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  1. chapter 8: After checking into a hostel that smells strongly of droch repellent, Luke leads Ben and Vestara out to find the Theran Listeners. He finds what looks like the hovel of the Oldtimers. A man lets them in where they find a dozen men and women sitting and watching. Ben feels like he’s surrounded. Luke has a short conversation with the barkeeper who sends them to Sel for healing. On the way out, someone flicks a droch on Ben’s back. Ben tells his father that this doesn’t seem like it’s changed much from the old days. Luke answers that they didn’t come after them w
  2. chapter 7: Chief of State Daala sits with her friend, Nek Bwua’tu, and confesses she thinks this planet is a hellhole sometimes. He is one of her remaining confidantes even though he cannot answer. The way power on this world is handled is beyond reason. It is just the discrediting of a rival, but the way people resort to treachery in mere office politics over things of little value. She, however, plans to stay the course and crush those who crave power for their own ends. The Slave revolt leaders who just want to replace those they overthrow, the arrogant Jedi, those that
  3. chapter 6: When they arrive at Nam Chorios, Vestara notes the Golan stations in orbit. This is a lot of firepower for one world. Luke tells her the stations are meant to keep ships from escaping, not arriving. Though Nam Chorios is a backworld, it also harbors a native lifeform call a droch. The drochs carry the Death Seed plague. Drochs breed quickly in dark, damp places before they burrow in to the living tissue of most species. They sample the body chemistry and other traits and begin to mimic them so that even scanner can’t find them. They grow inside the host body, livin
  4. chapter 5: Borleias has had a varied past. It was a good stopping off point between Core worlds for centuries and was used as an outpost for whoever controlled Coruscant. An Imperial biological facility was housed here. The New Republic had used it to capture Coruscant from the control of Ysanne Isard. The same government had fled here when the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the capital. Jacen Solo had traded Borleias and Bilbringi to the Imperial Remnant for military aid. Daala would not allow such an important jumping-off point to belong to a foreign power, so she had negotiated with
  5. chapter 4: At the Armand Isard Correctional Facility, Tahiri walks into the exercise yard. It’s filled with yellow-clad prisoners, every one of them a male. There are also no guards in sight. A convict approaches her, one that she was responsible for helping to bring in before the war. A couple of his friends are with him. Tahiri knows this is no accident. She’s dealing with a Mon Cal, a Hutt and a Wookiee. Not willing to wait to be crushed, she takes the initiative and fights back. Finally, she is stunned by a weapon that comes down from the ceiling. She is late
  6. chapter 3: Through the Force, Luke feels Fala’s energy building. He can catch touches of memories of the Shelter Jedi Knights whom Abeloth wants back. He can sense the self-sacrificing touch of Callista. He sees and feels dark places. When he pulls back, weary, worse for the wear after his fight with Abeloth, Fala opens her eyes. Luke tells her to watch her thoughts, emotions and dreams for the next few months. If she begins experiencing abnormal things, she must consult a Jedi. He tells Hallaf that he has bigger things to worry about than a few smugglers. He’s after t
  7. chapter 2: Near Meliflar Station close to Almania, the Jade Shadow, Luke can feel living beings aboard it. Ben thinks it could be pirates or smugglers. It’s also possible that Abeloth is there. They have been tracing the Dathomiri blood trail, but it is faint. Vestara is sure she is here, though. There are shapes and shadows in the Force that lead her to believe that Abeloth came here with Ship. After landing, they find there’s no one in sight. Luke announces who he is and that he is not here to shut down the operation. A container collapses, revealing two humans with
  8. chapter 1: In the Jedi Temple infirmary, Cilghal handles the decarbonization process of Valin Horn while wondering where Bazel Warv and Amelia Solo have gotten into. Both reek of something odorous. His pod monitor flickers out for a moment, causing his status to revert to dead. But Cilghal doesn’t feel his life has winked out yet. Tekli checks on Jysella. They ask both Horns if they can speak. Both can, but their eyesight is gone for right now. Jysella and Valin sense each other in the Force and reach out. Jysella strains to find her mother. Cilghal sends everyone else
