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  1. Okay. Everybody is right, I think. Moffat always lays this stuff on top of itself so John Hurt is simultaneously the Valeyard, an after 8th and before 9th Doctor who fought in the Time War, the final Doctor who will die at Trenzilor, the original incarnation of the Gallifreyan individual who will become The Doctor, whatever is left of the Doctor's life after the Great Intelligence has destroyed him multiple times over, the old age future of the 11th Doctor, the embodied state of the Doctor's true name, and all other potentially contradictory and overlapping explanations for John Hurt's presence. He is all things --- a Doctor superposition.


    It could also be the most obvious (and, thus, the LEAST OBVIOUS) thing ever and John Hurt will be playing the next Doctor either just for the next episode or for a season or two and he will die and introduce the 13th and possibly Last Doctor.

  2. I am 627 pages deep into Parade's End by Ford Madox Ford. It has been slow going. All in all, probably should have just been satisfied with the excellent mini-series and left the book well enough alone.


    However, a mark in its favour is the book's Old Faithful-ish ability to continually spout forth a cool word every two or three pages --- chiefly being outdated slang, Yorkshire regional vocabulary, materiel of the WWI era army, Frenchiness, or what dresses and foods and stuff used to be made of and stuff. For the sake of future generations here are some of those words for you why not : placket, serge, almoner, exordium, maussade, soggart, capercailzies, pi-jaw, divvy, garret, cretonne, gravid, byre, kedgeree, sloe gin, Gitana girl, haulms, maslie slots, niblick, hustings, epergne, galantine, attaindered, missel thrush, spikenard, stile, haw, ammer, sainfoin, paigle, burdock, briony, clematis, mullein, glaucous, paulo-post, ingle, constation, oasts, fleed cakes, ostler, matutinal, divagations, ormolu, expatiate, squits, asticoteries, rum-negused, quiff, quitamer, snaffled, hobbledehoys, Napoo finny, atrabilarian, gazetted, cully, begumboiled, moil, farriery, crape, cachinnating, fugally, lummy, Ghibelline, immure, baize, purdah, roan, crepitating, beanfeast, corncrake, reticule, aubade, puttees, euonymous, accouchement, parados, toper, obrieties, damascened, bully-beef, chevaline, peach (as in "to peach"), brise, nave, cagoules, revetted, catamount, diminuendo, agglomerations, objurgations.

  3. I agree with all of the Internet that this trailer looks quite good.


    Take Mark Waid's Toughest Superman Quiz -- Ever!


    I got 3/10. Check spoiler box for which ones and why I should REALLY have gotten 4 and a half :



    I got the Lara's maiden name question, Lana Lang's mother's maiden name, and correctly identified Jax-Ur as the first criminal exiled to the Phantom Zone and his crime of moon-blowing-up. I feel that, in all fairness, Kenny Braverman is an appropriate Post-Crisis answer to 9 and that my guess of "Us do opposite! Us hate beauty! Us love ugliness!" deserves partial credit for 10.



    Also, I thought of five questions that are EVEN HARDER than Mark Waid's :


    1) What was the name of Superman's paternal Kryptonian grandfather?


    2) Supergirl was briefly married to which citizen of Argo City?


    3) What was the (original, comics, Pre-Crisis) crime for which General Zod was sentenced to the Phantom Zone?


    4) Superman's one-time girlfriend from Atlantis was Lori Lemaris. What was the name of Supergirl's off again / on again boyfriend from Atlantis?


    5) Superboy had a special radio lamp in his bedroom that would blink when certain people were trying to get in contact with him. Name three of the people/institutions who had the frequency.


    Answers :



    1) Seyg-El --- named for Joe Jerry Siegel, Superman's co-creator 2) Tor-An, a Phantom Zone villain who pretended to be reformed and was paroled BUT IT WAS ALL A CLEVER RUSE 3)Trying to make himself dictator of Krypton using an army of imperfect duplicates 4) Jerro the mer-boy 5) did you choose any three among the choices of the President, the Pentagon, Police Chief Parker of Smallville, or Professor Lang? BECAUSE IF SO YOU ARE CORRECT


  4. Somebody Up There Likes Me (2012)




    Indie film sh'b'indie film.

    tricked me! The promo is a good two and a half times better than the movie. It's kind of okay if you like absolute deadpan humour and are willing to swallow the three big conceits of the film (which are, 1, the main actor lives through decades without aging, 2, a Pulp Fiction suitcase that is never explained, 3, the whole thing is some sort of big loop maybe) but I wasn't really into it so despite killer material and a few good lines and good performances from Offerman and Weixler this didn't really do the job for me. Would have been happy if the whole film had just been one hour and ten minutes worth of Jess Weixler eating breadsticks, though.


    Jack the Giant Killer (2013)




    Pretty good. Him from Warm Bodies was good as Jack and so was whoeveritwas who played Isabel. Obi-Wan and Ian McShane and Stanely Tucci were also good but that is basically superfluous to say because they are good in everything they do. The final ending sting and the bit where Stanely Tucci announces to the giants his eventual plan to take over America were both unnecessary tying of the fantasy drama to our humdrum everyday world and I could have done without them. Also, what happened to Stanley Tucci's sidekick? Did he die and I missed it? Was there a scene after the credits?


