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  1. under Rangers remain in 4th o/u
  2. over NCAA Football teams undefeated 2
  3. under (11 now) Vladimir Guerrero SB (at 15 now) -18
  4. oops on Young (better not be...) under Cowboys Pre-season 4 wins
  5. under Michael Young Runs (@75 now) - 100
  6. *takes look at thread* over Carlos Lee doubles for this season o/u 45
  7. *looks in thread again and scratches head*
  8. edit the daily server issue again
  9. the last time I asked when at SWJ...
  10. NJP, you are an anxious one
  11. eyes have seen ayes have scene
  12. then you would be in Anchorage Thu 8:00 AM Sydney Fri 2:00 AM London Thu 5:00 PM Los Angeles Thu 9:00 AM Phoenix Thu 9:00 AM
  13. sounds like a good time-high noon...
  14. *takes a look through the ivy and sees the word "co-host*
  15. yes, the natives DO get restless...
  16. *checks computer calander and time*
  17. well, we can have a birthday party for JZA at the same time...
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