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  1. Anyone care to elaborate?


    There's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo of Rose during the bit where the Doctor is having wacky webcam fun with the Sontarans, U.N.I.T, and Donna. Specifically, on the communication screen of the TARDIS you see a fuzzy image of Rose shouting something while the Doctor is trying to surreptitiously hint to Donna that she should give him a call.


    Wikipedia or Who-kipedia could probably tell you if it was new footage or if it's possible to hear what she's saying or whatever.

  2. That episode wasn't all that great. People were vomiting out their own brains so it kinda redeemed itself there but otherwise : sucked. I get it, Doctor Who. Slavery is wrong. Telepathic magic is wonderful. Those Ood-costumes from last year were cool so they had to be brought back. But howsabout having the main characters do something for once instead of just stumbling into trouble for no reason and then stumbling out again? Every single thing which happened in this episode would have happened whether or not the Doctor was there. The most you can say is that if it wasn't for the Doctor maybe maybe that Ood Sigma guy would have forgotten to undo those explosives around the big Ood Brain thingmabob. Everything else just went according to plan with nothing the Doctor did mattering in the slightest.


    "Oh, Doctordonna, your song will stay with us forever." For what, Oodfolk? They just got in your way a little.

  3. I'm okay with the new theme. It fits well with the general tone of a series which always seems to assume that the audience can't hear the background music so they decide to MAKE IT REALLY LOUD ALL THE TIME.


    Why can't this show manage to keep the Doctor's sidekicks around for more than a season at a time? Do they buy the actresses wholesale or something? Or are they planning for a battle royal in the final Tennant episode where Rose, Martha, Catherine Tate, Kylie Minogue, Sally Sparrow, and Cap'n Jack fight to the death until only one is left standing to be the Doctor's true wuvv?

  4. I really don't get it. Why get Stamp to do the voice in the first place if you're not going to follow through with the obvious assumption an informed viewer would make about that sort of choice? It's even a deviation from their usual pattern of stunt casting to have a bad guy play a good guy, if you get what I mean.

  5. Little Child has to die heroically.


    It was a Simpsons reference. Duh. In fact, the only reason I posted that was because the joke occurred to me and I had to work my way towards it in a matter that had some semblance of sense.


    ...based their toys on Kryptonian schematics! Titano was a giant Kryptonian gorilla! The Parasite was a simple Earth leech who was bitten by a radioactive Kryptonian! Mongul, Darkseid, Imperiex, and Doomsday took turns being the real destroyers of Krypton!


    Now that's just crazy talk. It's all so silly when you start with it.


    Oh, I have decided that Metallo's power source will be the Omegahedron from that Supergirl film where she fights a witch. And that the eventual destiny of Superman is to restore Krypton to existence as part of Jor-El's master plan to save his home planet. Also, the original civilizations from which the Kryptonian Adam & Eve (named Kryp and Ton, natch) hailed from were Earth & Daxam. Also also, the death of the previous Despair from Sandman was due to her manipulation of Rao into planning for Krypton's destruction. Also also also, the tiny Kryptonian devil from the recent Superman #666 should have a permanent spot in Superman's roster of villains.

  6. I'd love Zod to feature in the film, but I see Terence Stamp's errrr stamp, on the character to be the definitive one. It'd be good to go down a different path.


    That's the problem, yeah. Which is why I imagine they'd come up with a character who is somewhat Zod-esque without being Zod himself. Son of Zod, perhaps.


    You do bring up a good point about the Stampage. He really is completely associated with the role. For a while there when I was watching 'Smallville' I was convinced that the show was going for a great twist in their presentation of Jor-El. They had Terrence Stamp doing the voice, y'see, and since the content of Jor-El's general message to Kal was something like "Rule over the humans!" I started to assume we'd eventually find out that it was one big mindbleep on Zod's behalf to convert the offspring of his greatest enemy to the cause of Zod-ism. Wikipedia tells me that instead the show went with some rigmarole about caves and James Marsters and a Zod-Ghost taking over Luthor. Pffft.


    Okay. So here's my ideal plot for Superman Returns Again....


    Act One

    SUPERMAN: Oh no! Phantom Zone villains!

    PZVILLAINS: Oh no! Son of Jor-El! And, look! Son of Son of Jor-El!

