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  1. I wonder what will happen if/when they get elected, and as congresspeople they are all kinds of excited to finally meet Q and fight the good fight! And then they discover Q is an internet troll nowhere near Washington. It's going to be like when the Squad was first elected crossed with children learning that Santa Claus doesn't exist.

    Here's hoping! There is, however, a non-negligible chance that they conclude their fellow congresspeople aren't people at all but are in fact cannibalistic reptilian pedophiles from outer space taking orders directly from the Masonic Lodge (and/or the Queen of England) and then they just kill all five hundred and thirty three of them.

  2. OMG yes. I'm following a GA election and there's a nut bag QAnon follower he's being labeled an up and coming GOP person.

    "he's"? Are you talking about Derrick Grayson? Or someone else?

  3. This is more of a problem in the House than in the Senate but the number of QAnon believers who are not longshots and can be safely presumed to be seated as members of America's 117th And Possibly Final Congress looks like it's going to wind up being two (2).

  4. Looking forward to hobbling into my local cineplex in 2031 like Robert Forster in Jackie Brown ("What are ya gonna see?" "Something that starts soon and looks good.") only to discover all ten screens are showing Fast & The Furious XVII : G-g-g-g-ghosts Galore! all day, everyday.

  5. I remain perpetually flabbergasted that it was easier for Gerard Way to become an international rock'n'roll superstar than for him to initially break into comics. He tried to get into comics, comics said 'no! go away! we don't need you for more than an internship!' and so he just sorta shrugged his shoulders and became SUPER FAMOUS instead.

  6. I saw the first season of this but I'm not really down for a second (unless they bring back Elisabeth Shue somehow, which seems unlikely). I don't really have much of a memory of what my impressions were of that first season --- mostly just thought it was fun to see parts of Toronto insufficiently masquerading as NYC --- or even of the Ennis & Robertson comic series it was based on (there's an arc where they go to a fetish dungeon and there are pictures on the wall of old-timey pin-up models in classic superhero poses from influential covers or posters, like the Superman / Supergirl one from Crisis on Infinite Earths, that's kind of the only thing that instantly comes to mind for me from more than seventy issues). I know they've returned to the series to try and cash in a little more; I don't really have any interest in that, gotta get Garth Ennis to go on and on about a tank or a plane or Francis Castiglione to get me to pay attention to things.

  7. tired: release the Director's Cut of any particular superhero movie

    wired: release the Director's Cut of every superhero movie

    inspired: release an Ultra Deluxe Collector's edition on Blu-ray of the leaked unfinished workprint from X-Men Origins : Wolverine (2011), the one with li'l wireframes of the anticipated CGI and just the word 'EXPLOSION' for when anything blew up, and force all these people at gunpoint to buy a dozen copies each and watch 'em all over and over until the icecaps melt and the earth ruptures and the cities of man are swallowed whole

  8. He did a round of press right after the show was cancelled

    Wait - is the meaning of the word 'cancelled' in television literally just equivalent to nothing more than "We're not doing another season immediately after this one"? So FX and Donald Glover et al not doing Season 3 right on the heels of Season 2 automatically means cancellation? Season 1 came out in Autumn of 2016 but Season 2 didn't come out until Spring/Summer of 2018 - was it cancelled in the interim? Has Curb Your Enthusiasm been cancelled a half dozen times?


    If you google that you can see snippets of it repeated a million times, but not the whole scooop. I'm not saying it won't happen, just that it would surprise me.

    I've been googling all this stuff every time before I post in this thread and I always get nothing! Sorry! I don't have high confidence about anyone seeing Atlanta : European Season in 2021 but if it does ever come to our television screens or makeshift ramshackle plague-ridden outdoor theatres I'm going to count that absence of surprise on my behalf as me being right and you being wrong! Someone put it up in the official standings for me in case I'm dead of covid-19 by then.

  9. I liked it a li'l more than you did. Good performances from Alison Brie, Dan Stevens, and Toby Huss (bad-to-middling performances from everyone else, incl. the dog)! <90 minutes! Felt like a C / C- to me.


    (P.S. Get well! Feel better!)

  10. The burning of the bridge had Glover talking hard about it being racially biased, so maybe they avoided drama by coming back to him?

    Is all this coming from super secret sources? Did it just happen within the past few weeks? Are you reading between the lines of a New Yorker interview from two years ago? Deadline said at the end of June that Atlanta is coming back in 2021. The most recent Donald Glover hubbub on the Internet (present topic excepted) is when he dropped his album in March and then took it down again. Are you close personal friends with Hiro Murai and he told you all about it in confidence?

  11. Atlanta was cancelled, Glover burned the bridge on his way out. And while his Lando was the best thing about Solo, it's not that I can't see the brilliant mind behind Atlanta doing another mainstream nerd show (it's hard to see him underused on Community), it's that I don't see Childish Gambino doing a career reversal after This Is America.

    Qué? Entertainment Weekly says that the President of the Network says the third and fourth season (to be shot simultaneously) would be airing in 2021. That was pre-covid, though, back in January so I assume the schedule has changed since ... but cancelled outright? Oh well.


    My guess is that any Lando story they tell would take place before "Solo" so that Lando can have the Falcon.

    Yeah, that makes sense!

