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  1. A thing about the movie that blew my mind was pointed out, years and years ago, by Ted Elliot & Terry Rossio on their website. So much of the movie is about Indy losing. He doesn't keep the idol at the beginning, can't bring himself to blow up the Ark, he pretty much never really wins any of the fight scenes outright (just manages to escape), the movie ends w/the Ark being sealed away. There were more examples, including a scene by scene breakdown, it's not all coming to mind for me at the moment.

    (P.S. I kind of like Last Crusade more so I guess that counts as them being able to top it? I don't know.)

  2. That information just discomfits me further — are the archangels lying about the inner workings of the human spirit to the mentors? Or were they unaware of this truth up until Soul from Soul (2020) gets to the end of the movie? Either possibility is existentially terrifying!!!!!1! — but thanks for letting me know nonetheless.

  3. Oops. I don't mean Nomad, I mean Nuke. I'm also confused on the point of Wyatt Russell playing him, he's gonna be U.S. Agent. John Walker. Different guy. I regret the error! Errors!

  4. Saw it. Liked it!

    • I have no idea if this is or isn't obvious but I think (in addition to the obvious stuff) it's also riffing off a certain v. specific subgenre of sitcoms. Stuff like I Dream of Jeannie ('65-'70), Bewitched ('64-'72), and The Flying Nun ('67-'70) and the shortlived but influential My Living Doll ('64-'65). Stuff that was kind of America metabolizing the new sets of freedoms for women in the postwar era as magical or supernormal additions to either standard domestic life or well understood roles for independent women.
    • The show obviously owes a real debt to King & Walta's contemporary series but I gather they've also credited the artist/writer pairs of each previous series titled after the pair of 'em. The special thanks at the end of the credits are to Bendis, John(s) Buscema & Cassaday, Oliver Coipel, Steven Englehart, David Finch, Richard Howell, Tom King, Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, Rick Leonardi, Bill Mantlo, Roy Thomas, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Joss Whedon.
    • I assume the interstitial commercial about the toast thing will be played up later but within the first episode itself it's also a piece of wordplay about the toast w/the wine, I guess.
    • I don't know where it's going? That's a S.W.O.R.D. logo on the illuminated toy helicopter and on the back of Vision's (?) HYDRA (?) beekeeper outfit. Stark toaster and a Strucker watch. Agnes is Agatha Harkness, presumably, or possibly just someone who might as well be Agatha Harkness but they can't get the name because of rights overlap or because they're saving that character for a bigger role somewhere else. Something similar seemed to be up with what I've seen of the Netflix shows. Like, Nomad, he was on the Jessica Jones show but he didn't have Nomad's name but he was basically Nomad, now Nomad is going to be Kurt Russell's son in the upcoming show with Bucky & Falcon. What's the deal? What's happening? Scarlet Witch trying to bring back her lover (and maybe her brother) from the dead? And the ... government (?) is trying to stop her because they fear what her kids would be like? Agatha Harkness magically dialling in to Wanda's spell to try to recruit her into Hell's service? I dunnaknow.
    • Was there another Vision or synthezoid sitting at the table at the neighbourhood watch meeting? I kept expecting the scene to introduce everyone and to have a sort of funny unfunny gag of, "And here's John. John's a robot, Vision." and for Paul Bettany to splutter out something like, "How extraordinary and unanticipatable for us ordinary humans such as ourselves!". Was it just part of the show's weirdness quotient? Were my eyes playing tricks on me?
  5. Oh boy, that reminds me of some more complaints I had about the <half of the movie I saw :


    Why are all the mentors extremely accomplished and credentialed people? The movie is saying to its audience, "Hey, you, who you are was determined prior to your birth by a person. No, not an ancestor! Darwin was wrong, bitch! It was some guy who won an award! Some guy who passed a few tests! That's what determines the nature of your very being! You might think for a moment that awards are just dumb dumb kaffeeklatsch nonsense, mostly a matter of who's 'in' and who's 'out', Orson Welles never got an Oscar, etcetera. BUT YOU'RE WRONG. You might think professional accreditation is mostly a matter of gatekeeping and bare minimum ass-covering but, guess what, Andrew Abbot's an idiot! If your life sucks it's because some guy carrying a trophy didn't spark your passion!"


    Why is a person's job or hobby a determining factor of who they are as people!? Is our moral worth determined by what we're paid to do in life or what we ourselves pay to do? Is that the measure of a man? Is that what's fixed in us down to our very core? Whether or not we love birdwatching? Whether or not we love what we do to keep the wolf from the door?


