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  1. chapter 30: The Jade Shadow lands were the Sith had been, passing the Eternal Crusader stuck in orbit. Vestara immediately begins cutting down nearby plants which prove to be just as dangerous as she’d said. Gavar Khai, High Lord Taalon and Captain Faal are among those who land with the Sith. Luke thinks he knows where to go first, but Taalon believes they should start with the cave where Abeloth has been known to visit. Luke agrees, but thinks a search first is a good idea. Their sensors are useless here, but he thinks he can search via mind-walking. Vestara warns Taalo
  2. chapter 29: As the three passengers aboard the Jade Shadow recover from their shock at the disappearance of the station, Luke gets irritated to see two Sith frigates moving forward too quickly to navigate the debris field safely. Sure enough, a collision is imminent. Rockhound is able to save one, but not the other. Over time, Luke determines that Sinkhole was designed to contain Abeloth. Mara had told him she was very old and dangerous, so the idea that he would be able to erason with her is probably naïve. While Rockhound clears the way for the ships, Luke asks Vestara
  3. chapter 28: Having exchanged information, the ships are moving through the Maw. The Rockhound hovers over all of them, ready to latch onto any ship that appears to drift. Ben senses that the dark tentacle is not there anymore. He explains to Vestara what he felt when he’d been in here before, both at Sinkhole Station and as a child at Shelter. When Ben decides he doesn’t feel comfortable navigating the Shadow in, Vestara offers to take the controls. She leads them a bit beyond where they’d seen before, to a bright blue star. It looks different from what she knew it to be
  4. chapter 27: Madhi Vaandt is thrilled to hear about the revolt on Klatooine, but wishes she could be there now instead of aboard her ship the Shooting Star. For now, she’s recording an essay to send to the Perre Needmo Newshour regarding the privilege of seeing Shohta adapting to his new-found freedom. Tyl tells her there’s an incoming message for her that requires a voice sample. The message is from Freedom Flight which references the letter that was sent and thanks her for keeping silent for now. Coordinates are provided for her to meet with one of its representatives. She is
  5. chapter 26: While the Solos sit and drink hot chocolate, watching the Peere Needmo Newshour. The Temple siege is the lead story, covering Wynn Dorvan’s lunch with Raynar Thul and his subsequent departure, taking Kani’s body with him. The Chief of State’s office has already released a statement expressing sympathy to Kani’s family. Leia had gotten a message from inside the Temple after sending the rodents in. Kenth Hamner has responded that they are all well. Leia has sent another message and gotten a response that they are searching for escape routes, the strike team is r
  6. chapter 25: He shouldn’t be running across the square to the Temple, but time is of the essence. They take their time clearing him and escorting him to the steps, though. Raynar comes out, telling Dorvan he’s taking a risk coming here now. They sit down and Raynar gives him half his sandwich. Quietly, with weapons aimed at them, they eat. Leia calls for Han to come look at the screen. Chief of Staff Dorvan is running up the steps of the Temple. Javis Tyrr confirms this and that Dorvan is sitting there with Raynar Thul, intent on keeping his regular lunch break on the Tem
  7. chapter 24: Daala doesn’t move as the girl drops dead on camera. She had told Belok Rhal to do what was necessary to get the two Jedi patients, but hadn’t expected this. She has to remind herself that Kani Asari was a young woman, but not a child. She was not innocent. Still, Daala turns the station when the camera focuses on the body. She finds coverage of a revolution happening on Klatooine after the attack on the Fountain of Hutt Ancients has led to the overthrow of the Treaty of Vontor. Dorvan buzzes her, telling her that it’s never good for the public to see an unarm
  8. chapter 23: The Rockhound is the ugliest thing Ben has ever seen. It is very large and has a hundred telescopic legs hanging from its belly. Ben take them in so Lando can show Luke the virtues of the tug before it’s taken into the Maw. They also get the impression he needs to tell Luke something. Luke prepares to take the Headhunter out, cautioning Ben to keep an eye on Vestara. He knows his father doesn’t trust her. He doesn’t either, but can’t help but think how much he likes her. Luke says they’ll talk about it when this is over. He’s surprised to find Jaina aboard.
