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  1. Elmer Bottom Line or WWE Experience or Afterburn ??
  2. F-U. Styles clash sucks! WWE or WWF or WCW days??
  3. Pedigree, its the most powerful move in wrestling RKO or Pedigree or Powerbomb ???
  4. Chavo Jr. (Kerwin White) Raw Heels or Smackdown Heels???
  5. Abbadon. No question about it Andre the Giant or Big Show??
  6. Lita with Edge cause they rock! Lita or Edge or Matt Hardy or Kane ???
  7. Tajiri, because he is a WWE superstar, thats why Current Raw roster or Current Smackdown roster ??
  8. Randy Orton...accompished more William Regal or RĂ©ne Dupree ???
  9. Because they have good microphones, etc.. Shelton Benjamin...Because he is a bigger superstar. Undertaker or Randy Orton ???
  10. WWE Entertainment Rene Dupree or Muhammed Hassan ???
  11. Scott Hall. He is quite entertaining Better Setting: Summerslam or Armageddon
  12. Venis DeMarco Chuck Palumbo or Billy Gunn ???
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