    WHY DO THE ARCHANGELS ARBITRARILY MAKE SOME PEOPLE INNATELY GOOD AND SOME PEOPLE INNATELY BAD? There's literally a scene where one of them counts off individual souls and sends them into buildings that determine their character traits! What? Why? There's a scene where a little innocent soul looks out at us and calmly states that it's, like, a megalomaniacal psychopath with dark tetrad features. What? What? What? Someone save that poor kid! Someone save its victims! Soul, you gotta stop what you're doing, this is bigger than whether or not you get to entertain some people for an hour or two, this is bigger than whether or not you get to live out the rest of your days on Earth or are forced to decorporealize along with PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE WHO EVER DIES, that kid is in trouble! That kid is an accident waiting to happen! You gotta go save that kid! You gotta save all those kids! Forget about 22, she's had millennia to make her own choices, she's a lost cause, a gomer, those are newly instantiated consciousnesses that need your help!


    why hat and glasses stay on Soul's head when he become ghost but nearly everyone else in line for The Great Beyond was nakked

  6. 1 hour ago, Jedigoat said:

    Is there an entry about zippers?  What about buttons?  How do those work?  What about itching something? 

    • I think it's actually a thing with how they do the costumes that there's not supposed to be any visible zippers or buttons.
    • There's an extended riff in one of the Aaron Allston books over whether or not a Jedi could use the Force to scratch between his own shoulder blades if he's got an itch there.

    1 hour ago, Jedigoat said:

    Two idiots at SW Convention 2 were having this conversation while waiting in line to see an exhibit or something.   Me and a friend were standing next to them.


  7. Madison Cawthorn [R, NC-11], America's future President For Life, got his chance to make his case for a minute today and said this : "Madam Speaker, today represents a unique opportunity in history. An opportunity to put America first. To put her people first. Today is a moment for members of Congress to put aside politicking and to place people over power. I urge my colleagues to vote against this divisive impeachment and realize that dividing America will not save this republic. I urge my colleagues to not simply vote for what feels good. Of course, it feels good for the Democrats to have a united constituency for a few more days. But, I was elected to come here and vote for things that actually do good. To bring much needed help to the American people. I am willing to take the first step and extend my hand across the aisle to say, 'Vote against impeachment. Vote in favor of a unified nation and I will forsake partisanship and work with you no matter who you are or what party you come from.' Madam Speaker, I urge that we all vote to finally put America first. And with that I yield back."

  8. From memory alone : improperly manufactured and/or unstable clones tend to have a distinctive slur to their speech so the convention of adding an additional vowel ('Luuke' 'Joruus') to the name of a clone comes from that.


    Also from memory alone : there's a clone of Darth Vader, he was made on Dantooine, Darth Vader fights him and kills him, it was in one of the Galaxy of Fear books.

  9. I think it is true, it is for real, it is happening, and it is going to be a largely faithful page-by-page adaptation à la The Hobbit ('12, '13, '14). I am excited to see Chewbacca's claws come out so he can climb the trees of Kashyyyk. I am excited to see Luke Skywalker's clone, Luuke, get merked by the Emperor's super secret li'l pal. I am excited to see the secret smuggler spymaster information broker's two dogs named after a proto-Romantic movement in German literature and music. It's going to be great, it's going to be good, it's going to be appearing on all our screens soon soon soon.

  10. I haven't been watching this show week to week, didn't do it that way last year neither. Kind of assumed that if I had then I'd end up spending half an hour after each one browsing through Wookieepedia looking at DL-44 rifling twist rates. But if I watch the seasons in large chunks then this way that wasting of the only truly precious commodity any of us are ever given can be kept to a relative minimum. Am I going to follow this method with the next Star Wars show or the next Star Wars show or the next Star Wars show or the next Star Wars show or the next Star Wars show or the next Star Wars show or the next Star Wars show? I DO NOT KNOW!!??


    I watched the whole show over a weekend after it all wrapped then blathered out ~2500 words of opinion. Yet every time I felt like posting about it here y'all were in the midst of discussion and I kind of felt like offering up what I had to say would register as an interruption. Even if only in my own head!


    I didn't feel like doing that up until now but seeing as Odine has bravely stood in the gap (Thank you, Odine!) I now feel comfortable and at ease with offering my substantially edited thoughts on the matter. I can't figure out how to put it up behind spoiler tags anymore, so sorry!



