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  1. chapter 19: The Emiax tracks the Shadow’s signal to a moon near Almania. Luke thinks that, rather than the moon Auremesh, she’s gone to Pydyr. A debate erupts over whether they can trust Vestara. It ends when she rushes to the refresher. Luke assures Ben he’s disabled the engineering hatch and the auxiliary comm station. Besides, he needs to send a message to Cilghal. Ben asks why he thinks Abeloth is going to Pydyr. Luke tells him he knows what she’s looking for. When Ves returns, she finds the hatch locked. Ben stalls while Luke gets the message from the Temple, te
  2. chapter 18: Jagged Fel meets Daala outside her office, looking at the Jedi Temple. He jokes that it’s not wise to attempt a paraglider attack on the Jedi. She asks if he’s seen the HoloNet news. He has been watching it, but it really doesn’t affect the Empire. Daala thinks it does, considering his relationship with Jaina Solo. Jag admits she broke off their engagement not long after the attack at the restaurant. Daala hope he doesn’t think she was responsible or that attempt on his life. He points out that it isn’t clear that the attack was directed at him. A lot of
  3. chapter 17: Zekk and Tekli bring several recovered Jedi back from their temporary home at Shedu Maad. Sadly, the Jedi waiting on the Temple’s landing pad are distracted by the death of Madhi Vaandt. Watching on their datapads, the feed shows Shohta explaining how the team is hiding in a shop nearby, after Madhi was killed trying to report on what’s happening here. He shows how the two Jedi are battling the Mandalorians in a stairwell. Shohta tells the audience how Madhi had impressed upon him that a journalist must report the story, not interfere with it. He hopes she forgives
  4. chapter 16: Mahdhi Vaandt watches the recreation area where thousands of Octusi are gathered. Tyl Krain, her mentor and now-cam operator, begins to record. She asks if he sees the Jedi yet. He tells Shohta to get the power generator going for a live HoloNet feed. Several Mandalorian assault sleds are hovering nearby. This area is a mandated assembly place provided for the Octusi by the Blauduns. Knowing what’s about to happen, Mahdi suppresses the urge to implore the Octusi to flee or to at least announce to the Mandos that they are here recording live. Shohta wonders wh
  5. chapter 15: The good thing about the slave revolts is that it is attracting attention away from Tahiri’s trial. The courtroom is barely packed today. Eramuth arrives, looking bright and fashionable. Tahiri comments on how he looks better rested today. Eramuth tells her he’s not been sleeping poorly, but Dekkon will be. They are distracted by the arrival of the Solos, Lando and a female attorney named Sardonne Sardon, whom Eramuth greets with courtesy and admiration. She is surprised to find such a distinguished advocate is aware of some of her cases. He is less happy whe
  6. chapter 14: When they reach the edge of the jungle, at the edge of the sandy bank, there are dozens of drendek lizards flying over the river. On the beach itself, reptiles are drinking. Not far from shore, is the Sith ship, Emiax. Jade Shadow is gone. Force lightning rings past them. Ben suspects the Sith are chasing Vestara. Luke suggests it could be a ruse to make them think that. He wants Ben to prep the Emiax. Ben assures his father that he saw Taalon hit Vestara during the fight. Luke reminds him that, if the Sith thought that she was truly working with the Jedi,
  7. chapter 13: Vestara is sent flying by the punch. She wouldn’t dream of begging for mercy, especially with her father far worse the wear after his fight with Luke Skywalker. They walk around her, determine they’ve done enough damage to play Ben Skywalker’s sympathy and query Vestara as to the nature of her relationship with him. She tells them that Ben believes he can pull her to the Light Side. However, she thinks she’s falling in love with him and doesn’t want to. Taalon encourages her to do so as Skywalker will sense it in the Force. So long as she uses what she feels,
  8. chapter 12: Dr. Ysa’i has been responsible for treating Bwua’tu’s injuries: from his damaged organs to his amputated arm. Right now, the admiral is in a coma and Ysa’i really can’t answer Daala’s question about when he will recover. There is brain activity, but it’s deep and nonreactive. Something is happening, but it’s not related to what is going out in the real world. Rynog Asokaji is here, on good terms since Daala commended him for his courage in confronting her, noting his own passing familiarity with brain wave scans. Wynn Dorvan doesn’t think fitting someone in a com
