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  1. I think it's actually a thing with how they do the costumes that there's not supposed to be any visible zippers or buttons. There's an extended riff in one of the Aaron Allston books over whether or not a Jedi could use the Force to scratch between his own shoulder blades if he's got an itch there. Okay.
  2. All this sushi talk reminds me of a dumb but solid joke from an episode of Will & Grace ('98-'06, '17-'20) where guest star of the week Gene Wilder gets mad after ordering sushi at a restaurant. "Waiter, this fish is raw!" [edit : it's on YouTube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6WxmAAvpCc
  3. We're going into lockdown up here so this thread may have a few surprises from me before the week is over.
  4. Madison Cawthorn [R, NC-11], America's future President For Life, got his chance to make his case for a minute today and said this : "Madam Speaker, today represents a unique opportunity in history. An opportunity to put America first. To put her people first. Today is a moment for members of Congress to put aside politicking and to place people over power. I urge my colleagues to vote against this divisive impeachment and realize that dividing America will not save this republic. I urge my colleagues to not simply vote for what feels good. Of course, it feels good for the Democrats to have a
  5. I do not remember and I am not going to go to the wiki and check. You're on your own there. But I'm pretty sure there was some sort of explanation!
  6. From memory alone : improperly manufactured and/or unstable clones tend to have a distinctive slur to their speech so the convention of adding an additional vowel ('Luuke' 'Joruus') to the name of a clone comes from that. Also from memory alone : there's a clone of Darth Vader, he was made on Dantooine, Darth Vader fights him and kills him, it was in one of the Galaxy of Fear books.
  7. I think it is true, it is for real, it is happening, and it is going to be a largely faithful page-by-page adaptation à la The Hobbit ('12, '13, '14). I am excited to see Chewbacca's claws come out so he can climb the trees of Kashyyyk. I am excited to see Luke Skywalker's clone, Luuke, get merked by the Emperor's super secret li'l pal. I am excited to see the secret smuggler spymaster information broker's two dogs named after a proto-Romantic movement in German literature and music. It's going to be great, it's going to be good, it's going to be appearing on all our screens soon soon soon.
  8. Uh oh! It seems kind of inadequate to say anything like 'Get well soon!' but I sincerely do hope you get better! Hope you keep away from the hospital!
  9. I haven't been watching this show week to week, didn't do it that way last year neither. Kind of assumed that if I had then I'd end up spending half an hour after each one browsing through Wookieepedia looking at DL-44 rifling twist rates. But if I watch the seasons in large chunks then this way that wasting of the only truly precious commodity any of us are ever given can be kept to a relative minimum. Am I going to follow this method with the next Star Wars show or the next Star Wars show or the next Star Wars show or the next Star Wars show or the next Star Wars show or the next Star Wars s
  10. I know very little about both the general and specifics of this particular situation and I certainly don't care to find out any more about it. Yet I am forced to admit I side with the hobbyist amateur against the corporate employee, on principle alone. The substance of what was said or done by either side is immaterial to that determination. The nature of their respective 'job' is what matters to me. (This is not 'The customer is always right'. It's more like 'the evil thing dedicated to killing us all is wrong and so each and every one among its many and possibly individually blameless
  11. R.CAllen


    Can't really deliver a verdict on this one because I peaced out pretty early on. I gather that eventually Soul from Soul (2020) became a cat!!!!???? This is the first one of the Pixars that I didn't finish (excepting the ones I've never bothered to watch; haven't seen any of the series where they're all cars - sorry, I've forgotten the title of those movies about cars starring the cars) and it's kind of rare in general for me to drop a movie mid-movie. Here's what happened in the movie up until I stopped watching : A human man from contemporary times dies and discovers there is no
  12. Oops! He's not actually that specific guy! He played that guy's cousin! He explains to Angel, the vampire from Angel ('99-'04), what that guy's deal was around a pool table!
