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  1. Yep. Even if they did swivel, they would hit the main sail when firing. None were mounted on the stern of the ships.
  2. I've been enjoying GoT. Dany has been saying for years that she is unable to have children - so what exactly was the endgame with her in regards to succession in Westeros once she dies? With only one dragon left, the dragons will go extinct as well. Just seems to me that she finally realized there was nothing left for her but conquest and revenge on the people of Westeros who destroyed her family. Therefore, she snapped, proved she was more powerful than Jon (i.e., entitled to the Throne), and "liberated" the continent of the families that destroyed her family and did not love her.
  3. if Han goes, I think Chewie has to go too.
  4. I'm thinking Finn found the lightsaber while visiting his grandfather on Bespin? Or maybe his grandfather gave it to him.
  5. JJ won't release the last names of Finn and Rey because he says it will reveal too much. Since this thread has a spoiler warning on it I guess its OK for me to make my one and only prediction: Rey Antilles (grandchild of Wedge)
  6. Wait? So Uncle Owen WAS NOT a Jedi?
  7. I feel like the new movie is in very capable hands with JJ, but I still have this underlying fear after seeing the trailer that the reason the Empire is still in full swing is because JJ is going to start the movie with Luke ACCEPTING Darth Vader's invitation to join the Dark Side in Cloud City and rule the galaxy as father and son thereby creating an alternate timeline.
  8. Yes, but please don't let the flashback show pod racing Anakin. Have it show Anakin at the beginning of ROTS. Funny though, thinking about all the money the PT made, and it could probably be edited down to 6 or 7 flashbacks lasting all of 10 minutes.
  9. Yep. I guess it makes about as much sense as Luke's hand from ESB making an appearance. In all seriousness, I am excited to see what others can do with the story.
  10. I like the new lightsaber, just hope that Sith marching through the snowy woods is not off to fight the white walkers.
  11. Has no one proffered yet that one of the cyborg's is a reconstituted Porkins? Also hope JJ pays homage to TEH BASTDOORS!?!
  12. Its complete nonsense and stupid but that original thread was hilarious -- in an early Adam Sandler sort of way. YAY BASTDOORS!
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