  9. chapter 22: Sul Dekkon calls Tahiri to the stand. Eramuth had cautioned her about answering only the questions that are asked and told her about the Temple siege so it would not be a surprise revelation while she’s on the stand. This actually works in their favor. Dekkon starts by asking about her relationship with Jacen Solo. She explains that she knew Jacen for half of her life, admits they were involved, but that there was no love there. The events of her life are gone over up to the moment where she began working directly for Darth Caedus. He began giving her orders t
  10. chapter 21: Inside the Temple, the Force ripples in outrage as the Masters and Knights react to the murder of an unarmed girl. Rhal announces that he is here to retrieve Saar and Altamik only. He will not negotiate with anyone. Any attempt to leave the Temple or retrieve the body will be handled the same way. They have 24 hours to turn over the Jedi before the Temple is leveled. Kyp is ready to barge out there and grab Kani anyway. Saba tells him that they will strike at Daala when the time is right. She hired this mercenary and is responsible for his actions. Kenth Ham
  11. chapter 20: Belok Rhal is the Mandalorian in charge of those surrounding the Jedi Temple. Daala has told him that she wants Sothais Saar and Turi Altamik. If the Jedi surrender them, the mission is over. If not, he’s been given free rein to handle the situation. He gets on the amplifier and tells them that they have refused the demands of the Chief of State and have 36 hours to comply or there will be consequences. Inside, the Masters know there is a problem. Kyle Katarn reports that there is enough vehicles and weaponry to cause a lot of damage to the Temple. Further, app
  12. chapter 19: Lando and Jaina fly over Klatooine, seeing the remains of the violence that had erupted when the Fountain was maligned. There are thousands of beings surrounding the Fountain itself. Darima escorts them both into a room to await the other representatives. They only need to listen to everyone and trust their instincts. The Elders come in, followed by two Sith and a Hutt on a repulsorsled. Darima explains that Captain Leeha Faal and Captain Vyn Holpur are charged with violating the no-technology zone, killing several guards and physically damaging the Fountain itself.
  13. chapter 18: Holpur is told the Elders are demanding they stand down and surrender themselves. He finds it amusing that even their palace has few defenses. When told the Klatooinians are trying to contact the Hutts, Holpur doesn’t care. He knows the Hutts care little for this world and their response will take days. The Elders muster the few defenses they can send from the Palace, while waiting for the Hutts to come protect them. Though the desecration has already occurred, the Hutts will make them pay. Lando Calrissian has finally arrived in the Rockhound to find that the
  14. chapter 17: Luke knows he made the right decision when he’d dreamed about the loving female presence again. She’d draped over him and told him he needed to go to the Maw. She assures him she’ll see him again there. When he gets up, he checks on Dyon before sending out a message. Lando responds quickly, unhappy, but knowing that it can’t be easy for Luke to deal with a mad Force-user and a bunch of bored Sith. Taalon agrees with Luke that, while the ship sounds useful, he doesn’t want to delay the search for Abeloth any longer. Luke doesn’t tell him that he knows that ther
  15. chapter 16: On the Jade Shadow, Luke realizes how clever Allana is turning out to be. There has been a lot to deal with today: a snapped Force user has already nearly caused a political crisis. Then he heard his son telling jokes to a Sith girl who was giggling at him as if she were just a normal teenage girl. They’ve brought Dyon back and have to figure out what to do with him. The Shadow has a sick bay. Dyon is strapped to a bed, tranquilized, and hooked to a monitor. Ben has hung his vor’cha stun stick by the door for security and tells his father he’s going to check on Ves
  16. chapter 15: Allana cannot help but notice that Threepio is acting strangely. He sees annoyed with himself and that is very unusual for him. She’s taken to watching him lately, noting that he chastizes himself on how old and outdated he is. He certainly never says such things to Artoo. So it happens that she overhears a conversation between Threepio and Luke who has asked for the droid’s help. This whole thing is confusing to Allana who doesn’t think Grandma is supposed to be helping Uncle Luke. However, they did help him on Dathomir. Threepio offers to give him the data
  17. chapter 14: On Vinsoth, Mahdi Vaandt drinks a Chevin under the table in a cantina. The loser had put up his slave, Shohta who is stunned to be lost in a bet. It has been a week since Vaandt and her cam operator, Tyl Krain, had been on Tatooine where she’d become aware of a group called Freedom Flight. It wasn’t long after her arrival on Vinsoth when she received a letter from them. They are prepared to give her insight into their group so long as she doesn’t mention them publicly ahead of time. While slavery on Tatooine was brutal, she is getting a personal look at it by