  13. [spoiler] I don't really know what to think of it! It reminded me of a line attributed to a recently freed Soviet dissident who said upon leaving a showing of Superman (1978) that he had no idea if the movie he'd just seen was for children or adults. Even more so than usual for the genre that felt true for this sequel. Pedro Pascal's performance in the first half of the movie is extraordinary. Just a deeply unheimlich affect to him. WE DID NOT SEE THE COFFEE CO-WORKER GUY FROM THE BEGINNING RENOUNCE HIS WISH FOR A CUP OF COFFEE. (Also, Diana used her inherited invisibility p
  14. songs: The Cherry-Tree Carol Little Donkey, Little Donkey Christmas With You Is The Best I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Claus It's A Marshmallow World All Alone On Christmas (which Steve Van Zandt שליט"א did for Darlene Love so she could make some money instead of handing it all over to Phil Spector) O Holy Night and It Came Upon The Midnight Clear (both bangers) (anything that references a 'weary world' is a good'n!) All I Want For Christmas Is You Frosty The Snowman Here Comes Santa Claus I Wish It Was Christmas Today (Julian Casablancas cover)
  15. I guess watching Season 2 of THE MΛNDΛLORIΛN knocked loose some Star Wars opinions from my brainpan. I kind of just accepted the initial news about all the upcoming shows dully, absent any sense of joy or surprise, but I suppose if one waits long enough the opinions sort of fester internally and eventually irrupt. * I think I already alluded to how the Ahsoka show's title logo doesn't quite scan for me but, also, neither does the Andor one. * 'The Acolyte' as a name for a Star Wars television program sounds like some *********** nonsense. * I'd
  16. Thanks! I used to be able to scroll down on the main Nightly.Net page and click 'Today's Top Posters' and then everyone would get ranked as my favourites in the order they were listed there! I can only love twenty Nightly.Net members at a time! And in descending order of priority! My heart could only be so full! Luckily, things have changed now there's no such thing as a 'Today's Top Posters' page and my heart is freed to love everybody here the exact same amount i.e. not at all.
  17. P.P.S. Although, yes, of course, I do hope in some way or another what I had to offer was helpful.
  18. P.S. I gotta assume whoever's marking your class's homework is blitzing through it, quick as they can, desperately trying to finish. They just want to vaguely eyeball you regurgitating the concepts delineated in the course itself in your own paraphrased but ultimately familiar language. They don't want to read anything new about the subject at hand. They just want to finish marking these papers! If these particular circumstances obtain then you asking for help from people outside the course itself may be counterproductive. Nothing anyone unexposed to the specifics of what you've been taught in
  19. Answers For The Questions About The Movie I Have Not Seen 1. Was there a protagonist and antagonist? If so, who was the protagonist? Who was the antagonist? The protagonist was Sam Worthington and the antagonist was Stephen Lang! 2. What can you infer from the title of the film? Very little! 3. How would you change the costumes? I don't think there were any costumes in the movie. Everyone just wore ping-pong balls on their leotards and then the computer managed to dress 'em up using math! 4. How would you describe the setting of the film?
  20. Answers For The Questions About The Movie I Barely Remember 1. Was there a protagonist and antagonist? If so, who was the protagonist? Who was the antagonist? Yes. The protagonist of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009) was a boy named Harry Potter! The antagonist was ... Voldemort? Brendan Gleeson? The Doctor from Doctor Who ('05-'10) disguised as Brendan Gleeson? Uh oh. I'm not sure who the antagonist of the movie is. And I'm even starting to doubt there's even a singular protagonist! Oh, wait, no! That was the one before this one! The antagonist is Alan Rickman. P
  21. Before clicking on this topic I was all set to answer with "I don't have a favourite movie. I only keep watching movies in the hopes I'll find ones better than those I've seen before!" but now I realize I have to try and do your homework!???? And I have to choose to do your homework either about a movie I haven't seen or a movie I barely remember? Okay, sure, I'll try! For both!
  22. R.CAllen


    Saw it. I liked it, surprisingly enough! I tend to run hot and cold on Nolan, don't think much of him one day and am willing to give him a chance the next, can't really decide if in his bones he's any good or not. But this was one of his good ones! It's not better than The Prestige or The Dark Knight but in the sorting piles of Nolanalia it definitely belongs next to them along w/some of his TV work instead of among his two mediocre Batmans and Inception and Interstellar. The movie is a kind of Ballardian nightmare on a few different levels. It understands the essential appeal
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