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    oh and it was awesome to FINALLY see the entire cast included in the opening credits now!


    That was new? Cool. I thought I just hadn't noticed it up until now.

  2. Eh. Mediocre episode. I liked it when the girl from Reno 911 showed up, though.


    The closest thing was Dwight's comment about the Andromeda Galaxy.


    Was anyone else expecting Tatooine? THE ANDROMEDA GALAXY DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE.

  3. I :heart: Phyllis so very much. They should make a spin-off series where Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration and her just go around the country solving mysteries.


    I wonder if there were a few deleted scenes there detailing Pam's interactions at Corporate HQ leading in to David Wallace's visit.

  4. The whole phone-tag thing between Jim and Pam was cute, but will it signal a "thing" between them now that her world is opening up?


    I took the episode's ending sequence of dialogue as an indication everything was completely all right with them and they were just as connected as ever.

  5. Ryan's one joke in this episode totally cracked me up. Actually, that whole conference room scene was the best part.


    Phyllis & Stanley high-fiving at the end though. LOL. Am I right? LOL.





  6. This was the first time an extra-long episode really worked for me. Probably because it wasn't just two plots smooshed together.


    Amy Ryan (Holly/Hollie) is so good. I love that they continued the "Kevin is special" gag from last year and ran it out to a fantastic close. The show's got a history of letting good stuff fall by the wayside (Creed pretending to be young, Andy shunned by Dwight) once an episode is done so it's nice to see a joke like that get a proper finish.


    Stanley's private BLACK POWER! moment and Phyllis' deadpan statement of "Probably my jugs" got the biggest laughs from me.


    The guy from Pam's art school looked really familiar so I asked the Google about it and eventually discovered it was Harry Crane from Mad Men. Television is a small world.

  7. Brainic offers him a cure to whatever Luthor did to poison him. Superman takes the cure and Braniac escapes for the next film. Now Superman has whatever havok Brainiac unleashes on his conscious because he selfishly took the cure.


    What? Superman doesn't compromise on his moral principles. That's what makes him Superman.


    Do I have to repost my three-act treatment for a Superman film now? Is it in this thread or somewhere else?

  8. Also, we can call him "crazy," but how do we know he's not right in his actions? Just because his behavior troubles us?


    Yes. Exactly. Except it's not "just because". That's precisely what crazy is.


    I think people call this man crazy because he got up and stabbed some guy for no apparent reason and then beheaded him and then ate parts of him and then paraded the severed head around. This is troubling behavior.


    Any definition of the word crazy which does not cover this sort of thing is, well, crazy. Any attempt to either explain or justify this behavior with ideas like "WE ARE ALL ANIMALS" or "I KNOW FACTS ABOUT CHARLES MANSON" is also pretty crazy but that's something I feel more comfortable attributing to personal opinion rather than universal truth.

  9. I'm not making any claims of bravery, and I don't fault anyone on that bus but the psycho for this guy's death, I just worry about how quickly people run away rather than take a risk to help someone. It's that Kitty Genovese idea that flips me out.


    It's a weird sort of situation in this case and it's certainly not as severe as the example you just cited. For one thing the other passengers apparently cornered the guy on the bus and then tried to hold him off with, like, planks of wood and other random stuff. So there was some sort of belated heroism or call to action or whatever.


    TRUE STORY TIME! A gang fight broke out in a parking lot by the local pizza shop and my sister totally ran in there and saved the day. But then she was late coming home with the family's pizza order since she had to stay and give a statement to the police. So : a moral quandary. Was she right to save that poor kid from getting stabbed to death or was the high cost of pizza delayage too much to bear? Discuss.

  10. Surely you must know that exists. For example, factions within the American goverment once plotted against and carried out iacts groups considered "progressive", "left wing" and the like, leading to false imprisonment, murders and other incidents most (if on the recieivng end) would consider immoral. Actually, anyone could go on with a long list of immoral acts (allegedly) not the collective decsion of the government, so again, it exists.


    Did any of this lead to a guy decapitating another guy on a bus? You seemed to say that this guy was either an example of pure evil or the result of immoral factions within a culture or government. I can understand the first position but not the second.


    blah blah blah blah blahdee blah blah Charles Manson--blah blah Helter Skelter/ doomsday blather... blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah "Rebel / Mountain Man" grandfathe blah bloah blahdee blah blah blahmah blah blah blahmigosh. Blah blah blah Richard Ramirez; blah blah blah blah blah Satan, and blah blah blah blah blah blah, etc...but he was not considered insane, hence the possibility Weiguang Li could be the result of conditioning.



  11. Immoral factions within a culture? Government brainwashing?




    I think it's pretty clear this man is insane. A couple of clues :


    1) He stabbed some guy 80 times.


    2) Then he hacked off the guy's head.


    3) Then he, umm, "displayed" it.


    I'm no doctor but that man is koo-koo for breakfast cereal.

  12. Best of the new :


    Human Nature / Family of Blood (aka David Tennant Is A Human And Makes Out With The Girl From 'Spaced')


    Blink (aka Steven Moffat Emotionally Scars Entire Generation Of Children)


    Dalek (aka The One With The Dalek)


    Father's Day (aka Rose's Father Dies And It Is Sad)


    The Girl In The Fireplace (aka The Doctor Is In Luuuuuuuuurve)


    Honorable Mentions :


    the episodes where the Doctor teams up with Dickens or Queen Victoria or William Shakespeare (but not the crummy Agatha Christie one)


    anyone of the episodes where the giant flying spyship Valiant shows up


    the ones with the new Cybermen


    Everything else :



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