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  1. What? I'm not. I only watched the one episode she's in this year. Haven't seen any of them but that one. Not going to watch any of the upcoming ones neither. Thought that was clear! Sorry!
  2. I've never read the book or the play or seen this before. I was pretty sure the cat was the murderer at one point. Didn't recognize nobody from it, neither, so either my memory's failing me or my moderate-to-severe prosopagnosia is worsening. Maybe both! Best bits : * First line of dialogue comes, like, five minutes into it w/"What a quiet place.' Classic! * "Don't you believe in medicine, Doctor?" "Do you believe in justice, Judge?" * Keyhole shots! Binocular shots! * Look, a movie where someone says the word 'murder' and
  3. R.CAllen


    Haven't seen it! Probably not going to neither. I hate to be that guy but I guess I am that guy — the British original (2013-2014) is incredible, well worth watching, one of the most unsettling pieces of television I've ever seen. It's tough to imagine another adaptation could do anything other than ape it or abandon its particular stylistic choices, either way, not for me.
  4. I enjoyed the movie for children! I hope they do another one, too. Watched it in two halves, lots of great comic turns from Burn Gorman, Fiona Shaw, Susan Wokoma, Adeel Akhtar, it's fun! The idea of a younger version of Holmes innately and automatically possessing the interiority and sense of self he will only gain after long association w/Watson is strong. Mycroft should've been Sherringford or whoever instead. Cavill doesn't much resemble the description of Holmes in the canon or the original Sidney Paget drawings but does look a bit like Paget himself. I'm okay/w/it, as Helena Bonham Carter
  5. You know who the 144th President of the United States is going to be? I don't see how that's possible but I believe you! If you say so! But, then again, perhaps you are wrong : as the Holy Texts proclaim, "we se many philosphers say or believe many things no one is sure about anything".
  6. I'm sorry but those two paragraphs are more coherent and far more genuine than the entire collected works of, like, Jacques Lacan. So much of it is so true! There are some many doubts we face in our daily lives! If you are a student you often do have a doubt when you chose your major your career! We dont know who will be the net President of the United States! I don't know about you guys but I certainly do feel like I live in dubdt and uncertainty all the time! Even the claim about the sun 'revlolves' around the sun isn't entirely inaccurate! I am on Team This Guy/Girl!
  7. I saw the episode in which Elisabeth Shue returns to the show. I thought it was ... kinda terrible? Over an hour long, bloated, no jokes (I mean, there's the occasional moment of black comedy interspersed throughout the dullness but it's not nearly enough), the plot was like some sort of badly executed Valentine's Day special; I think this might be why I never really got into the show through the first season - it's not good! It's less good than the sincere CW garbage shows and I don't even watch those! There's a kind of arch smugness to the dialogue that I just bounce off of hard, I don'
  8. I remember really liking this movie when I saw it but as I recall my reaction to it was mostly on this level rather than coming out of any particular measure of quality had by the movie itself.
  9. This guy named Chris Sherman was all like 'Sign up for my website! It's free! You'll have fun!' and now over two decades later I am not free and I am not fun no sir I don't know, Iceheart, sounds like you've got a chance to help out this future cryptocurrency millionaire and his super for real wife what kind of monster would say no to an opportunity like I constantly get calls on my cell phone from a Chinese woman saying things like "zhè gè shí hòu nǐ zài lù shàng yù dào de suǒ yǒu rén dōu shì xiàng nǐ suǒ mìng de gū hún yě guǐ" - lady, what kind of game a
  10. Thanks! The proportion of the film's writing that I enjoyed so much I wanted to kiss it remains unchanged.
  11. I gotta confess that when I saw this movie's title in a topic on this here board some years ago I just assumed Cantankerous Jedi was programming a film festival or something like that. But it's a real movie! Real things happening! Was it worth pushing pause on the crime-stopping adventures of Michael Emerson and Jim Caviezel for ninety minutes? Yeah! Best bits: * The lighting! Who lit this movie - Wario Bava? * I guess on some level we're w/the characters because just like them a savvy audience is torn between going w/the flow and being scared AND trying to
  12. No embedded material from YouTube (or what I gather from context is supposed to be YouTube stuff; and when I try to post a YouTube video I don't see it either) shows up. I just see blank space. I assume the problem is w/my browser but I figured I'd mention it here just in case it was happening to anyone else.
  13. Can't wait to watch this movie whose premise seems at first glance (I've just seen the poster and read the one-sentence ImdB logline) like it was ripped off from one of R.L. Stine's Goosebumps books.
  14. This cover of Bruce Cockburn's 'Lovers In A Dangerous Time' that BNL did in March was v. moving!
  15. I teared up a little watching the footage of early voting in Fairfax, Virginia. All those people literally risking their health (and lives!) to try and do what's right. Knowing it might not matter yet being so concerned it won't matter that they'll show up at the earliest possible moment to try and do what they can against it, I don't know. I'm kind of a huge cynic (and there's maybe a thin edge of cynicism in the actions of these people, too) but it really moved me! Probably something broken in my brain (or in my politics) that this mattered to me but the nation's longest lasting protest move
  16. I don't understand what you mean. If I had to guess, well, I assume you (and maybe Zathras?) are talking about The Big Lebowski (1998) but I don't really see the connection outside of maybe the setting, broadest possible genre definition, and maybe maybe maybe tone.
  17. Can you tell me the title of the Coen Bros. movie this is trying to imitate? If it's more than one, then, which ones?
  18. ImdB tells me Elisabeth Shue is back for one (1) episode this season (how????!) so I guess I gotta watch that episode.
  19. R.CAllen


    I was about to post a GIF of Linda Carter shaking her head 'No.' but I thought better of it at the last second. I don't want to go down that road! Can't just be dropping easy GIFs every which way! And, besides, who am I --- Mr. In-Charge-Of-How-People-Act-In-A-Pandemic? Have fun! Stay safe!
  20. The re-design makes me nauseous. (No, wait, that's an innate feature of me as a person!) What I mean to say is this : the re-design induces feelings of nausea in me. I'm not exaggerating for comic effect or anything like that. When I scroll down the page it seems like I'm standing over a vast empty starfield and the posts themselves are superimposed over it, floating above a plunging abyss. It feels like I'm on top of a tall building and reading words written on large signs held up over their own heads by people walking on the faraway ground. (I get a similar-but-different type of
  21. I kinda feel like by 2016 Crowe was well on his way towards his decline and Gosling was into his ascendance. I see the movie as a story about a widowed down on his luck PI with a daughter to raise, it's the origin story of him meeting his violent but generally even-tempered partner, it's kind of a movie about a TV show that never happened — one in which the Ryan Gosling guy is sort of the main guy, the Russell Crowe guy is that guy's older partner / mentor figure. Yes, I know what the title of this movie is! I still think that's the deal. (I understand this probably makes no difference and the
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