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  1. is the big 4-1 today and I feel fine!

  2. wants Wizard World Chicago to be as fun this year as it was last year...or else!

  3. booked her weekend solid without realizing it.

  4. is glad to see how nicely Harry Potter has grown up.

  5. has sadly determined that, when you've seen one Natural History museum, you've seen them all.

    1. Tank


      somebody should make an UNnatural Museum.

  6. worked all day on 09/11/01 and will work all day today, too. The world can pause to celebrate or contemplate, but it doesn't stop revolving

  7. has been able to do three good deeds this week. Thanks to Pastor Matt for challenging us.

  8. honestly, Walt. It's in my head, too, and it's only a series of tones!

    1. Wally Q

      Wally Q

      I hear it at work mostly. Well, duh, of course I'm going to since it plays 100 ft. away from me on a daily basis but I love the music cues with Arthur's fight with the security and I love the music at the end of the film.

  9. is high on coca-cola and snickerdoodles

  10. Jayce, throw a cheap party for them next time. Better, throw an expensive party for someone who will appreciate it. Better yet, throw one for you!

  11. Wow, I almost forgot this section of Nightly existed!

  12. *waves back.

    Forgive the lateness of my waving.

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