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  1. Spoiler! --Click here to view--looks like the shape of something *grumbles*
  2. see, what did I tells you two? see
  3. "Most Times To Wager 1 Point or Less in Final Jeopardy"? That might work. I was curious to see that
  4. an Indy Jeopardy. You and Primbud. Now that would be interesting. Hey DW - do you have stats for the lowest amount in a wager category?
  5. I haven't had a chance to play with it ye, DW.
  6. Oh,I cannot watch that part without cringing
  7. *Final Jeopardy is not good to me*
  8. I would say that you are probably right Watch for the BoSox category too
  9. *looks at posts * Looks like game will start on Monday (why was i thinking Saturday for?)
  10. Antz (October 2, 1998) Shrek (May 18, 2001) Shrek 2 (May 19, 2004) Shark Tale (October 1, 2004) Madagascar (May 27, 2005) (PDI) Over the Hedge (May 19, 2006) Flushed Away (November 3, 2006) Shrek the Third (May 18, 2007) Having seen all of the above from Dreamworks, I then to agree. Madagascar, I disliked how the cg was done, things were too perfect shaped on the animals and were annoying to me to view. (Those penguins I thought could steal the show and are what I liked most). But the jokes were too abundant. Then Over the Hedge had some funny moments, but the cg humans are not quite
  11. Let our experts explain this to our lurkers that may not understand this
  12. Oh now if we had an NHL one NJP-any time would be fine This one will be interesting to watch Primbud and Wicket beat the clock if I don't get in there first
  13. You know, I wonder why you want to know our opinion then tell us that we are wrong for liking what we do.
  14. Taking a vacation hosting, I see
  15. I have one for you Wicket - the least amout of points wagered (not unless I missed it)
  16. well, be happy Lucas, mine is 1/10
  17. that looks great there
  18. that one with Jenna is the one I posted
  19. oh I can stop looking. and hunting for links
  20. LIES!!! *looks around* *looks to the left* *looks to the right* *looks...* Ah ha! There it is...
  21. *Sets timer* *Sits on sidelines*
  22. And you have a fast connection there? My DSL slowed to snail pace Hey, the NYY did well Monday night
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