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  1. We Need To Talk About Kevin (2011) starring Tilda Swinton - A


    One of the best horror films of recent memory. Also : the use of Buddy Holly's "Everyday" for a soundtrack choice confirms my long held suspicion that the song is, in fact, a creepy creepfest of creeping creepinitude. Also also : for the sake of accuracy I must mention that the last film I actually saw was The Dark Knight Rises and I give it a C.

  2. I have finished Scarlet and Black and am now about halfway through Charterhouse of Parma which has a main character named Fabrizio and there was a robot named Fabrizio on Futurama last week and so that is a thing that happened. The battle scenes at the beginning are aces but it kind of goes downhill after that. Next up : Lucien Leuwen.

  3. I'm finally a good ways into Stendhal's Scarlet and Black and Julien Sorel is such a Mary Sue character it is unbelievable. Oh he has magic Bible memory powers and everyone loves him and he looks so handsome in his new clothes give me a break.

  4. I think not.


    My predictions are for one or more of the following :


    --- David Wallace!

    --- Kelly Erin Hannon Lapin Vance!

    --- the resurrected headless body of Ed Truck!


    Actually, it should probably be Phyllis or Oscar. Or, actually actually, Pam.

  5. "They have a garage sale" felt kind of spec script-y. But it was okay, I guess, yeah.


    It seemed like the episode moved Ryan from irredeemable douchebaggeriness to something more like he was during the show's first few years. Which is also okay, I guess, yeah.


    Steve Carell directed this. I did not not know he directed things!

  6. I also think she could do the fast talking Lane persona I love, which was most "recently" embodied by someone not even playing Lois... Jennifer Jason Leigh in the Hudsucker Proxy.


    YEAH. And that's sorta kinda the voice used for Lois in the recent Batman show with Superman yes!


    And and and : when she plays Amelia Earhart in the Night at the Museum sequel (which is good and so is the original) she does that His Girl Friday voice a lot too!

  7. He's so good. If they ever make a show about the Human Target they should cast him in the lead.


    Also : in case some of you have not seen it elsewhere on the Internet you should know Donald Glover (he plays TROY!) is a rapper! He raps! Warning : link contains language, mature themes, sick rhymes, comment section.

  8. The thing with Stanley at the beginning --- didn't they do the whole "absent minded character gets his stuff switched out without him noticing" bit a couple of years back? I seem to remember Creed biting into a potato instead of his apple.

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