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  1. watched the first two now. i loved a study in pink, especially since i guessed right who it was. the second one seemed to be trying to recreate conan doyle's predeliction for oriental mystery, but didn't seem all that interesting to me. onto the great game now, should be good. then after this; last night's castle! edit: wrong episode title.
  2. yeah, i need to read/reread that series before the book 12 trilogy comes out. zen and the art of motorcycle maintenace- i can't believe how long this is taking. i started it at the end of december sometime and i'm only now just over half way through. i can't just keep going for 7 hours or whatever at a time, though. i can blitz the story sections, and then get bogged down in the philosophy sections, which means i can only read for about 15 minutes at a time, then i have to take a break and digest. what it's saying so far makes pretty much complete sense though.
  3. just finished law of nines, and it was awesome. or at least, the second half was. i had semi-flashbacks to wizard's first rule sometimes, there were strong parallels in a lot of places. but yeah. really good, definitely worth picking up if you like wizard's first rule.
  4. i think i may have felt some moisture down in the depths of my stony heart, yeah. oh, and i was over halfway through law of nines before i stopped to play co-op 'splosion man earlier, and yet still nothing massive had really happened. it seems as though it's all about to kick off, but i'm not sure goodkind's nailed the pacing of a fish-out-of-water story. there seems to have been too much time wasted on whether his visitor was telling the truth or not about being from the gifted world- hasn't been too much thrilling, yet. :/
  5. started terry goodkind- the law of nines about an hour ago. i like it so far, it's almost gaiman-y in the way it flows as a fish out of water story. it's definitely goodkindesque in its descriptions and epistemological conversations, though.
  6. just finished the graveyard book. as i said on twitter/facebook; brilliant read- beautiful, ethereal, and bittersweet, just like a good gaiman book should be.
  7. read the first three charlaine harris books last week. think i'm going to do the graveyard book if i can aquire it successfully.
  8. Spoiler! --Click here to view--it seemed like 45 minutes of filler/setup for a quick 10-minute payoff at the end. the end was pretty good though. i can't decide whether i like dark doctor or not, it was a little too reminiscent of red-kryptonite-clark on smallville, which was pretty much when i stopped watching it.
  9. hah, i was just reading this after whedonesque tweeted it. but this is fox with a well-written, well-acted show. we all know from firefly what they do with those. be grateful it's made it past its first season. i can't see a movie happening considering that in most people's eyes, T4 tanked. still, summer glau has run back to joss for at least 2 episodes, so i'm happy.
  10. finished midnight sun, it was pretty interesting, as i'd hoped. odd how i didn't mind reading from edward's perspective, but didn't particularly enjoy reading jacob's point of view in full moon. i don't think i ever really liked jacob that much. i also figured out why the last two books didn't affect me: the characters- especially the peripheral ones- were becoming more and more two-dimensional, reminding me that the books feel like they were written only for the target audience, and not the author herself. so i cared less and less about all but the most major characters, and even those i wa
  11. ok, finished all four published ones now. other than the general post-happy-ending contentment, i don't really feel anything towards the last two books at all. i'm not sure why, really. which i'm pretty sure puts them in the "bad book" category- if they haven't really engendered any lasting feeling, they haven't really succeded as books, i think. initially i was slightly disappointed at the happy ending, but now i think sad endings are overrated in terms of artistic integrity- the apparent consensus that you have to kill off a bunch of people and put conditions on the future in order to keep
  12. *checks* yes, i do! seriously though, i'll read pretty much anything i can get my hands on. it's the only way to stop running out of reading material... i'm nearly two thirds of the way through new moon now, i'm enjoying this one more than the first. well, enjoying isn't quite the right word- depressed, anxious, heartbroken... they all fit. meyer can write emotions well, i'll give her that, it's just a shame she can't write suspense and mystery well. at all. predicting plot twists 80 pages before they happen has lost its entertainment value. also: why is the advert at the bottom of the p
  13. stephanie meyer- twilight. yes, i caved. i did the same thing for harry potter (after resisting for a good 3 or 4 years) and that was a good decision. this one... i'm not so sure. i'm up to where she's talking to edward in biology for the first time, and so far i'm slightly disappointed; the way she goes on about not fitting in, sarcasm and dressing in black makes it clear it was written for 14-year-olds, and i'm pretty sure i already know why edward is so rigid and gripping the table. so while it's an easy 5 or 6 hour read, it also feels slightly hollow. edit: finished, not too bad. a littl
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