift, wrinkling her nose at the foul rainforest air. She ties one end of the cable to a strut while Anji jumps to the ground. Allana looks around, seeing only a tall man and a lady nearby. No one raises an alarm, so she socots down the cable to the ground to join her pet. At Redgil
  3. chapter 7: The nine witches are now bound. Sha tells the group that the women are from the Raining Leaves Clan that suffered a disaster about ten years ago. No one talks about it, but it’s suspected the senior Witches all died then. Luke decides to try to talk to them. Kaminne Sihn is the head of the clan. Her sister is Olianne, the others are Halliava Vurse and Firen Nuln. She declares Luke and his comrades friends and counselors. They may untie the group now. Luke heads to Han and says he likes coming to backwater worlds because no one watches the news and tells him
  4. chapter 6: Moff Lecersen sets up his office within moments at the GA embassy and meets with Senator Haydnat Treen of Kuat. Lecersen admits he was surprised to find that the recent kidnapping attempt on the Head of State did not implicate the usual suspected Moffs. He did find, however, that the Borleias bank had a second set of books that hadn’t been scrubbed and it led back to a vehicle importer which led to a Kuati construction firm leading him to her. He just doesn’t know what to do with the information. She invites him to the Kuat embassy so long as he brings only thos
  5. chapter 5: After dawn, the group sets out again with Sha leading the way. Leia suddenly feels Luke submerging himself in the Force. He knows they are here. Allana asks Threepio where Artoo is. The droid claims not to know, but she thinks he’s lying. Worried that Artoo will get himself into trouble, she presses. Threepio admits Artoo went out last night and hasn’t returned. He claimed to have seen a ship nearby and probably went to investigate. Allana wants to go find him, but Threepio will not allow it. He is monitoring Artoo’s comm frequencies for now. Luke h
  6. chapter 4: Chief of State Daala admits to Wynn Dorvan that her experience has been to make decisions and ask for opinions later. In civilian government, the opposite is necessary. She needs to know if he thinks her tactics regarding the Jedi are sound. Dorvan tells her that he trusts the Jedi to put the needs of the people first. They do sometimes reach the right decision through trial and error. He tells her that she’s pushing too hard. They are either her allies or her subordinates. They cannot be both. Daala thinks they should be the government’s subordinates. Dorv
  7. chapter 3: At the Galactic Empire embassy on Coruscant, Jagged Fel finally has some time alone after a long day and decides to utilize a flight simulator for relaxation. He barely gets out when he realizes that sleeping gas has been put in there. A single stormtrooper comes in with a blaster rifle. Knowing there have to be more kidnappers and, presumably, this was an inside job, Jag aims at the ceiling and blasts it. Alarms begin to wail. Jag uses a variety of methods to get rid of his potential abductors before his aide, Kthira’shi’ktarloo, arrives with worry. Ashik has
  8. chapter 2: Luke can sense the girl, along with the energy of the rain forest around him. There is big life ahead. Luke travels along, marveling in the Force one moment, the next moment, he’s knocked off the speeder by a large rancor with protective gear. Luke warns the creature not to take him on right now. Sadly, the rancor doesn’t much care about the danger. Luke cuts a deep gash into its forearm. He sees Ben’s speeder bike coming up. Several meters away, a woman with dark hair with a tangle of animal teeth hanging from it, watches. She launches of electricity at Luk
  9. chapter 1: Vestara Khai, flying a ship that was ancient when her ancestors many generations past were born, arrives at the Kessel system with no idea what to do. Not long ago, she and her Master, Lady Rhea, had battle Skywalker at a station in the Maw and had wounded him. Still, the renown Jedi proved how powerful he really is by killing Lady Rhea. Outmatched, Vestara had been forced to flee. She has to find a way to communicate with her people, but she knows Skywalker will follow her. There will have to be a way to hide until she can get what she needs. The best thing to do i