    Here ya go :


    I liked the show! I really enjoyed this show for children! Sitting at home alone, desperately trying to avoid catching or spreading the Krytos virus, please don't deny me my small comforts. I enjoyed all eight episodes!




    The Empire Strikes Back (1980) doesn't take us back to Tatooine or bring in another Death Star. The new characters we meet in the new movie are new characters, not previously established elements of the mythos being brought to the fore. Having the new season start off with familiar creatures (Twi'leks, Gamorreans, I think the Cyclops guy isn't new but he feels new enough that he doesn't count, actually) and a return to a familiar planet to deal with a familiar thing struck a sour note to me. We've already been to Tatooine! We've already met Amy Sedaris! And then the show kept striking sour notes, over and over again, ceaselessly and without end. I feel like the only completely new character this season was Rebbetzin Frog. Everyone else was recycled from last year or from earlier television shows or so rooted in established lore that they didn't feel new at all. Who is the Mamdamalorian going to recruit into one of his crazy schemes for Season 3 other than her? Timothy Olyphant, sure, maybe the bearded guy in the X-Wing. He didn't really get any new new playmates! Just people from the animated shows, people who are just slightly different action figures of existing action figures (even if you're not brainpoisoned enough to recognize Timothy Olyphant as Jodo Kast or Jaster Mereel or whoever was the guy who found Boba Fett's armour and cosplayed as him for a while until Fett merked him, well, that character he's playing is still just a guy who was Boba Fett for a little while, that's what he's got going for him), and the people we've already met on the show so far!


    It occurs to me that the above paragraph can be summed up in eleven words : THIS STAR WARS TELEVISION SHOW IS A STAR WARS TELEVISION SHOW. Actually, that's only seven words total with four of them repeated. I understand that a sequel to a movie is a different animal than a second season of a television show, and then there's the whole 1980 v. 2020 aspect to all of it, yeah. I get it, I get it. I know.


    Still, I think there's some merit in what I'm talking about. The only planet that felt new on any level was the harbour planet. Maybe the scrapyard junkheap planet that Bill Burr was serving time on? So two new new planets out of eight episodes? Come on, man! The Mandamalorian's gotta go to more new planets! I don't want him to go to Tatooine or the planet with Carl Weathers and Gina Carano on it all the time, I don't want him to go to planets familiar from the show or Star Wars in general, I want him to go to new places with new people on 'em. (Wait, I forgot about the dying forest planet where Ahsoka Tano was fighting Cheri Oteri! Three new planets! Okay, maybe the show did a better job at this than I thought.)


    It doesn't help that a lot of the appeal of the show is seeing great character actors come in to do a bit of Star Wars for an episode, put on a Star Wars uniform and say some Star Wars stuff on the Star Wars show. So even the new stuff there isn't really new in its newness, it's not a new experience for me to see Titus Welliver. He's in everything!


    But there is one area in which the show absolutely succeeds, where it's really firing on all cylinders, and that is of course this :


    It never EVER stops being funny to see the Bébé Yoda wanting food, chowing down on food, using its little force powers to get itself some food, vomiting up the food he's already eaten, eating things he's not supposed to. Bébé Yoda is a hungry boy! Feed the Bébé Yoda his Welsh rabbit with a poached egg, not too runny, bacon, scones, butter, cream, jam, NOT STRAWBERRY, a pot of lapsang. Feed him his sausages!


    Best bits ---

    * the Krayt dragon vomiting up ichor all over the Tusken Raiders, then them hacking and slicing through its exploded corpse

    * finding out in the credits that it was Dan Dority (W. Earl Brown) under the Weequay makeup

    * "She said all that." "I paraphrased."

    * I literally laughed out loud @ the Bébé Yoda eyeing those eggs during the opening landing sequence of the 3rd episode

    * the fashion choices of the Mon Calamari, not just the sweaters but the scarves and the headwraps as well

    * the little redeyed rat squirrel, the one the Ponda Babas were about to eat

    * Horatio Sanz pointing out "There's no guard rail on this."

