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  1. I don't understand what you mean. If I had to guess, well, I assume you (and maybe Zathras?) are talking about The Big Lebowski (1998) but I don't really see the connection outside of maybe the setting, broadest possible genre definition, and maybe maybe maybe tone.
  2. Can you tell me the title of the Coen Bros. movie this is trying to imitate? If it's more than one, then, which ones?
  3. ImdB tells me Elisabeth Shue is back for one (1) episode this season (how????!) so I guess I gotta watch that episode.
  4. R.CAllen


    I was about to post a GIF of Linda Carter shaking her head 'No.' but I thought better of it at the last second. I don't want to go down that road! Can't just be dropping easy GIFs every which way! And, besides, who am I --- Mr. In-Charge-Of-How-People-Act-In-A-Pandemic? Have fun! Stay safe!
  5. The re-design makes me nauseous. (No, wait, that's an innate feature of me as a person!) What I mean to say is this : the re-design induces feelings of nausea in me. I'm not exaggerating for comic effect or anything like that. When I scroll down the page it seems like I'm standing over a vast empty starfield and the posts themselves are superimposed over it, floating above a plunging abyss. It feels like I'm on top of a tall building and reading words written on large signs held up over their own heads by people walking on the faraway ground. (I get a similar-but-different type of
  6. I kinda feel like by 2016 Crowe was well on his way towards his decline and Gosling was into his ascendance. I see the movie as a story about a widowed down on his luck PI with a daughter to raise, it's the origin story of him meeting his violent but generally even-tempered partner, it's kind of a movie about a TV show that never happened — one in which the Ryan Gosling guy is sort of the main guy, the Russell Crowe guy is that guy's older partner / mentor figure. Yes, I know what the title of this movie is! I still think that's the deal. (I understand this probably makes no difference and the
  7. R.CAllen


    Excited to head on down to the ol' movie theatre and catch a double feature of Tenet (2020) and New Mutants (2018, 2019, 2020). Just gotta make a quick stop first at the Broad Street pump to fill up on well water. Will make sure to lick the handle a few times before I leave, just to be safe!
  8. Saw it again yesterday. Not to be grim but the smog alert and pollution business and stuff ("don't say and stuff!") feels especially timely with what's going down nowadays. Stay stafe, uh, entire Pacific Northwest!!!! It's a 'Dudes Rock' movie, yeah. Surprised they haven't re-teamed since; not necessarily a sequel or anything but another period piece detective flick would be welcome. This isn't my favourite Shane Black, nope, not by a long shot, but seeing as it doesn't feel like he's ever gonna recapture the old magic I'd sure rather watch him do this kind of self-pastiche than I
  9. Feel like the following is the obvious joke about a film that's been delayed for three years based on a concept that's nearly thirty eight years old in a film franchise that is itself two decades out from the start but nevertheless — Old Mutants! They should've called the movie Old Mutants! (Also : they apparently managed to leap the hurdle of correctly spelling 'Sienkiewicz' in the closing credits but somehow goofed on 'McLeod'.)
  10. Oh, one of the rules last time around was 'No porn.' That should probably go w/o saying (although it's a genre that IS readily available on lots and lots and lots of major streamers!) but I figured it might be a good idea to mention it before we got started.
  11. Yeah, under these circumstances, weekly probably makes the most sense! I wasn't actually trying to suggest a change to your format — just remembering the closest we got to something like this in the before 'fore.
  12. Sure! I think we did this as a Movie of the Month thing a while back, some kind of Nightly.net Movie Club. I don't remember when that was or how long it lasted, though.
  13. I'm going to post something I didn't bother to post one of the umpteenth other times this has come up for discussion. I think it's relevant to what you're saying, Spider-Man! --- I feel like I may (no, definitely, do) have more than most to be embarrassed[1] about in terms of Old Stuff On Nightly Dot Net but I never and nonetheless feel that the Archives shouldn't be deleted. Interrogating this feeling, on my own behalf, doesn't result in reasoned argument in my head why you're wrong and I'm right. I just get a bone-deep sensation arising from within the innermost depths of my being of
  14. • Scrimshaw! Everyone's gonna be scrimshawing all over the place all the time! • Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas combined into one single two week long bacchanal. • Cowering in ramshackle homemade shelters from nuclear fallout as our skin sloughs off!
  15. We are getting a younger suspiciously smooth looking Yoda in some upcoming spin-off stuff, apparently. Nope! I love a good Yoda in a Star Wars! Love the little orange Yoda in the new ones, love the bébé Yoda in THE MΛNDΛLORIΛN, love the one or two little Yoda(s) in R1 shooting their guns off all over the place. Gotta have my Yodes!
  16. This seems like kind of a good suggestion! And it may be a better way of assuaging my feeeeeeelings on the matter than just posting the same thing over and over. I'll give it, or something like it, a try!
  17. I still haven't seen Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989) or Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey (1991). I think I may have read some of the Evan Dorkin comic once upon a time, tho.
  18. There's no Yoda in it, neither. Why'd they make a Star Wars and not bother to put Yoda in it? Seems like an oversight!
  19. Hi! I know what the Archives are! I know they're stupid! I assume pretty much everyone else here @ Nightly.net understands those two salient facts as well! I still don't want the Archives to be deleted. Thank you! V. optimistic to assume even one person among all of us will still be alive come December!
  20. I don't think and have never thought that everything that has ever been posted to Nightly was saved in the archives. I do think that everything that was saved has been saved in the Archives ... (???) ... I feel like I kind of understand how and what the Archives are. I don't think deleting everything but a dozen threads and ones people here actively would want to continue posting in is a great solution! I think that one of the times I spoke up about this in the past I mentioned password protecting them or hiding them or making them inaccessible to all but administrators. I understand that
  21. Sorry! This question was already resolved to my satisfaction over a 2½ year period roughly ~1850 years ago. It would have been better for man to have never been created! Hope this helps! I have no questions for the universe in and of itself. It's too big to offer any kind of answer in its totality. I mostly address my questions to just the little bits & pieces of it that are embodied as 'Google' or 'books' or 'people' or 'that doggie in the window'. How much is that doggie in the window? I do hope that doggie is for sale!
  22. GONNA DO IT AGAIN! I disagree! Not a single topic worth saving? And yet they have all been saved! I feel like once we start deliberating over what has 'worth' or 'value' on our dumb two decades old message board the ultimate conclusion is obvious.
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