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  1. Oh, so we are Just a second or two. I am chasing the balls all over the place.
  2. Texans would shoot that with their shotgun Or hook horns for that matter
  3. Just wait until you see what The Duo from Texas have cooked up for SJ43. . We gonna have some real tailgatin' going on.
  4. The Next Sports Jeopardy will be hosted by me and Otanku. Details to follow on the tails of the running SJ42
  5. "If you built it they will come"
  6. that is not a bad number lists depend upon the list maker too
  7. When is some time? I got the DVD's for myself instead of borrowing them from the library.
  8. Oh, I had given it up early. It was boring me, so I read the ending chapter and was satisfied and didn't want to read anymore of how he got there.
  9. I say even then Or under by one National League All-Star winner
  10. Do you have stats on that for prior years?
  11. Say DW We thought we would be hosting the next SJ game or do you want us to do SJ43?
  12. It tells the outcome of every major sports event 'til the end of the century. Football, baseball, horse races, boxing. The information in here is worth millions, and I'm giving it to you.
  13. let me see LSU and OSU over Cowboys winning division
  14. It is good to be back online at home
  15. *takes look in thread* it sure is hard when not very much computer time *waves*
  16. I would take a guess and say it would have more football instead
  17. *throws some snowballs @ Lucas*
  18. More time would be great. I only have access to a computer for one or two hours at a time at my library so therefore when the library is closed... *wonders if she can install install DSL on herself* I am finding answers to use that I am trying not to use in "Did you know" thread I gots me this source that is not internet based
  19. How soon if fairly? I cannot be on over the holidays as library is closed *petitions for a computer*
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