    * Ahsoka Tano and Cheri Oteri doing the doffing-the-cloak-before-battle thing

    * Ming Na-Wen exposing her cyborg-y midriff

    * both the Mamdamalorian and Temuera Morrison doing the gunslinger guntwirl thing

    * the destruction of the ship, absolutely surprising

    * the AT-ATs repurposed as industry machinework cranes, which is their (apocryphal?) realworld origin


    tldr = justice for alan dean foster, justice for michael a. stackpole

  11. I know very little about both the general and specifics of this particular situation and I certainly don't care to find out any more about it. Yet I am forced to admit I side with the hobbyist amateur against the corporate employee, on principle alone.

    The substance of what was said or done by either side is immaterial to that determination. The nature of their respective 'job' is what matters to me. (This is not 'The customer is always right'. It's more like 'the evil thing dedicated to killing us all is wrong and so each and every one among its many and possibly individually blameless servitors are always wrong too'.)


    Complicating factors :


    * I suppose I must admit to a small amount of affection for Pablo Hidalgo, Abel G. Peña, all those dumb dumbs writ large, anyone who manages to somehow jiu-jitsu themselves into a position where they can alter the official substance of their childhood obsessions but in a fashion so remote from popular consciousness that it can only matter to them and similar nerd fanatics.  


    * The guy, the YouTube guy, kind of seem likes a lunkhead? He didn't like my favourite one of the new Star Wars but DID like this new season of Star Wars TV? Well, chacun à son goût, sure, but we disagree on that! We disagree on which of those two specific things is better than the other.


    * It's not nice to tell someone to cry more. Cryring bad! Offer them a tissue instead.


    * This happened on Twitter, a technology platform designed for the purpose of allowing children and the elderly to both give and receive brain damage to themselves at all hours of the day, and so everyone involved is equally guilty. Participants = guilty! Spectators = guilty! I'm guilty just for talking about it here, too.

  12. Can't really deliver a verdict on this one because I peaced out pretty early on. I gather that eventually Soul from Soul (2020) became a cat!!!!???? This is the first one of the Pixars that I didn't finish (excepting the ones I've never bothered to watch; haven't seen any of the series where they're all cars - sorry, I've forgotten the title of those movies about cars starring the cars) and it's kind of rare in general for me to drop a movie mid-movie.

    Here's what happened in the movie up until I stopped watching :

    A human man from contemporary times dies and discovers there is no God. Our universe is an automaton, maintained by friendly but efficient identical archangels. The natural machinations of the afterlife are capable of error. He introduces the prelapsarian souls of the unborn to the concept of damnation (oh, the nature of our very selves are fixed not by the circumstances of our material existence but partially by the tutelage of the recently deceased!?) and steals the identity of a recently dead acclaimed humanitarian so he can return himself to life. He plans to do so by taking the essence from a recalcitrant soul, one who is older than human history itself, and who has refused to be a consenting party to these celestial processes since her own inception. This is a movie for children.

  13. 23 hours ago, R.CAllen said:

    Kristoferr Polaha (who was the psycho rich kid who Angel rescued from hell and whose touch made men misogynist according to, hah, Joss Whedon's particular pet theories of what misogyny consists of

    Oops! He's not actually that specific guy! He played that guy's cousin! He explains to Angel, the vampire from Angel ('99-'04), what that guy's deal was around a pool table!

