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  1. Was there a new episode last night? We watched "Elf" cause we thought it was a rerun.
  2. They put the webisodes on the DVD sets, though. They are pretty cute. Yeah, I really thought Michael took his hatred of Toby way too far tonight. Kelly and Ryan are boring as all get out. Jim & Pam's House Surprise was cute. Creed hiding in with the documentary crew while the cops were there was hilarious. Michael's relationship with David Wallace is getting strained. He blames Wallace for his break-up with Holly and the speakerphone conversations between the two are reminescent of the early speakerphone talks with Jan. Michael texting 911 cluelessly whenever he wants someone to
  3. Last night's episode was ok. It was bittersweet to see that Michael was pretending he and Holly were engaged to the point where he was made to call his mom. But I was saddened to see Andy completely miss that Shrute farms was not the right place for his wedding to Angela, particularly failing to notice that she had the parameters picked out astonishingly well. On the other hand, it was so typical of Michael to let Kellie off the hook because no one wants to come to his parties, either. She caused a great deal of trouble for Jim and Dwight just out of pettiness. I also don't want to se
  4. As someone who is neither mathematically or scientifically-inclined, I found a lot of the discussion dry and, unfortunately, over my head. The book takes the format the other "The Case for..." books by Strobel do. He goes to experts in the fields of biochemistry, astronomy, biology, etc. to discuss problems with both traditional evolution and recent attempts to find alternate theories that would still allow for an old Earth and the macro-evolutionary theory. The part that really spoke to me was in discussing historical fallacies, such as Columbus' era made up of people who believed the w
  5. I finished Lee Strobel's "The Case for a Creator" and right now I'm reading the novelization of "The Force Unleashed".
  6. He was the best Joker anyway. "I'm weak. I'll go back to Jan. And I Hate Jan". Poor Michael. He's finally found someone compatible and she gets moved to Nashua. How sad. Of course, this will be the impetus for the return of Toby. Jim's brothers got on my nerves. I began to wonder after a while how well Pam really was taking the joke thing. On the other hand, Dwight and Andy were hilarious. They didn't show Angela too much, though. Michael didn't have his costume, though. The Joker: Creed, Kevin, Dwight "Dave": Jim Cheerleader: Meredith Uncle Sam: Oscar Kitten: A
  7. I actually liked seeing Jim turn around, realizing that he is doing what Roy would have done and that he and Pam don't have that type of relationship.
  8. Alot of sweet moments here from Dwight appreciating Phyllis' help to Michael and Holly smooching at the end. Problem now: What is Wallace's concern? Is it Michael becoming involved with another employee? Is there something coming up that we don't know about? Also I loved the line, "She introduced me to so many things - pasteurized milk, sheets, monotheism...presents on birthdays, preventative medicine." Then that whole exchange where she tells Dwight that Angela doesn't take risks and Andy isn't a risk. "Isn't that fattening?"
  9. I loved the episode. The best ones are the ones that show Michael has some redeeming qualities. It was obvious that, despite his attempts, Jan recognizes that he is attracted to Holly. When he agreed not to date her, I was disappointed, but then he asked her out and I said, "Good for you, Michael". The whole sequence of him with babies of all shapes and sizes was precious and contrasted so starkly with his holding baby "Astird". It was so sad to see him hold this baby and not feel anything. I also loved photographing her in the vegetables. I second wanting Holly to deck Jan sometime.