  9. chapter 35: Leia finds Saba at the apex of the Temple. She knows about Kenth Hamner. She also knows that it wasn’t Saba’s fault. Saba reminds her that it was her who allowed him to fall. Leia points out that Hamner didn’t give her a choice. If she hadn’t, Luke and Ben would be prisoners of the Sith and no one would be tracking Abeloth. Saba thinks Kenth should have a funeral. She doesn’t know how to arrange those, though. Leia offers to help. They both know Daala will respond to this. They just don’t know how. Leia wonders if Saba has considered evacuating the Temple
  10. chapter 34: The dazed Sith begin drifting back into the village as the three of them approach the Shadow. Luke and Ben tell Vestara not to panic. They are coming back to their senses still and don’t know Taalon is dead. Vestara tells him that the Sith will not allow any of them to board the ship without Taalon or her father. They should hide and flee when the Sith are distracted by Taalon’s body. Luke tells her they don’t have that long. Abeloth is fleeing the planet which is why the Fallanassi aren’t killing intruders anymore. They have a good chance of tracking her if th
  11. chapter 33: When Luke awakens, he finds himself still her in grip. Ben is caught in Force energy, writhing in pain. Vestra looks frightened and sad. Gavar Khai has been dragged in here, still moaning from his illusory nightmares. Abeloth tells Taalon that he is weak because he’s not been feeding. Taalon explains he cannot keep food down since he fell into the Pool. His healers haven’t been able to find a solution. She wonders why that is. She will tell him if he makes Luke suffer. Taalon uses the Force to draw the energy net tighter into Ben. Ben gasps not to worry be
  12. chapter 32: While Sith shuttles search in vain for the Fallanassi village they cannot see right under them, Taalon is growing weaker. Luke fears that what appears to be Akanah is actually Abeloth. This could be an illusion, a replication or a mind transfer. Taalon doesn’t believe that Akanah doesn’t know why Abeloth came here. Akanah tells him that they don’t know who she is. Frankly, she doesn’t care how he feels as he’s here uninvited. Taalon gestures to Khai who holds a Fallanassi elder against his lightsaber. She tells Akanah to say nothing, but Akanah doesn’t think i
  13. chapter 31: In a holoconversation with Chief Daala, Saba does not sit in the Grand Master’s chair. She blames herself for not being able to win the fight without killing a worthy Master, a wise teacher and a good friend. Daala demands to speak with Hamner. Saba tells her he’s unavailable and so is the rest of the Council. Daala asks what they’re planning. Saba maintains the Jedi have already executed their plans. The question is now what Daala’s plans are. Corran and Cilghal arrive. They all agree that the situation has gone beyond threatening now. As for the people D
  14. chapter 30: Tahiri’s courtroom is nearly empty now. Most of the reporters left when the Errant Venture started blasting orbital mirrors. The rest when the StealthXs launched. By the time the Venture jumped into hyperspace, most bystanders left. Now Daala is threatening martial law so the only ones left inside are those involved with the trial. Sardonne Sardon really wishes the media were here to see them tear apart the prosecution’s witness. Bwua’tu is pacing in front of Pagorski, questioning her as to all compartments on the ship being under surveillance. She confirms
  15. chapter 29: This time, Han is impersonating an exterminator to get into the Detention Center. Zekk, Taryn, Jaina and Leia, Natua Wan, Seff Hellin, Yaqeeel Saav’etu and Kunor Bannare all here. They’ve disguised a heavily-armored transport as a supply van which comes along and dispatches R2 and Threepio. Inside the detention center, they walk down the corridor, passed angry prisoners who cheer when they shoot the holocams. Yaqeel reports they’ve got pursuers with concussion missles where she is. Leia urges her to limit casualties. The sound of explosions doesn’t help. Tar
  16. chapter 28: As the Jade Shadow lifts up, Luke watches Taalon slumped in the co-pilot’s seat. He’s still wearing his hazard suit like the rest of the warriors who are now in the back with Ben and Vestara. He tries to convince Taalon and Khai that they are already infected because the plague spreads through the Force. He uses a healing meditation to keep the infection at bay himself. Neither want to believe him, but he’s planted seeds of doubt so that’s enough. Soon, however, the two Sith start to panic when they see several ship’s coming. He suspects they are succumbing t