  14. slck6h6.jpg



    • I don't really know what to think of it! It reminded me of a line attributed to a recently freed Soviet dissident who said upon leaving a showing of Superman (1978) that he had no idea if the movie he'd just seen was for children or adults. Even more so than usual for the genre that felt true for this sequel.
    • Pedro Pascal's performance in the first half of the movie is extraordinary. Just a deeply unheimlich affect to him.
    • WE DID NOT SEE THE COFFEE CO-WORKER GUY FROM THE BEGINNING RENOUNCE HIS WISH FOR A CUP OF COFFEE. (Also, Diana used her inherited invisibility powers to make a coffee cup disappear. What!? What does coffee mean to this movie? I understand what planes mean, I understand what her lasso means, I understand what the opening flashback sequence means, I just don't get what the coffee means. What terrible price did Barbara and Diana's co-worker have to pay for that cup of coffee he got? Why did they make the one thing Diana tested her new power on a coffee cup? Does it tie into the FBI guy's offer to Kristen Wiig?)
    • My expectations were really quite low for a Wonder Woman movie but one thing I was just not expecting, like, at all and in any way was that it'd turn out to be a soft set-up for a Metamorpho flick!? Simon Stagg just has no luck when it comes to magic rocks! They keep messing up his life! First they take his fortune and soon they'll completely fashmutz his prospective son-in-law! Magic rocks, the bane of his existence! (Or maybe there's something bigger at work here. Katana was in Suicide Squad (2016), after all! The numbercrunchers and trendsetters at the tippy top of the business know what the kids of today want; they want a bigscreen adaptation of Mike W. Barr's Outsiders team and they won't settle for anything less! They're gagging for it! They want to see Geo-Force, they want to see Halo!)
    • The movie makes a big deal out of keeping Diana's existence a secret at the beginning and through the middle. She's using her boomerang tiara to knock out security cameras and telling little Egyptian kids to keep shtum about herself. And then the movie ends with dramatic worldshifting events and Diana personally addressing the world entire!? I don't get it. I think once you've got the latter you don't keep the former, just ditch those lines and those beats.
    • Geoff Johns, what is your deal with Maxwell Lord? First you go out of your way to make him a bad guy, deep down, in Countdown to Infinite Crisis (2005) and now you go out of your way to make him a good guy, deep down, in WW84 (2020)!? Pick a lane, buddy! Or why not have Pedro Pascal play Morgan Edge instead? Pretty sure there must have been a draft of this screenplay where the guy was Morgan Edge, not Max Lord, because of the important role a GBS plays in the final act and how that guy's deal is being a multi-millionaire with ties to supernormal forces. I guess, in a sense, the movie's climax does give Max Lord telepathic abilities. I don't know.
    • Did Diana kill anyone in this movie? Wait, did anybody die in this movie who wasn't already dead? I guess that drunk wannabe rapist maybe got a few years cut short from his life with the kicking he got from Kristen Wiig but other than that this was kind of a fatality-free flick.
    • WAIT DIANA IS A RAPIST SHE TOTALLY BOINKED THAT GUY JUST BECAUSE HE WAS UNDER A WISH-POWERED DELUSION THAT HE WAS CHRIS PINE. That guy didn't have a choice! That was not respectful of his bodily autonomy! This movie takes place in 1984! That guy could've had AIDS! (Wait, did he? This is a story about a woman in the eighties who has sex with her pilot ex and then she starts to lose her strength and suddenly her perfect skin is getting these unsightly bleeding blemishes.) (This maybe brings to mind the half-remembered Chuck Klosterman point about how any guy faced with a choice between all his buddies thinking he'd boinked the most beautiful woman in the world but really he didn't would rather have that happen than to boink the most beautiful woman in the world but have no one know about it, not even yourself. Would that guy be okay with it? I don't know.) But, seriously, look at the outré variety on display in this guy's wardrobe! Look at his commitment to personal fitness! Look at the size of his apartment in the nation's capital! That guy was an unmarried upper-class white guy in his late30s/early40s living alone in Washington in the mid-eighties, that guy owned those kinds of clothes and a stationary bike, you're telling me that guy was straight!? Even his polite conversation with Diana in the movie's dénouement reads a v. particular way to me! He doesn't hit on her! He doesn't ask her out after she compliments the way he's dressed! Does he just assume she's married?
    • Omigosh! Wait! It's not just a sex thing! Diana & Steve make a mutual decision to have this guy STEAL A PLANE and ASSAULT EGYPTIAN SOLDIERS and INVADE THE WHITE HOUSE!? Six months later when everything dies down and people come to their senses this guy is going to get visit after visit from multiple federal agencies and eventually end up remanded into foreign custody. "I don't remember doing any of that stuff, man" isn't going to cut it as an excuse! His prints are on the gun, on the steering wheel, all over the Smithsonian's hangar!
    • There's a scene early on where we see Diana's apartment and I think there was maybe a photograph of Diana liberating a concentration camp? Did that happen? Was it a photograph from WWI times or WWII times? I know there was one with her and an older Etta Candy. But I remember specifically seeing the trademark striped pyjamas which read as WWII-era concentration camp outfits to the popular imagination. I guess I can always just watch the movie again and check.