  10. The whole undercurrent of Jim proving to Dwight that he does take personal time during working hours was intriguing to me because we all do it if one counts a personal conversation with a co-worker. Of course, we all know that he is taking loads of personal time playing footsie with Angela. But yeah, that whole conversation with Ryan about "Battlestar Galactica" was hilarious. What's bothering me about Dunder-Mifflin being played as a small paper company is that it doesn't really seem to be. It is largely localized, sure, to Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio and, lamentably, Connecticut, but
  11. I finally finished the "Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant". It is an incredible read for anyone interested in history, the Civil War, Presidential biographies, etc. I heartily recommend it. Grant is modest, complimentary of even the Confederate generals and provides his feelings on both the War with Mexico and what he calls the Rebellion (The Civil War itself). He is highly entertaining and observant. For example, "I would not have the anniversaries of our victories celebrated, nor those of our defeats made fast days and spent in humiliation and prayer; but I would like to see truthfu
  12. From Sue Rostini's blog- the next three years of lit. "November 25, 2008 - trade paperback: CLONE WARS: WILD SPACE by Karen Miller. This novel stars Obi-Wan Kenobi and Bail Organa and takes place primarily in............ wild space! We're working on the cover now, and hopefully we'll have something to post before too much longer. December 30, 2008 - Hardcover: LUKE SKYWALKER AND THE SHADOWS OF MINDOR by Matthew Stover. This one's been on the official site - you've seen the cover and copy. January 27, 2009 - Paperback: CORUSCANT NIGHTS 3: PATTERNS OF FORCE by Michael Reaves. This has bee
  13. About the temp being back... Does it seem that Ryan was sentenced for fraud really, really quickly? Also, would Dunder-Mifflin allow him to be hired back...even through a temp agency at a lower position? I mean, I know Michael wanted him back, but wouldn't Corporate balk at this? I had thought that Angela might be gaining weight on purpose, but I didn't even consider that it might be due to a pregnancy. She certainly has had that opportunity though ("That's how I sleep at night!"). I almost feel sorry for Andy being so clueless. He's trying so hard to have the perfect wedding, putting
  14. C'mon, it wasn't that good. We've now seen all episodes on the 4th season DVD set. It turns out that the entering of sales made by the staff to the website was the reason Ryan was arrested for fraud. Ryan had been pushing that practice, which I had considered questionable anyway, for several episodes. However, while the staff certainly had questions about it - in a previous episode they complained about why they had to do that (Ryan explained it was to website "legitimate") and Stanley mentioned that he doesn't get commission on calls coming in from clients asking him how to use the websi
  15. I've seen the blooper reel, but so far, the whole family has only seen the first four episodes and their deleted scenes. These viewings also allowed us to see the one episode we missed last season - "Money" - where Michael takes a telemarketing job and Jim & Pam visit Shrute Farms.
  16. I just finished "The Power of a Praying Parent" by Stormie Omartian and started "The Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant".
  17. I just finished King, Kaiser, Tsar by Catrine Clay and am half-way through Coruscant Nights; Jedi Twilight by Michael Reaves.
  18. I just finished up a trilogy of Evelyn Christenson's books What Happens When Women Pray, Lord, Change Me and Gaining Through Losing. Yesterday, I started on Adams Vs. Jefferson: The Tumultuous Election of 1800 by John Ferling. It is a nice read so far with the first chapter introducing us to the major players. I just finished a section on a brief biography of Charles Cotesworth Pinckney.
  19. See, I was worried about the same thing, especially since Pam spent years waiting for Roy to make it official. I hope she doesn't fear the same thing happening with Jim.
  20. Poor Jim. He goes to all the trouble to make the night a special one for Pam (but wouldn't that have tossed cold water on Toby's relatively pleasant going-away party?) only to have that bumbling, clueless Andy ruin the whole thing. Now that Toby's gone and Ryan has "his hands tied", he doesn't have to walk on eggshells around the office. Yikes, what was Ryan's deal with Jim anyway? I mean, at least we know now what all that nonsense about logging orders into the website was about. But Dwight's hearfelt, "It is my own fault" was probably the most honest moment I've ever seen from him.
  21. I loved Stanley just walking out long before everyone did, Creed's call to Angela ("Pumpkin") and Andy's chapped hands. I'm not sure if Pam was considering moving to NY or Philadelphia or not. To me, she looked discouraged when she realized what it would take for her to move on. It was a difficult episode for Pam - really being taken advantage of by Michael made her want to make a change. "You remember Ryan? He used to be the temp here". And a bit of trivia about the casting...if you thought Justin - the kid that expressed interest in Dunder-Mifflin and was rebuffed by Michael only to
  22. Thanks for that, Dan. It was hilarious. Now we have a few more last names and where they are in the company.
  23. It seems like last night's episode was an attempt to set up several more episodes of conflict. Will Jim and Pam have to cut down on their antics due to Toby's jealousy? How will this affect their relationship? Are there kinks showing in Andy and Angela's relationship? She flared her nostrils when Dwight one-upped him on the car. As for Stanley's irritability, I found him disturbing. Stanley has always been mellow, but not afraid to say what he thinks (but in a moderate tone). For him to snap like that at Michael is out of character and for him to go off on Michael later when being conf
  24. The first half of the episode was hilarious. That whole scene with Michael "supporting" Ryan during the branch meeting cracked me up. "I am not clapping sarcastically. A month ago, nobody visited the website because they were afraid of being molested or having their identities stolen". Getting a higher position has certainly affected Ryan. He seems to not know how to handle it so he tries to do what he thinks his superiors want and that causes friction with the employees. It's the same position Michael is in and Ryan doesn't realize that he's starting to mimic Michael. Dwight's repe
  25. Michael and his whininess over trying to get a date and completely ruining it with the landlady was hilarious. Accidentally calling Jan was priceless. I loved Kevin in this episode, especially the open - holding his feet and saying, "I'm going to quit" was hilarious and he pushed the meeting with the other owners. Some people don't like walking as much as others. "Just give them back their spaces". LOL
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