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  1. Now officially Mr R J Taylor BSc(Hons) :D

  2. just stopped by to say hello love

  3. pretty good, actually! thanks, no doubt, to you. :)

  4. how the hell are ya? :)

  5. FINE. i promise not to mention the microphone. at all. but maybe try for some screening over the mic, like tights? and/or some noice-cancelling software? ok, mic-commentary over. now send me the damn file. ;)

  6. I could totally have an awesome new song for you to listen to. Too bad you only ever talk about how horrible my microphone is :)

  7. hmmmn Speak friend and enter?

  8. A person's god is a reflection of themselves; if they are petty and ignorant, so too will be their god. God is made in our image, not vice versa.

    1. Boba Sweat

      Boba Sweat

      but given that god was created by man, and without man's belief, god does not exist, isn't it fair to say thay god is indeed created in mans image?

  9. essay title: "The Possible influence of religion on the acceptance of the Big Bang Theory." fun times...

  10. you'd think playing with radioactive materials would be more fun than this.

    1. UK Legend Killa

      UK Legend Killa

      The fun starts when you scratch your arse, only to realise you had some stuck under your fingernails

    2. Undome Telcontar

      Undome Telcontar

      brb. gonna go take a nuclear ****.

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