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  1. Yea, I totally forgot to even attempt to look up the clues on that one. I did get some sleep though.
  2. Unless they run into my riddle
  3. endless ways to line things up with comparisons to something
  4. You will never know when it will pop up *and I have got to get some clues*
  5. He visits on occasion That guy is hard to catch
  6. I think that is where I got the plan to never wager all of it, that one time when everyone missed it and no on won...I think
  7. I never wager the max at least I do not think so
  8. the clues are escaping
  9. I finally got a football one. Where is that Stats guy at? I sacked DCM
  10. Back for some more Co-hosting, eh?
  11. We will be starting soon on the next SJ44 Soon as in...
  12. DCM made an appearence here He escaped the movie jeopardy With a sack, loaded with cookies? Over I would say Mavs in Finals
  13. *rubs hands together* just wait until I see what I come up with
  14. Oh, you two. Oh. Everyone is waiting on me. I am the one holding the clue thingy Yep. I am thinking about it Yep. Now that I had sleep...
  15. Over (if they get hustling after mid season) (but then I am a Mavs fan)
  16. As an off the topic note, your posts remind me of something I love comuter graphing data I used to be a statistical clerk and had to hand plot I remember having it used in presentations and on walls
  17. I like non-fiction. This title did not catch my attention, but the sub-title did get me to see what was inside. So I checked it out of the library. Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream: A Day in the Life of Your Body Jennifer Ackerman
  18. Oh. I have got to get going to find the FJ clue It is hiding there somewhere in my brain Let me see here. Do you know how hard it is to write one of these things ? Oh. *goes off rubbing hands together and laughing*
  19. Yep. I saw that as I was editing. Thanks *that is what you get for being in real time*
  20. Say DW, when clicking on your above entries I get error message Oh, never mind. It works now.
  21. Oh, you two. I would be depressed with knowing how much I could have earned. Especially right this second.
  22. *looks at stats* I seem to not have made this one
  23. That could be. It is usually me that is first in line. Do you have stats on who started first? Just wait until you see what questions that I have though. I have a few from personal experience from me, so I am the source.
  24. You left too soon. *taking a big yawn and breath from running around when saw what time it was after waking up*
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