  10. Epilogue: Jaina sits with Jag watching Perre Needmo reporting on the flight of the Millennium Falcon with no one in the GA taking responsibility for the clear detonation seen by thousands of civilian operators. Jaina assures Jag that her parents got away with no casualties on their side. Jag’s valet droid comes in, telling him that the staff has learned that Javis Tyrr Presents will feature a segment on him and Jaina. The scene starts to show Jag and Jaina inside the crumpled limo. Realizing that Tyrr was downloading data the whole time the spy droid was inside, Jag has th
  11. chapter 28: Ben pulls the girl along while Luke concentrates on driving energy back into himself. They pass the door to the detention center and feel a sense of danger. Someone pushes through the membranous hatch. Luke fires blaster shots at the incoming intruders. Ben tries to help him, but the girl uses the Force to push a cart into them. Ben wants to dump her since she’s nothing but trouble. Luke doesn’t want to let her go since the newcomers seem intent on killing each other as they do him. However, she can serve his purpose by rejoining her friends. Ben tells his f
  12. chapter 27: Vestara is to hide at the junction chamber that connects the stations’s sphere to the cylindrical wing. She is supposed to arm the grenades and toss them into the chamber if the Skywalkers come into this area. With luck, there will be enough to present to Lord Vol when they return to Kesh. She also has another assignment. Lady Rhea has broken the hold Abeloth had on the crew in the same way Vestara did. They are going to kill the Skywalkers and not capture them which had been their originally-intended purpose. Even Xal endorses this plan, which makes everyone
  13. chapter 26: Four red lightsaber tips cut through the hatch while Luke is cutting an escape hole through the viewport. The problem is that Luke is cutting much more slowly than the intruders. Ben has no idea who they are, but they had to have heard Rhondi pounding on the hatch and still pushed a saber through it at the height of her head. That isn’t really something the Mind Walkers would do. Luke decides they need to take one alive. The intruders are part of this somehow and they need to find out who they are and who sent them. Ben muffles his presence in the Force and hi
  14. chapter 25: Ben opens his eyes to see the alarm lights in the control room of Sinkhole Station. His father is still lying motionless no the gurney. Ben and Luke have trouble getting blood back to their muscles. Rhondi tells them it’s always like this at first. They’ll have to wait a minute. Ben rather feels guilty for how he treated her. They sip hydrate packs. He asks Luke if all they saw was real. Luke tells him that he’s the detective and should work it out. Ben relates how they both saw the same people but can they really trust that since they were outside their bodies.
  15. chapter 24: Vestara knows Ahri will have to die. It’ll break her heart to do it, too. However, she can tell that Xal is going to make a move against Lady Rhea soon. Only 15 members of the crew are still alive. A power struggle right now will cut into that number, but Xal has an opening as Lady Rhea’s stature has been reduced by the plantlife on this world. The last two weeks have had the entire crew brought down to search for Ship, leaving only one pilot left aboard. Ahri keeps trying to get Ves to clarify her position with Ship. She knows that she cannot let him think that
  16. chapter 23: In the Millennium Falcon, Allana straps in wearing a vac suit and a battle harness. It breaks Han’s heart that his granddaughter is having to learn the ways of the galaxy so early, but Tenel Ka feels that the heiress to the Hapan throne must do just that. He cannot help but think back on his children and how they grew up too fast, drawn by a destiny while they were still too young. She is helping him boot up the Falcon for their trip to Shedu Maad. Leia is taking another ship with the Jedi patients. In the gun turrets, Dordi and Zal, former members of Saba’s Wi
  17. chapter 22: Ben makes as many preparations as he can considering that Sinkhole Station may blow up at any moment. He doesn’t know how much longer his father can last. The guides died a week ago. Rhondi sits nearby, looking healthy, cuffed to a floor beam. She asks what he’s doing. He doesn’t really know yet. He promised his father that he would not go beyond the shadows and that he’s supposed to report back to the Masters. That had been before the paranoid delusions started. His thoughts haunt him with accusations that they are both in danger. Still, he knows the Mind Walke