  18. chapter 13: Ashik explains to Jag that he tried to stop Jaina who only wants a moment alone with him. In private, she tells him that she needs his help getting the Jedi off Coruscant. They have a fleet of StealthXs ready to go, but the prior Mando attack has given the GA the ability to watch them. They have to get those ships in the air to help Luke. He doesn’t know they’re coming anyway, but as soon as they take care of the problem, even Daala will understand how necessary it was. She hopes Jag can either distract Daala or even give them some ships that won’t be noticed leavin
  19. chapter 12: At the Jedi Temple, Kenth Hamner looks over a pile of datapads. He now has entirely too much to do, so he has promoted a promising apprentice named Kani Asari to be his assistant. Some people are bothered by this because Luke hadn’t needed one, but Hamner ignores them. Today, she looks tired and he knows she stayed late beyond what she’d promised. He tells her to make sure she takes time to rest and meditate. Kani let him know that news coverage of Tahiri’s trial is largely positive. Nawara Ven is impressed with Bwua’tu’s handling of it. However, Cilghal i
  20. chapter 11: Eramuth Bwua’tu escorts Tahiri passed the holojournalists on the first day of her trial. She knows she’s ready and has some hope, having bared her soul to Eramuth, answering every question and taking responsibility for everything she did. Inside the courtroom, she finds that the Solos are there. She’d doubted she’d had any friends left, not since Darth Caedus. Sull Dekkon trades a few polite barbs with Eramuth who notes to Tahiri that all the Chagrian has on his side are cold, hard facts. Though there are some jurors who are unsympathetic to Tahiri, some of th
  21. chapter 10: After the Sith leave the building, Luke and Ben are taken to a room with a door rigged by Crytoban grenade where Dyon Stad is being held. It won’t kill the man, but would absorb all heat in the room, causing some damage. The clerk freely admits that they do not have the proper facilities to detain a Force user. Luke is free to take him someplace more secure. Gavar Khai lectures his daughter about helping Ben Skywalker retrieve the insane man rather than capture or kill him. She reminds him that their plan has been to win the Skywalkers’ confidence. Now that she
  22. chapter 9: At the detention area on Klatooine, Ben tells Vestara that their fathers will be here soon. She reminds him that they could have been elsewhere if he’d allowed her to convince the guards to let them go. Ben points out that the Mind Trick doesn’t work on everyone and could make their situation worse. Though they can technically use the Force to leave at any time, he thinks his father would prefer they cooperate. This starts an argument about the differences between their fathers. He notes that she seems close, but distant with her father. Vestara tells him that
  23. chapter 8: Dyon Stad doesn’t know what’s real anymore. All of them are gone. No one is who they say they are. They’re all imposters. He doesn’t know why they’ve come to Klatooine or why they are impersonating fruit vendors, but they know he’s thinking about credits. Vestara and Ben are gone. They must be in on this. Luke could be, too. Someone could have captured or killed the real Luke Skywalker and replaced him. He tells the vendor he doesn’t want to buy anything, but has squeezed a piece of fruit so hard that it’s split. He gives the vendor too much for the item and sta
  24. chapter 7: At Mos Eisley on the world of Tatooine, 11-year old slave, Kitaya Shuul, plots her master’s downfall. Her master is Truugo the Hutt. Though she’s monitored constantly through the chip in her shoulder blade, she’s not too worried about him detonating it. Kitaya has been trained by her master in several languages, making her useful as a spy. What he does not know is that she has made contact with a group called Freedom Flight, dedicated to eliminating slavery throughout the entire galaxy, not just on GA worlds. They often engage in freeing slaves through a network, but
  25. chapter 6: Dyon Stad is a pleasant person to be around. Ben doesn’t really mind having him as an escort after their experiences on Dathomir. Though his instructions are to keep an eye on them, Dyon freely admits that he doubts that, so long as they get everything on the supply list, that getting an idea of the lay of the land is forbidden. So, the group explores while getting their supplies. In a marketplace, Ben notices how curious Vestara is, touching, smelling and looking at things. She asks many questions of the vendors and is particularly fascinated by an odd fruit that sh
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