    LITTLE KID: I will hide in the Fortress for the whole movie and won't be seen until the end.


    Act Two

    LOIS LANE: Oh no! Superman is losing! He needs help with his epic CGI-laden knockdown fight!

    SUPERMAN: Who can I turn to who has experience fighting Kryptonians?

    LUTHOR: Me! Turn to me! I am good at that!

    BRAINAIC: Kal-El! Pick me!

    BIZARRO: Goodbye! Me am unhelp you!

    SUPERMAN: Screw you, criminals. Lois, I can beat this on my own!

    HUBRIS: Hurray! I am completely without consequences!


    Act Three

    SUPERMAN: Woe is me, I have lost.

    MARLON BRANDO: Would an inspirational speech about humanity's virtues and the House of El help you in any way?

    SUPERMAN: Sure, would. Thanks, dead dad!


    SUPERMAN: I mean, umm, thanks to BOTH of my dead dads.


    END OF MOVIE: Basically, Superman joins forces with the bad guys to defeat the badder guys. There's a big fight and lots of snappy dialogue and some of it takes place on the moon.



    SUPERMAN: I have learned the value of those around me and blah blah blah. Little Bastard Child, do you want to learn about your heritage like I did at the beginning of the last movie? Come with me to Krypton!


    Note : Little Bastard Child died on the way back to his home planet.

  7. Isn't that what they did with Smallville?


    Maybe. I can count the episodes I've seen over the past four years of that show on one hand so I can't be sure. But from what little I know of their approach to Krypton (portals to Earth? Superman's Mom hiding a picture of herself on the Kent farm?) I don't think it's the sort of thing I'm talking about. Unless you're specifically referring to the idea of "meteor rock freaks" which, yeah, should definitely be incorporated into the general Superman mythos.


    lovecraftian - nonsense. Retreading the fine works of those who came before us is the only thing that gives life meaning. And to think you call yourself a comic fan. Shame.

  8. What is wrong with you people? KNEEL BEFORE ZOD! Or whatever off-brand equivalent they use (Jax-Ur, Dev-Em, etcetera) in the sequel.


    I agree that the animated series made a good move tying Brainiac into Krypton. Besides for the reasons you mentioned I also feel that it allows greater leeway in concocting Bottle City stories and that sort of stuff.


    Actually, if I had my way, pretty much all of Superman's villains would have strong ties to Krypton. Mxyzpltk as the trickster god in Rao's pantheon! Bizarro as the primordial neandarthalish Missing Link of the earliest Kryptonians! Metallo's kryptonite heart a sentient power source at the planet's core! Parasite's original viral form traced back to the Scarlet Jungle! Toyman & Prankster.... umm.... would be.... also somehow related to Krypton in some vague fashion!

  9. I'm going to provide a quick summary of the Christmas Special for those of you who haven't yet seen it.


    DAVID TENNANT: We're off on another happy-go-lucky adventure. Why, you might even call it a Poseidon Adventure!

    FATTIE'S HUSBAND: *falls into engine thingmabob*

    FATTIE: *falls into engine thingmabob*

    KYLIE MINOGUE: *falls into engine thingmabob*

    THE BAD GUY: *falls along with her into engine thingmabob*

    DAVID TENNANT: Now I am Jesus or whatever. Again. Come, me angels! Away!

    KYLIE MINOGUE'S GHOST: Isn't it sad when the Doctor has to let go of a newly found girlfriend?

    AUDIENCE: Not really. The show has done it a couple times so far. And never very well.

    DAVID TENNANT: So we see that the true meaning of Christmas is all about watching thousands upon thousands of people die and then giving a senile old man a whole lot of money.

    PREVIEW OF SEASON 4: I am so much better than the past hour-and-a-half.


    All that aside : I sort of liked the bits with the amateur Earthologist going on about 'And then they EAT the people of Turkey in a savage ritual'. Mini-Maul was kind of entertaining too. Otherwise, it was at the best of times same-old same-old.

  10. Every single word that dropped from Kelly's lips this episode was laugh city. And that ending was the show's best piece of awkward pain in an episode that was chock full of it. And was then followed by a moment of utter weirdness. The Office is really a far better show than it needs to be.


