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  1. Pitch Perfect




    Replaces Josie and the Pussycats in my 'favourite movie about an all female music group' category. Funnier and grosser and cuter than expected. Brilliantly cast; everything down to the one scene adult a cappella (two words? what??) group made up of Turk from Scrubs, Jason Jones from The Daily Show, Whatshisname (Joe Lo Truglio????) from The State, and some guy I didn't recognize. The movie stars Pretty Brunette, Handsome McSmarmyFace, Blonde, Naked Ginger, Fatty, Jew, Asian, Indian, Black, and John Michael Higgins & Elizabeth Banks as the commentators who are the second best thing in the movie after the singing the singing is good I liked it when they sang.

  2. Excision




    A dark comedy horror about a misfit girl and her dreams and her family. Really quite scary; the dream sequences are grossly unnerving. Reminded me a little of this movie. Traci Lords (!!!) is good as the mom, Roger Bart likewise for the role of dad, and for some reason the school the main character goes to is staffed by Ray Wise, Marlee Matlin, Malcolm McDowell, and Matthew Gray Gubler. It is St. Hey-It's-That-Guy-From-That-Thing High School.

  3. Zero Dark Thirty




    An intriguing romantic comedy that's short on laughs but long on heart. Jessica Chastain stars as a beautiful young overachiever with a razor sharp tongue on a desperate quest to find the right man. She's helped along the way by a ragtag group of misfits who don't always believe she'll find happiness but are willing to help her try. She spends most of the movie meeting up with friends and former co-workers of her beau-to-be and grilling them about his hobbies, interests, and general activities. Things take a turn for the worse and just when she's tracked him down their first date gets postponed again, and again, and again. Finally, everything falls into place and she manages to send over a bunch of the guys to bring him around for a midnight rendezvous. It's the ultimate meet-cute for this May(a)/December romance but can true love ever come to pass in our modern hectic world? Note : there is no need to see the first twenty-nine films in the Zero Dark series.

  4. Todd Alcott, professional screenwriter, is currently going through the movie piece by piece to see how it works. It's interesting and I think others might find it interesting too! He's also done this for Spielberg's stuff and the Coen Brothers and Kubrick and also for The Venture Bros. so take a look through his archives or his old LiveJournal for that too maybe.
  5. Lot's of pretty spot on fan theories regarding how Clara is a meta-textual analogy for the show itself. She's born on Nov 23, the show's original air date. She dies at age 26 just as the show was cancelled after 26 season. She takes care of children (Junior Entertainments Director) as well as serving adults (the job at the pub). And there's a ton more. Pretty fun if you care about that stuff.


    That's interesting and I want to read more about that!!! Do you have a link please thank you?

  6. Starbuck is a pretty good French-language Québécois film about this guy who donated a lot to a sperm bank back in the eighties and now finds out he has hundreds and hundreds of kids. I give it a B! It's funny! Heartwarming! You should see it or wait for the upcoming English language re-make with Vince Vaughn in the title role!


    Clarification : it is not a film about Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace even though that would be awesome they should totally make that instead of this boring Blood & Chrome thing they're doing.

  7. I'm towards the end of Palafox by Eric Chevillard and it is pretty good. The book is like "What if Moby Dick was some combination of Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner and a really French guy was narrating the action?" and I kind of think it would make a good movie. As long as the movie had a CGI SFX budget of twenties and thirties of millions of dollars in order to do a rendering of the title character justice.

  8. Just finished The Universal Baseball Association Inc., J. Henry Waugh Prop. by Robert Coover. It was excellent. It's a novel about an old guy that's created his own fantasy league of baseball players that he meticulously gameplays, rolling dice for every moment of each game and every detail of each player. It avoids the sort of cliches that this sort of scenario brings to mind and does what it does simply and beautifully. It kind of reminded me of Philip K. Dick (plot-wise, the style is very different) especially the turn it takes at the end. The last chapter is a killer.

  9. Safety Not Guaranteed




    Roughly executed but ably ended. About two-thirds of the movie's story (anything involving the Jake Johnson character and then the Karan Soni character and their love lives, specifically) should have been ditched. And there's a thing where a guy watching another guy raises his fist in triumph in what I assume is supposed to be an inspiring and life-affirming moment of bro-tudeness but it didn't quite work for me.

  10. I gave up on Lucien Leuwen (so boring! no good bits!) and moved to Iain M. Banks' The Hydrogen Sonata. In preparation for it I quickly re-read all but three of his Culture novels and have noticed a few recurring favourite words of his : inchoate, spinnaker, accrete. So there!

  11. Dungeons & Dragons -- Canceled because someone in power is stupid, hates me, and hates witty adventure comics.


    I heard an interview with John Rogers, author, where he says it's on hiatus for a while (thanks to a TV-heavy schedule working on his quite fun show Leverage) but will be coming back.

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