  9. chapter 11: The Solos and Lando wait in Sullustan Senator Luewet Wuul’s meeting room. Jaina brings them up to speed on her meeting with the Council. Hamner had accused her of sabotaging his attempts to resolve the disupte with Daala. Though Jaina admits he’s under a lot of pressure, she is worried about this belief that he can cut a deal with her. Han doubts that will work. The only thing that will resolve the matter now is taking her out of the equation; something that he should have done after she attacked them with Allana there. Leia reminds him that they have no evide
  10. chapter 10: Jaina cannot help but notice the tension in the air before she and Lando give their briefing to the Council. Kenth Hamner is indulging this briefing because he knows that they have urgent news, but cautions Jaina that they will discuss her unauthorized mission later. Kyp summarizes what they already know about her trip til now, including the fact that whatever happened in the Maw has released the captive Jedi from their paranoia. She hadn’t come to tell them that, but is glad to hear that it’s happened. Lando explains that they have something else. They explain
  11. chapter 9: Ship hovers over the beginning of the pool as the forest is too dense for it to land. Luke was here while Mind Walking, but he’s hesitant to give the Sith access to it. He was told before that this will allow one to see all that is passed and all that will come. Besides, the more time they take, the more time Abeloth will have to recover. They finally agree to split up, sending Ben and Vestara upstream while the adults go downstream. Her father lowers her down the gorge using the Force. Luke and Ben roll their eyes at such casual use of the Force, but Vestara s
  12. chapter 8: The Sith are convinced that Luke has hidden Abeloth’s true body. By the time they all agreed to go back to the Jade Shadow, their prisoner had fled. Now, they are walking through the forest on a hunt for her again. Luke thinks they should change tactics, but the Sith thinks this is just an attempt to get rid of them. They finally agree to go back to the ships for now. Ship is there, waiting. It’s damaged from its fight with Jaina. Luke challenges the Sith in their belief that they control Ship. It seemed surprised to see Ben here. It could be that Abeloth s
  13. chapter 7: Because use of the Force is not permitted in the courtroom, Leia cannot determine if Eramuth Bwua’tu is sleeping while Dekkon examines an Imperial Communications Intelligence expert, but it certainly seems like it. Lt. Pagorski cannot reveal too many details due to issues of military security, but she does testify that she intercepted a communication between Tahiri and Darth Caedus after Admiral Pellaeon ordered Imperial forces to assist Admiral Niathal. Tahiri has already denied making such a transmission. Pagorski makes a number of speculative statements that Eramuth d
  14. chapter 6: Kenth Hamner knows he never should have taken the job. All that’s happened is that all the masters are reminded that he’s not Luke Skywalker. The whole council is here, sans Luke, including its newest member, the Yuzzem ]Barratk’l. Octa Ramis protests that the Horns are still being held despite the fact that the Jedi no longer pose a danger. Hamner doesn’t want to cause another problem with Daala now that the Mandalorians have left. The others disagree. The time to push their advantage is now, while publicity is still in their favor. Hamner argues that raiding
  15. chapter 5: A thousand Mandalorians wait outside the Temple. GA security arrives, escorting Chief of State Daala. Hamner has to caution Han that they want to urge Daala to end the siege, not antagonize her. He actually would prefer to send someone else as Han isn’t a Jedi and lacks patience. The others do not agree. Han prepares to head out, reminding Turi and Sothais to behave normally and wait for his signal. He meets Daala at the steps, confirms that Master Hamner only offered to turn over the affected Jedi and lets Sothais and Turi outside. A xenopsychiatrist is on ha
  16. chapter 4: Vestara detests her weakness. As much as she would love to say that she just wanted to get to Lord Taalon quickly, the fact is that she just didn’t want to kill Ben. On the way, she plots to lay in wait for Ben and rectify her mistake so her father would never know. She gets splat in the eye by a planet, wrapped in vines and trapped. She tries slashing through them until Ben arrives. He warns her that she is hanging over a cliff. He’s not inclined to cut her down himself and would like to know where she’s going. They both know she was running to Taalon to tell him
  17. chapter 3: As the dead Sith are burned on a funeral pyre, Lord Taalon comments that he would have thought Luke would find it satisfying. Luke tells him he does not relish the death of anyone, not Lady Rhea’s team on Sinkhole or the eventual death of Taalon and Khai. Taalon tells him that’s how they differ. He is looking forward to killing Luke. Luke’s attention is drawn to reliefs carved on the rock. Taalon doesn’t know if they are related to Sith lore, but the symbols here could mean many things, most of them deadly. He explains the history of the Destructors. The symbo
