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  1. Anyone spy Carol drawing out a map of the place? Great episode.
  2. I have the same problem with him but, it's due to his overexposure and not other characters trying to be him. The X Films really aggravated my dislike as the majority are just Wolvie and pals.
  3. Alien 3 is boring as hell and the killing off of two main characters off screen at the start feels like a slap in the face to fans of Aliens. Resurrection is way too campy, super Ripley sucks. AVP & AVP2 are equally awful. Prometheus is a mess. I hope they Superman Returns it and continue on from 2. Hicks, Ripley and Newt are older and pulled back into action. Blomkamp is obviously a massive fan so I have faith in him to stay true to the series' roots.
  4. Well that episode just sucked. I get that some episodes are going to be slower but, that was boring as hell. Miracle tornado to the rescue reeks of bad writing.
  5. I'd be most annoyed if Rick, Carol or Darryl were killed off as they have the most interesting and well rounded characters. Abraham provides a bit of levity that this show NEEDS every now and then so I'd be sad to see him go now too.
  6. NXT....woah! Itami vs. Breeze, great opener. Tag title match, solid. Corbin vs. Dempsey, couldn't care less (I think they are protecting Corbin right now because he seems quite green) Neville v. Balor (holy sh!t) Fatal 4 way, incredible Main event, brilliant storytelling and unique finish. Vince please retire quickly and let Hunter run things. Even the commentators and creative should be 'promoted' to the main roster.
  7. I think Seth Rollins twitter drama got more interest than RAW did last night.
  8. Noah needs to become a very useful character now as two long standing characters have died trying to help him out (both of which could have been easily avoided). Tyreese saw a zombie moving in the next room and let his guard down, sheer stupidity. That being said I loved the episode, shot beautifully, well directed and the switcheroo with the funeral (thought it was Beths at the start) was well done. Cool to see those characters back for an episode too.
  9. Excited and hurt at the same time. LOVED Garfield as Spidey, wish they would just continue with him and ignore the first two movies (apart from an occassional reference to Gwen). Excited to see what Marvel will do, do they have time to squeeze Spidey into Civil War? I'd love to see Marvel eventually do Kraven's Last Hunt on film. Who would you cast? If MIles Teller hadn't been cast in Fant4stic I'd have loved to see him in the part.
  10. I'd be totally behind the idea of the X Universe being seperate from other Marvel heroes. Never made sense to me that the public hated people who were genetically powered yet loved the other heroes. Besides that I have no love for this, most of the New 52 I have picked up have sucked (except Batman and especially Superman).
  11. Yeah I know. Another reason Punk walked was due to the uncertainty of ppv pay days with the introduction of the network. Watched SD, was boring as hell. Reigns (who isn't as bad as people are making out but nowhere near ready for the main event of Mania) got a Cena-esque reaction, mostly women cheering and the men booing.
  12. Bubba was a one night thing and yeah he seems to be done with TNA. You should check out some of the NXT Takeover specials, it's WWEs best product right now by far. I wouldn't mind a battle royale match at Mania again, but it should be for something better than a stupid trophy that won't be seen on TV after four weeks. Give the winner an IC title shot at the next ppv or something. I feel like creative go out of their way to be stupid when wrestling is pretty simple: people fighting people for belts.
  13. With the cast and the director I have faith. It looks to be a lot grittier than previous incarnations, but I don't care as long as it's a good film.
  14. The way it's probably looking like the card will shape up will be: Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship Triple H vs. Sting (probably for control of the WWE) John Cena vs. Rusev Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton Bray Wyatt vs. Undertaker (if he returns) Rumours are WWE officials want to do Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus III. On Twitter Ziggler hinted at a possible match between himself and Bryan and Bryan responded positively, I'd much rather that match which could steal the show (pardon the pun) much like HBK vs. Angle did.
  15. I've been using an IP proxy to get the network here in Scotland for the past year, only really watched some pay per views, the monday night wars and NXT. MNW is finished and I can download NXT so I have happily canceled in the hope they get the message. If this forces their hand in anyway it might involve the briefcase or Reigns possibly getting his shot at FastLane.
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