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  1. 1800 hours EST computed
  2. tick tock, the mouse ran up the clock
  3. very interesting indeed
  4. ASAP evenings would be fine with me
  5. *looks through the ivy at the wall looking for football practice to begin*
  6. BASTDOOR on page 6 behold the power of the BASTDOOR
  7. Hey, I just realized something after watching the dvd of ROTS-i thought it was grey shields not ray shields...boy blush Then I had to laugh when the blast doors were closing after the shields were blasted in the opening sequence...
  8. rayshield hold obi-wan in air no bastdoors there
  9. fantom menous nute gun ray close bastdoor so would not bast they selves
  10. bastdoor one opened up we go again-thunk
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