  12. * I saw most of the second season! Yeah, it was iffy (why do stories about how weird it is to be rich and famous? who can relate to that? Go back to doing the stories about things which have an instantly graspable universal appeal but that also end w/a guy being run over by an invisible car!) but I still think there can be a return to form.


    * I actually don't even think this is happening for real because the site where it was first quote unquote leaked is one of those teensy tinsy nerd outlets. Everyone else just jumped on the clickbait train because this is the sort of thing lots of people want to believe is coming down the pipeline.


    * who will play Lobot is there going to be a season long arc revealing Lobot or are they going to be smart and just shove Lobot there in the first episode; are we going to find out the origins of Ice Cream Maker Man or what

  13. I think the prospect of him taking time away from Atlanta (that first season was incredibly good and my hopes are relatively high that it'll match or exceed that level of quality again in the semi-plausible future) and/or from doing anything new to once again just do an impression of a guy from a forty year old movie is disappointing.

  14. I'm not Drake! Nor do I know him! I have about the same kind of relationship w/Drake that nearly all Torontonians possess : I just used to watch him on TV back when he was on the Degrassi reboot, went to the same dentist as him ('

  15. Clicking on this thread gave me the most incredible déjà vu. I was certain that we'd discussed this very topic only a few weeks before Quarantine began but a quick search through the Archives reveals that it was ACTUALLY six years ago.


    I have seen a UFO but what am I, a sky expert!? There were enough other people around in the general area at the time that if it was actually something out of the ordinary I'm sure lots of those other people would have noticed it as well and made a big to do all about it. But they didn't. V. suspicious in retrospect! WHOOO GOT TO THEM!???


    (Also, I hate to be the guy who is like 'I just read a book on this subject and it says' but yes, today of all days, I am that guy! Sarah Scoles' They Are Already Here : UFO Culture and Why We See Saucers is a breezy and accessible deep dive into both contemporary and historical UFO culture! The thing that I got out of it which I didn't have before is that really, no joke, some or nearly all of it might be the work of one (1) deranged / genius billionaire.)

  16. Guys, would you even look at a bottle with that label?


    Sure would! In fact, I think I'm way more likely to consider buying something like this (under the circumstances of sale you've described) with a straightforward title than something funny, punny, edgy, allusive, or what-have-you. I'm not going to spray Albert Camus' Eau de Parfum or Future - Mask Off (Official Video) on my שײן פּנים, I'm going to go with something that's clearly and unambiguously titled!

  17. I feel like TLJ is my favourite sequel. But I never really got the full ESB experience --- I knew the big twist re : that movie



    Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father!!!!111!!!



    long before I'd ever even seen a Star War. ESB itself is kind of chock full of the same flaws present elsewhere in the franchise, ex. gr. bad writing (the opening crawl uses the same verb twice in the span of two sentences! the inciting incident for the whole movie is just a random Snow Creature attack!), shaky romantic plot, an emphasis on détournement rather than the ongoing elaboration of established elements.


    So I guess what I'm saying is that I never really got to see the really good ESB that everyone else goes on about and that every time I do see ESB there's more and more I find to dislike about it. But I've only seen TLJ twice now and both times I was absolutely blown away by it, loved it, nigh-complete absorption in the <cough> <spit> 'movie magic'. I wasn't sure that'd ever happen again w/a Star War; even knowing how much I liked Rian Johnson's other films I kind of assumed going into it that I'd react to it the same way as I felt w/the previous two. I value that sensation of surprise pretty highly! Leaving myself open to the possibility in general is probably the only reason I still bother to seek out new art (if we can deign to, for the purposes of this sentence, call ancient cash-happy nerd franchises both 'new' and 'art') rather than just chewing over old favourites for the nth time.

  18. Ok, I think I got it. Trying out this gets me broadly similar results to the following order :

    Star Wars (1977)
    The Last Jedi (2017)
    The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
    Return of the Jedi (1983)
    The Phantom Menace (1999)
    Attack of the Clones (2002)
    The Rise of Skywalker (2019)
    The Clone Wars (2008)
    Revenge of the Sith (2005)
    The Force Awakens (2015)
    Rogue One (2016)
    Solo (2018)

    Although maybe a better way to categorize 'em would be the following :


  19. I am baffled by nearly every sentence in this thread so far. This must be what it feels like for normal people to overhear nerds saying things like "Who would win in a fight - Hal or Guy or John or Kyle?" or "Babylon 5 makes Blakes 7 look like Seaquest DSV".


    I just have so many questions :


    • Who or whom is 2014 Karen(s)?
    • Where is Karenopolis?
    • Who is Ed Hardy? Who is Tapout?
    • Who is Young Living?
    • Who is Scentsy?
    • Who is Lu Laroe?
    • Who is Younique?
    • Who is Becky?
    • What is MLM?
    • What is PSL?


    Thanks! I'll take my answers off the air!

  20. Sometimes when I'm taking notes I'll listen to movie soundtracks : John Carpenter, Max Richter, Ryuichi Sakomoto. Some videogame music too : Yuzo Koshiro, mostly.


    Exercising tends to be podcasts, not music. Same w/laundry or whatever.


    I wouldn't say any of these activities actually require music, though. Sometimes they make them easier but sometimes they make them ... harder? Whooo can fathom the mysteries of the mind, yeah.

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