  17. chapter 27: Luke can feel the Balance tipping toward darkness as the ship comes in above the Fallanassi’s island. Something has happened on Coruscant. It’s coming through the Force in waves of guilt and grief. He’s hid the Jade Shadow. Ben is watching a holovid, covered in sores and looking unkempt. Neither he nor Vestara are infected, but it’s easier to control Vestara by letting her think that they are. Luke tells him to prepare to lift. Ben warns him they cannot break quarantine. Luke assures him they’ll be fine. Vestara comes in and Luke notes the arrival of the Si
  18. chapter 26: High above Saba, Hamner has the advantage, but he is not prepared to force a confrontation with several Masters. They tell him he lost their confidence when he didn’t take him into theirs. He reminds them that Master Skywalker put him in charge. They point out that it was with the agreement of Daala who surely felt that Hamner would be easy for her to control. They all know he’s been under stress. The Council is intended to alleviate the burden of one Master doing it all on his own. Hamner refuses to let them lead the whole Order into treason. Saba tells them
  19. chapter 25: On the Errant Venture, Booster Terrik is determined to free his grandchildren if it means crashing the ship into the Chief of State’s office. The last guest boards and it’s an uninvited one. Wynn Dorvan tells Booster that a 50 million credit tournament attracts attention, especially since no one learned that it would be hosted here until after they paid their entry fee. The Venture was nearly denied orbit until General Jaxton happened to pull some strings. He happens to be one of the players. Booster has an aide check to see if there’s an available seat. There’s so
  20. chapter 24: Two young Jedi guard the operations hangar when Kenth Hamner arrives. They confront him over not being in his quarters. Hamner was requested to remain there with two guards, now unconscious, watching the door, but he assures them that it’s not true. He tells them that launching the StealthXs is an act of treason. The Arcona Jedi, Vaala Razelle, reminds him of her name. He is chagrined to find out the other Jedi, the Bothan Yantahar Bwau’tu is a relative of the admiral. They refuse to let him enter. He uses the Force to pull their lightsabers away and knock th
  21. chapter 23: With Kenth Hamner no longer obeyed, the Jedi Council has sent the Solos to the Detention Center to retrieve Valin and Jysella Horn. The Masters are working on a plan to send help to Luke without having to fight the GA. Corran and Mirax are helping behind the scene. Natua Wan, recently returned from the Transitory Mists, insisted on being here for the rescue mission. Artoo reports that the tracking devices on the carbonite pods show that they are moving around. Zekk thinks the GA is on to them. Han notes how Jaina looks at Zekk and Taryn with envy now. It’s no
  22. chapter 22: At the sea, the portmaster tells Luke that the Shadow is in a cave. He leaves quickly enough that Luke wonders if Ben’s warning through the Force might not indicate that he’s going to be betrayed. When he arrives, he is greeted by his old friend, Akanah. She’s unhappy he’s brought weapons here. Luke tells her he’s tracking a very dangerous being. Akanah wonders what she has to do to convince him he’s got nothing to fear from her. Luke would rather she convince him that she is who she says she is. He asks her what the name of his mother was. Akanah hoped he’d
  23. chapter 21: Vestara secretly follows Luke and his guide while wearing a bright orange hazard suit. She’s already sent a message to the Lost Tribe, telling them that the Skywalkers have tracked Abeloth to Pydyr. When she tries to steal an landspeeder, however, she finds Ben inside. He insists they go back, but she points out that she’s not going willingly. Unless he wants this to get deadly, he can come with her. They are only following his father to make sure he doesn’t walk into a trap. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  24. chapter 20: In the spaceport, Luke sees one other ship in the hangar. The crew is peering out of the viewports, looking fearful and tired. He immerses himself in the White Current to see things as they are. He finds that the crew members only believe they are sick. Luke tells the two teenagers to stay here while he goes to find the Shadow. He sees that others here also appear to be covered in blisters and sores. Considering how powerful Abeloth’s illusions are, he doubts that he should be able to see through the guise this easily if it were her doing. He tells the port
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