  18. chapter 2: Ben is careful with Vestara now. She points out that his father knew Taalon would betray him at some point. He just didn’t expect it to happen until Abeloth was dead. Ben tells her it was a stupid idea for Taalon to try to capture her. Vestara happens to agree. She gets an odd look on her face and tells Ben her father touched her through the Force. Ben doesn’t believe her. She tells him that she could be killed for revealing too much to him. She has to promise not to tell Taalon she told him. Ship is coming back. She doesn’t know why or if they can even con
  19. chapter 1: When the Rockhound leaves the Maw, Jaina is disturbed to see they are nearer to Kessel than to Coruscant. RN8 confirms the course was set for the capital. She plays back Lando’s order to redirect. The voice is Lando’s but with emphasis on the wrong syllables. It would seem someone tried to impersonate him. They assume this is some plot of the Sith. Having taken care of Abeloth, they will likely want to cover their tracks. Lando wants to go back, but Jaina tells him Luke won’t trust Taalon indefinitely. He’ll be prepared for a betrayal. Their mission is to g
  20. chapter 36: The prosecution would like to introduce new evidence: a recording of Tahiri’s conversation with Admiral Pellaeon. Dekkon explains that the defense has portrayed her as a poor, tormented, lovesick girl lured temporarily to the Dark Side by a powerful Sith Lord. Her murder of Admiral Pellaeon is painted as that of a minion following orders. The jury hears the recording of Tahiri imploring Pellaeon to back Jacen Solo. Here, in the present, her reasoning seems so laughable. It takes the conversation right through her killing of the Admiral and the appearance of Moff Qui
  21. chapter 35: In her apartment, Daala opens the door to find Admiral Bwua’tu. She admits his uncle is giving her some problems. Bwua’tu warns her not to dismiss him. Though he’s eccentric and elderly, Eramuth is very good at what he does. She tells him the last few weeks have aged her, too. He wonders if the situation with the Jedi and Mandos is what’s causing it. She assures him that she feels comfortable with that, but the uprisings are going to cause problems. Mahdi Vaandt is publicizing these otherwise obscure locales. At least, she could manipulate Javis Tyrr. The
  22. chapter 34: Jaina continues to battle Ship in orbit until it suddenly vanishes into space. Though there is medication being sent in to the Temple, the deadline is nearing. Cilghal brings the sedative to her patients. Shul Vaal approaches her and they watch Sothais Saar sitting at his table, reading. Turi is brushing her hair. Bann is looking at the transparisteel. Nothing indicates any type of malady is affecting them. Careful to make sure there is nothing amiss, they walk to Sothais Saar. He invites them in. Sothais tells them he remembers everything and is very emba
  23. chapter 33: She tells him she knew he would know her. Luke hasn’t been so shaken since Darth Vader told him he was his father. He knows this is Abeloth, but it’s also Callista. This isn’t an act or an illusion. Vestara has described various forms Abeloth took when they met her. He realizes that they were all the way Callista had looked at time in her life. Callista affirms these thoughts. She had come here for answers to her quest to find the Force again, but only encountered the needy monster held captive here. She’d been wrong to leave him, let him marry someone else. Bu
  24. chapter 32: Vestara determines the tracking device leads them to the cave. The 20 remaining team members move in that direction. Taalon thinks it’s a trick. Abeloth has to know they would come there for her. Luke wonders if it’s more like a trap. They don’t find Abeloth there, but Dyon’s body lays on the floor. Ben finds he’s still alive, but barely. Dyon grabs Ben’s shoulder, gasping that Abeloth is not what she seems. They still seem wrong to him, but he knows that’s due to her influence. She tried to drain his life energy. When she sensed them coming, she left him
  25. chapter 31: Luke’s shock is so obvious that Gavar Khai approaches him with concern. Mara assures Luke that he couldn’t have known it was Abeloth. She is ancient and very dangerous. She is never what she appears. While monitoring his father’s body, Ben asks if Vestara knows why Abeloth is hiding from them. Vestara would like to say she’s afraid, but it’s more likely she’s just toying with them. Ben expresses his doubts that his father’s idea to speak to her will work. However, the way of the Sith isn’t the right way either. Vestara can’t even tell him what their goal i
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