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  1. happy birthday! :)

  2. Happy birthday

  3. It took a while to come, since it is an out of print book Three Princes of Serendip by Elizabeth Jamison Hodges
  4. Oh, we did watch this together, you had shared the idea with me You put lists up places. I could do that In fact I had felt that I could Other people do remind me of things That I do not write down myself It keeps on repeating And repeating Ah, no wonder you used your signature line to point others here I use my tag line to point people to what continues to be with me. Spoiler! --Click here to view--And so, you did leave me almost aloneWith SJ44. The banner.
  5. Timing is everything Prim hasn't replied to me yet I am seeing if something will occur But I will be back. Or will I?
  6. sorry for being late, I may have time to check in once and a while.
  7. Anyone still wanna play? Sign up here And be quick about it too. The SJ game almost plays itself. We just need more players
  8. Who would you like to co-host with you, DW? I have not made up any clues for the next game. I keep forgetting to post Prim left, I had been waiting for him to do the Final clue of SH 44. He may visit, but I don't know for sure. That he would have to post.
  9. This was great, thanks for sharing it
  10. I have a category for you to run Can you do a chart of who hosted the games vs who was playing those games? I have seen a trend that I would know since I have been playing, and have not played it as long as you have done. I don't have the data at hand to do what I am thinking of.
  11. It was a very historic game in more than one way as well
  12. The stats ones, I do not do well on at all, no matter what the sport is
  13. It would be interesting to see the percentage of what the clue writer uses most of, but that data is unknown.
  14. I am usually online, however sometimes I sleep, or now I ride the bus, so my free time is even more limited.
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