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  1. yes Texas Rangers to have .500 at All-Star break
  2. What date will be the start of the next SJ? Who will be our co-hosts?
  3. I hadn't seen the other thread, No I don't think it is funny that a daughter has to get after her dad because he relapsed I did think it was funny that he is having a Wendy's burger instead of Burger King. (Trila's av)
  4. I had a triple consecutive run
  5. I don't think I'll ever get over BASTDOOR
  6. BASTDOOR cracked OPEN Why he go do that?
  7. When is the next SJ due to start?
  8. DW, the coach for the clueless stat hunter
  9. He would get a perfect score
  10. Well, it is the way I play the game, I am sometimes overly careful with what I do have. Sometimes it works, then sometimes it does not.
  11. At least I ended up with some points at the end of this last one.
  12. then there are some clues that are hard to find searching for something we cannot locate not knowing what to look for or calculate
  13. *takes a look see at definitions @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Value_over_replacement_player http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On-base_plus_slugging oh, stats. let me think...think...* over Nate Robinson defends his slam dunk crown @ all star competition
  14. under (I may be going too wide a margin) (will the Rangers call up Sosa ?) 23 games win in Spring training for a team
  15. under Rangers wins @ 90 (hope the new skipper puts some fire into the team) (hey Prim, you are a natural writer )
  16. "...blows up Fenway..." NJP would not like that
  17. Actually, isn't bonnie13 the current Game 33 scoring leader? Yep Primbud needs to get some sleep.
  18. What are you talking about? MJ IV is almost to the second round and we have yet to see one clue from SJ XXXIII. And we have finished MJ4 btw
  19. I think they are sleeping It is West 9, East 6 at the end of the 2nd period. Oh, I wish I could have been there. *chokes self* Go West
  20. oops. I told you under 13 goals. I had felt it would be lower. well, the puck wants to make goals. It is at 12 now in the 2nd period as I am typing this note Well, a goal. So 13 points...now..
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