  18. chapter 21: Luke cannot measure time at all, but he knows she is here. It’s that familiar presence calling to him, desperate and hungry. They are in the front of a grotto. His escorts remind him that Jacen went inside, but that doesn’t mean Luke has to. Luke admits that, at his age, intense feelings of this kind are always more welcome than frightening. They are in a world where the jungle rises all around them. Luke gets the feeling they are moving much more slowly here in order to savor their surroundings. Ryontarr wonders if Luke fears the cause of the feelings. Afte
  19. chapter 20: Though surrounded by ysalamiri, Leia cannot help but feel that something as they prepare to move their three Jedi patients. Han notes that there are a couple of expensive rental vehicles near the grungy-low-price hostel nearby. One obviously doesn’t go with the other. Leia doesn’t think it’s logical for Daala to be using high-tech surveillance on them, but a lot has happened lately that she wouldn’t have thought possible. Han doesn’t think it’s GAS anyway. Daala has called most of them back to her hidden prison, fearing Jaina is going to try to rescue Valin and Jyse
  20. chapter 19: Everyone knows that the blockhouse across from the Galactic Justice Center is actually a secret prison. Kyp thinks it’s a psychological deterrent. Cilghal agrees, but isn’t sure that’s where Valin and Jysella are being held. Jaina thinks it is as Daala is trying to do everything by the book. They have the writ which Saba wants Jaina to keep as it is her plan. Actually, it was Jag’s plan, but she didn’t mention that. The masters are already upset at his willingness to withhold the Mandalorian deal from them. He’s not allowed to enter the Temple anymore and, while
  21. chapter 18: Abeloth lives in a cave on the side of the volcano, living here because she loves the water and because the plants are not so dangerous here. She takes the search party down to the river every morning to splash in the water and bask on the beach. In her presence, the carnivorous plants never attacked. To be honest, the party, though still searching for Ship, would rather be here in the protection of Abeloth. Vestara knows they should be concerned, but the respite is nice. When she receives the summons through the Force from Lady Rhea, she is with Ahri, taking advantag
  22. chapter 17: Jagged Fel arrives at Tahiri Veila’s arraignment and offered a seat next to Chief Daala. He sees the Solos in the spectator seats, sitting far from Jaina. He feels badly about the rift in their family, but his duties to the Empire didn’t give him much of a choice. Still, none of them would have missed the arraignment. Jag knows how close they’ve been to Tahiri since the death of their son Anakin. A combination of what she meant to him, guilt over how Jacen had manipulated her and gratitude about her change of heart that had saved lives at the end of the war probably b
  23. chapter 16: Two Mind Walkers, siblings, Rolund and Rhondi Tremaine, wait with Ben aboard the Jade Shadow, eating. He doesn’t blame them for wanting food, but, if they don’t slow down, the Shadow will have to reprovision when it leaves this place. The inhabitants calls this Sinkole Station. He’s learning a lot from the Tremaines, but doesn’t entirely trust them. His father’s IV nozzle keeps falling out of his mouth and puts him at risk of being dehydrated. The Tremaines look rather guilty at this news which rather confirms to Ben that one of them is removing it. They don’
  24. chapter 15: Luke remains a manifestation of Force energy that is more real than the body he’s left in the meditation chamber. Time goes by slowly and it’s hard to tell how much has passed. Seek Ryontarr leads Luke into the meditation. When Luke feels his body fall away, anything inanimate appears in shadow. Seek explains that the gatherers here come from all belief systems in the Force. Many from places that believe the Force is a rainbow, with multiple aspects. However, Seek tells Luke that there is only one Force and many ways to see it. The Force will sustain his bod
  25. chapter 14: Vestara can feel Ship out in the jungle, but he doesn’t want the Tribe here. He’s taught them what they need to know to restore the Sith Empire. Abandoning him here is not within their orders, though. The Eternal Crusader has been sent to find Ship and return him to Kesh. Vestara admits to Lady Rhea that Ship is trying very hard to push them back. This planet, sadly, is not the type of place that they would prefer to be. Having brought Xal on the landing party so she could keep an eye on him, Rhea contacts Crusader to have it prepare a tractor beam when they find S
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