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  1. Solo for me. It hit every point that I was hoping for and then some. Rogue One was fun, but it wasn't a movie I was excited to see again. I liked it but it had more of a "Oh, that's how it happened" vibe, where as Solo was a movie I'm looking forward to seeing again.
  2. I think my opinion is skewed because of my expectations going in to each of them. R1 went pretty much as I expected. The movie was fun and enjoyable, visually amazing, it met my expectations. Solo far exceeded my expectations, especially once we got past the first act. The first act was slow and the kid wasn't really getting it. Once the movie started picking up it really took of and went beyond what I was expecting. It wasn't nearly as cheesy as I was thinking it would be. The twists and turns weren't mind blowing but were perfectly crafted to mold Han Solo as a character. In the end I unde
  3. Kind of like, say, Rey bisecting Luke and Kylo on the poster?And Luke being larger than Kylo. Showing he understands the balance, and Kylo continues to fight it. That was something I thought was really interesting in TFA. Instead of being tempted by the dark side, he was tempted by the light and fought it. Maybe Luke comes to a higher understanding and embraces some of the dark. It would fit with him in ROTJ. Moving more towards center. That could be the meaning behind "balance".
  4. Since the title of the movie was released I kept thinking that "Jedi" isn't really referring to individuals. I kept thinking it was referring to the whole "religion". In the sense that you don't need to follow the specific teachings of the Jedi in order to be a light side force user. Just as Kylo Ren is a dark side force user but he is not a Sith. My theory is that Luke originally wanted to follow and teach the way of the Jedi. Sticking to their strict rules and adhering to the teachings. But when Kylo Ren turned to the dark side, Luke decided that he needed to find the first Jedi temple an
  5. It sucks to think that Episode 8 will be dedicated to Kenny Baker and Carrie Fisher. Both very important to my childhood....and adulthood for that matter.
  6. The emperor dissolving the Senate actually makes more sense after seeing R1. Given R1 leads right into Anh, the events of both movies are all one story arc. From the empire's perspective, the death star was being constructed in a remote location. It was tested with 1/5th firing power, then the hyperspace travel was tested, and Tarkin fired it again. At this point Tarkin reports to the emperor that the rebels stole the plans, they are more powerful than they realized, and the death star is fully functional. Emperor then orders them to recapture the plans, as the fully functional death star
  7. That's an interesting theory, that she will turn. A lot of people disagree with this, but I always thought that us knowing how the prequels would end pretty much ruined the suspense that should have been there. With this trilogy everything is on the table. Rey could turn to the dark side, Ren could turn to the light. Hell Rey could figure out how to control both sides. Anything is possible and that not knowing gives these movies an advantage.
  8. I used to think that way too. Over analyzing movies started to feel really silly. Then I thought about it. Directors and writers put so much into the scenes they film and write that we NEED to deeply analyze them. They add specific lighting, colors, and images to scenes. They have actors give little gestures or the way they deliver a line. They put so much into everything we see, we almost have to look deeper. For instance. When Rey and Ren are fighting and he tells her she needs a teacher, she meditates for a second, calling on the force, then goes on the attck. You can hear what sounds lik
  9. Rey and her force abilities: The reason it's not the same as Luke is because Luke had direction. Obi Wan was teaching him from the start. The training orb, trusting his instincts. That directly connected to him turning off his targeting computer. His strength with the force was obvious, but he still needed some basic instruction and direction to do it. Rey straight up used the jedi mind trick even though she didn't even know it was a thing. Her natural ability would allow her to do it, but she would first need to know it was a thing and there was nobody to show her. Of course that may be expla
  10. That's fair. But given her importance, it would stand to reason she would have been involved in the attack on the Death Star. Directly or indirectly. Then again I suppose I could apply the Mon Mothma factor. She is obviously at the rebel base in R1, then we don't see her again until ROTJ. So I guess it's possible she lives and is hanging out somewhere off camera. It's just a natural problem by telling stories out of order. You introduce characters and technology that disappears and reappears simply due to the nature of telling stories like in this manner.
  11. Yes, this story could easily be confined to this movie alone. Knowing it's just a part of a larger story. End with Jyn beaming the plans to the Tantive and either escaping or dying. Personally I think she should die, they all should. Sacrifice for the larger good. The problem with her living is we never see her again. So they would establish she is a strong character, only to have her just dip at the end? Would be weak in my opinion. End it with the crew of the Tantive receiving the plans and handing the info to Leia.
  12. I want to see Padme as an old woman. My personal theory is that she faked her own death, and I want her to return. It would fix one of my biggest problems with the pt. I want to see Luke in full badass mode. I'm talking a lightsaber duel that blows the Obi Wan/Qui Gon v Maul fight out of the water. He should be the best Jedi ever and I want to see that.
  13. To-tally. Apparently Star Wars did not learn its lesson with the prequels. Sorry, but even if we have somebody more capable than George Lucas writing and directing (i.e. every living professional not riddled with addictions or a wasting neurological disorder), there are so many constraints and pitfalls. Since we are going back in time, fans are going to throw an absolute ****fit if the movie isn't sufficiently chummed with Obligatory Easter Eggs/Cameos.... then a large percentage of them are still going to throw ****fits, because they don't like the specific Obligatory Easter Eggs/Cameos or
  14. The helmet is nothing more than an intimidation factor. Both for him and those around him. When he wears the mask it enables him to not be Ben, but instead be this all powerful badass...in his mind. He knows that without it he is just some baby faced kid. But with it he's an intimidating baddy. He even takes it off to soften himself to Rey. It's a symbol for him, nothing more. Think of Vader, with the mask he was terrifying, without it just an old man. If I ran into ren without his mask I'd be all like, "Oh yea, I can take this punk." But with it on, I'd run like hell.
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