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  1. The BASTDOORS wont let him forget the heresy
  3. wait, i'm trying to just picture it. But trim it or pluck it.
  4. Heat. It was(and is) a good show. better Show: SmackDown or Nitro?
  5. whoa, have you even seen the styles clash? WWF if you mean the attitude era. Better Champion: Stone Cold or The Rock?
  6. RKO, THAT is the best move in the WWE. Better Finisher: Styles Clash OR F-U
  7. RKO, it's slightly more original. Tombstone Piledriver or Pedigree??
  8. Raw Heels SmackDown Faces or RAW Faces?
  9. Andre. when he was on a card, he was the card. Who Would Win? Rey Mysetrio Jr. or Rey Mysterio Sr. (in his prime)???
  10. No Surrender, It had a much better main event Better TNA Supercard: Slammiversary or Against all Odds?
  11. matt hardy/edge hands down. I knew lita was w/ matt hardy so it was really gay when they had her marry Kane. Peiods in lita's life lita with Matt OR lita with Edge
  12. Heat. Raw's theme or SmackDown's theme?
  13. WWE title. It looks classy while thw WHC just looks big. looks: IC belt or US belt?
  14. wait, you're saying Raven hasn't accomplished anything?? He's a 17 year pro. Didnt you watch WCW, ECW or TNA? I would reconsider your answer. in answer to your question, William Regal. he has accomplished more. Battle of the Japenese: Who would win? Tajiri or Jushin Thunder Liger?
  15. UT, his legacy will never be forgotten. Plus I just bought his wristband. Randy Orton or Raven? (i wasn't going on similar styles, like I usually do, I just wanted similar-ranked superstars)
  16. Hassan, defineyely a better wrestler. Why entertainment Harry? Shelton Benjamin or AJ Styles?
  17. Melina, no doubt is she the best thing to happen to the Women's division since a wily girl named Trish Stratus was scooped up. Which Style of Wrestling shows do you prefer? WWE's Entertainment or TNA's Athletics? let me explain. WWE has entertainers (not dissing them, just stating fact), who need mic skills more than ring skills to make it. TNA have athletes, whose in-ring skills do most of the talking.
  18. SummerSlam. It's the whole atmosphere of it. It just isnt the same with Armageddon The Better TNA PPV: Slamiversary, Turning point, LockDown, or Victory Road? If you have another that you think is worth noting, say that one.
  19. Billy Gunn, he's given more to the industry. Jeff jarrett or Scott Hall?
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