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  1. yikes I may not be able to co-host then again I may it is due to access to online
  2. over (if he gets his way) Rangers above .500 this coming season *chokes with laughter and tears*
  3. I am not too good at football pronostication activities
  4. oh, not another football one *sits on sidelines*
  5. let's see how Mavs do against GSW tomorrow night Under (I am not good at football estimation (as seen by the stats) Cowboys made it to Superbowl
  6. *looks at stats and disappears*
  7. nothing is coincidence. I will have to hunt through the commentary to see if there is any mention of the dates involved. I finally got the set a few weeks ago so I could watch bits and pieces of it whenever I wanted to do.
  8. Ha! I got that right on the nose - Rockies in 3. Okay. Let me see here Jagr - under Brenden Morrow assists @ 30
  9. how 'bout both of them?
  10. Co-host volunteer right here
  11. under (three games) Los Angeles Kings make it to playoffs
  12. There is an online version of the 1918 edition @ Bartleby.com I took a physiology and anatomy class for the fun of it, complete with the torture of memorizing names of parts (which may have more then one name), and discovered for each surface, for instance of a bone, it has got to have a name.
  13. My next book is almost ready to be started - book2/aka Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.. I will be having an operation (x2) on August 31, so I want to save those set of HP books to read as I am recovering.
  14. I would say Peyton would win again, so under NYY over the BoSox by 5 games
  15. Cowboys season opener up by two TD's
  16. what is a dod? I dod NJP would be over
  17. Thru? Well, what was the result of that one? Will the Rangers get to .500 by season's end?
  18. For me, the FJ is worded so it confuses me and I look for the wrong thing and get frustrated. I know a couple where everyone got it but me
  19. That is what I was looking for
  20. re: the Indy "how many D's" has a funny aftermath. It seems that this went around in emails at a certain place of employment Spoiler! --Click here to view--and people were clicking on the answer which is very effective as a wave file. Jeopardy Final Jeopardy seems to give me grief.
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