    I liked it when the giants were killed!

  6. It is because Star Wars and Doctor Who are very different kinds of science fiction. This is reflected, partially, in the fact that there is such a thing as Star Wars canon but absolutely no such thing as Doctor Who canon.


    You can google for the essay by Paul Cornell or the blog by Teatime Brutality for elaborations on this fact stick that in your irony detector and smoke it oh actually it is a valid criticism of me that I look for detail in some things but not in others but in this case I think it's justified by the nature of the different story settings but WE MAY DISAGREE ON THIS

  7. That article is ridiculous. The show is about a magic man in a blue box who goes to weird places and has to fight monsters without fighting them too violently. An explanation of "I can not go to that weird place because I have already gone to that weird place too much and now it is too dangerous" is perfectly acceptable. The fact that even that weird place is contiguously connected to non-weird places so logically he should be able to get there by normal methods is not relevant --- the show is explicitly not about going to places by normal ways and such a normal solution to the weird problems is not a part of its toolbox.



    The Last Exorcism : Part II (2013)




    Laughable title. But pretty good nonetheless. I'm not sure if I want to check out the film this film is a sequel to (it's found footage and I do not like that all that much) but I would totally watch a sequel to this movie. And not sure if the ending is a glorious paean to the acceptance of life over death and the fullest understanding of one self one can have or a deeply disturbing message to the abused to give in to their abusers. Much better than the last demonic possession movie I saw (with the stunningly original title of The Possession) but that had Matisyahu in the Father Merrin role at least whereas I recognized nobody in this film but am not sure if that's a plus or a minus.


    [Edit : Three "not sure"s. Yeesh. RCALLEN IS NOT SURE ABOUT THINGS!!!!]



    The Scenesters (2009)




    A cute and silly skewering of hipster pretension married to noir parody. Could have used a bigger budget. The serial killer ends up being the most obvious non-obvious choice. Does that make sense? It's always the guy who you wouldn't even think for it to be. When it's laughing at its characters the film is great but when it stoops to laugh at itself (as in the scene where, in quick succession, the prominent news stories of 2002 are faux-casually dropped into conversation) things go awry.

  10. The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)




    This movie is torn between gritty semi-realism (as of its predecessor Pitch Black, a quite good little movie) and crazy gonzo full on trilogy of trilogies DUNE weirdness. It's trying to be a sequel to Pitch Black but also the first in a projected series of films (and I see from ImdB at least that there will finally almost ten years later be a sequel) and it does neither of these particularly well. The necromongers are the best thing about this film (even the name kind of grew on me and now I'm not entirely sure of its badness) but that's not saying much. About thirty to forty percent of this film is just Vin Diesel taking off his goggles and Vin Diesel putting on his goggles. Colm Feore and Thandie Newton and Linus Roache do a pretty good job playing death-obsessed cultists with varying degrees of loyalty to the cause but Karl Urban is no good at scowling here he gets better at scowling in Star Trek and Dredd. And, yes, I watched the director's cut and not the theatrical release I can't even imagine what that's like.

  11. Yeah. The book I mentioned goes into detail in its defense of him, mostly by focusing on the stuff he did after (like his involvement with the Brown v. Board court case) and also by pointing out that a lot of the stuff he said that was and still is derided (the stuff about Batman & Robin being a dream homosexual relationship, specifically) was apparently verbatim from the kids he interviewed rather than his own interpretation. This modern-day research might mitigate that, though, since it now seems unambiguous that he confabulated and exaggerated and did a lot of sloppy stuff to bolster his case.


    The book itself is quite good and its chapter on Wertham is excellent and really turned me around on him. I had the standard view of WERTHAM BAD (which may even be the correct one, chacun a son gout) and it changed my mind on that. I'm not saying any of what you, Pong, or any comic fan who knows about him is wrong or anything like that. He did irreparable harm to this art form and set the model for others to do the same for other forms of art. But knowing what I know about him means I don't have an entirely negative impression of the man even though he was a liar who lied and hurt others with his lies.



  12. Sennentuntschi : Curse of the Alps (2010)




    Supposed to be Sweden's first genre horror film. DO BETTER, SWEDES! Muddled chronology (flashbacks happening inside flashbacks which all takes place inside one big flashback) and a deliberately ambiguous supernatural aspect that comes to an unsatisfying resolution. A leetle too much rape, too, the film establishes these guys are rapists when they rape the title character and then decides to give it another go and have them rape her again --- THE AUDIENCE GETS IT THE FIRST TIME, SWEDES, NO NEED TO HAVE AN EXPLOITATIVE RAPE SCENE WHERE YOU HAVE ALSO DECIDED TO MAKE THE WOMAN COMPLETELY NAKED THAT IS A DELIBERATE CHOICE TO TITILLATE THE AUDIENCE COME ON SWEDES DO BETTER. Also : one of the guys who abuses the title character is implied to get away clean in a film that is, at its core, about a damaged woman getting revenge on her abusers.

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