    Dwight doing the names of his ping-pong heroes also cracked me up. I'm easy. Funny sounds is all it really takes to get me.

  11. Yeah. As I've said many times, we're supposed to like him (and I do). He's got a big heart, he just doesn't know how to relate to others well.


    I actually think his deal is that he places far too much emphasis on relating to others. Under the right circumstances, Michael can be really personable. His shtick can work in certain given situations and time and time again we've seen him have major success with clients. Dunder Mifflin shot themselves in the foot when they blindly promoted him above the level of salesman into management, that's all.


    Weirdly enough, Ryan and Michael are now being set up as opposite sides of the same coin. One gets shoved from their area of competence into a place that plays to all their faults, the other connives his way out of a place where he can't succeed into the very position with which the other is so uncomfortable.

  12. Yep. Whoever guessed that Andy and Dwight would end up vying for Angela's affections sure was clever. Not so clever in that they are now pointing out the completely obvious situation with Kelly and Darryl, but still, clever.


    A few words on Ryan-ization. To me, it's not just about 'becoming more like Michael'. It's the show putting the characters through a process where we stop laughing with them and start laughing at them combined with them developing a certain meanness that was previously only latent. We laugh at Kevin far more often than we laugh at Oscar, y'know? And you can probably trace the slow fall of Ryan into douchebaggery from the moment he opted out of playing a prank with Jim back in Season 2.


    On the subject of the show's portrayal of religion : surely the funniest bit this season has been Michael advocating paganism in the conference room. Though I think at least one of the jokes was stolen from Woody Allen.

  13. These hour long episodes are kind of a drag. They're clearly sandwiching them together it based on the most tenuous of connections and I completely forget what happened at the beginning by the time I get to the end. Can't wait until 'Scrubs' comes back on the air so the show can go back to a normal format.


    Whoever called the Andy-Dwight rivalry for Angela's affections was all kinds of right.


    I was sorry to see that the whole 'Creed pretends he's young' thing wasn't going to be a running gag.


    Starting to wonder whether the show is planning a similar evolution for Phyllis like they did with Ryan. She's getting a mean side emphasized this season that has rarely been seen up until now.

  14. A number of government officials in Nazi Germany emigrated to South American countries in the aftermath of World War II.


    The show has frequently hinted that Dwight's maternal side of the family tree were all Nazis.


    The Shoah Foundation may or may not be a reference to Steven Spielberg's organization established shortly after he made Schindler's List. I'm not sure if they (or other organizations dedicated to either Holocaust memorial or Nazi-hunting) have the authority to stop travel visas. Whatever the particulars are, well, the basic gist of the joke is that Dwight's gramps is a Nazi war criminal living out his remaining days in a country where he's effectively safe from legal prosecution.


    I think this is the most obvious they've been about the whole thing since way back in the first season.

  15. DWIGHT: Grandpa Manheim is 103 and still puttering around down in Argentina.


    I start to think there's no way they're going there but then...


    DWIGHT: I tried to go visit him once but my travel visa was protested by the Shoah Foundation.


    Where did they go? There!

  16. Did anyone else notice that bit towards the beginning where both Kevin & Oscar were revealed to be a part of the interview? Previously that had been the exclusive gag of Michael & Dwight (with a small jumpoff to Dwight & Andy in last year's finale) and it seemed like the show was breaking new ground to me.


    Not to mention that they acknowledged the camera crew in a very real way. I think the last time that happened was when Pam tried to figure out if Dwight & Angela were a couple.

  17. Sure. For one thing : I think any references to his past as a musician (which might only be in deleted scenes, know that I think of it) is just a reference to his real life history.


    In general, this might also be true of any of the other characters who are played by the show's writers. I know that the actress who plays Kelly has a blog ("Stuff I Bought") which makes her come off like a slightly smarter version of herself. Which I think she actually admits to somewhere in one of the entries.

  18. Yeah. Helms is great. I kind of think his character has lost a bit of the funny since they merged the branches.


    Does anyone else read Creed's blog at the website? "Don’t try telling me that you’re only as strong as your weakest link. My weakest link is my ankle and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let it stop me. I’m as strong as my neck, the strongest part of my body." Come on. Go read it.

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