    • Wait if Lynda Carter has been walking the earth since the beginning of human history why didn't she stop all the different times the magic wish rock has completely collapsed human civilizations? Why didn't she stop David Thewlis in the first movie? Does she care about us? Is it just a thing where she'll keep a telephone pole from killing a baby and explain how she did it so long as it all doesn't take up too much of her time?
    • Wait, the movie opened with voiceover but closed with Diana just repeating the words 'Many, many things." to herself over and over!??????
    • They come to Lord's office and all of it is covered in dust but the SFX work didn't sell that during the scene where the magic wish stone transfigures itself into Lord's body! Oh well!
    • Egypt! Was it supposed to be Kahndaq instead? I mean, Geoff John has done plenty of stuff with Ancient Egypt in, like, his JSA run. So maybe it was always going to be Egypt all along. But outside of a few shots of the pyramids I don't see how it makes sense for it to be Egypt, like, at all.
    • Gal Gadot and Lynda Carter both refer to Themyscira not by name but as "my culture". Did they worry about losing people with a little dob of lore in their sequel? It avoids the possibility of inconsistent pronunciation, maybe, but hey, everyone's Amazon accent sounds different in every movie so far so why bother? It kind of makes sense for Lynda Carter to call it that, she's undercover, (and why were her eyes green in the lasso flashback? Lynda's eyes are blue, they're blue when she shows up onscreen for her dumb dumb cameo, did her eyes change over the centuries?) but Gal Gadot was talking to Chris Pine when she referred to the writing on the wishstone remnant as being from "my culture". He knows about Amazon Island! He knows it's Themyscira!
    • I think tonally it's going for something a little different than most other superhero movies nowadays and it kind of fell flat on its face doing it.
    • So long and yet so clear they've reshuffled some of the scenes and deleted one or two necessary ones. Kristoferr Polaha (who was the psycho rich kid who Angel rescued from hell and whose touch made men misogynist according to, hah, Joss Whedon's particular pet theories of what misogyny consists of; and was also on Mad Men for a few episodes as a Draper neighbour; oh and this isn't even his first time playing a bifurcated consciousness in a DCU property because he was the Nightwing manqué Darkstrike on an episode of Birds of Prey and his other half there was the Alien Bounty Hunter from X-Files) shows up on screen and Gal Gadot's line to him is something like, "I told you before. Stop bothering me!", great, movie, just great. Real solid work! The reshuffling is there when Kristen Wiig has already been established as having lost essential portions of her humanity but when we see her next she's helpful over the phone and her wardrobe in those shots still reads as part of her earlier ensemble.
    • The action was incoherent but ... pleasingly??? so. I liked the way it all looked! It's fun to watch the lasso swing her about, grab onto things, there's a certain appeal to just seeing these things happen in broad daylight with only a few ragdoll simulacrums of the human form on screen at the same time. Of course the final fight ruins that by having it happen at night time, but, well, nothing gold can stay.
    • The biggest and best of it was probably Diana and Steve limping through a world gone mad with suffering and then her finally choosing to do what's right, healing herself painfully by running towards a confrontation with evil after verbally condemning her lover to nonexistence, that was my favourite part of the movie.
    • Wonder Woman lies about not having a TV because it turns out she has, like, nine TVs. Just another moment underscoring the power of capital-T Truth!!!
    • I just got it that part of why Cheetah is Cheetah (instead of anyone else from Wonder Woman's rogues' gallery? rogues gallery? does it come w/a possesive s or not? rogues's gallseries?) is because she's a cheater. The movie is about how it is wrong to cheat and that's why Cheetah is in it and learns her lesson by having Diana beat her up while wearing the Kingdom Come (1995) armour and then getting electrocuted a little.
    • I don't know. I kind of liked it! It was like watching a Bronze Age comic brought to life before my eyes. Like something penned by Elliot S! Maggin. So hokey, so earnest, the sneering tone of so many modern blockbusters is almost entirely absent from it. Diana doesn't really quip, doesn't really undercut the reality of what we're seeing in order to establish it's happening for the audience, she accepts what's before her and sincerely asks questions of other characters to which she expects answers. On that level alone it's missing what tends to annoy me about a lot of big make'em'ups, the stuff that smoothes things out for everyone else knocks me off kilter.



    SLAVOJ ŽIŽEK IMITATION: And zho we zhee that thish izh pure ideology! Diana and Steve refuse to let the Lacanian wishstone work its magic on the world of materialism, this 80s world, and zho on. They thus doom us all to our modern neo-liberal hellscape! For if the wishstone can reorder our minds, reorder our politics, reorder the very natural world itself then it can zhurely of course deal with the consequences of nuclear fallout? It can zhurely turn each and every one of these ICBMs to dust? We have seen it can restore the dead! Yezh, of course, the wishstone exacts a cost. Thizh is trivially true! But so does our modern world! And the costs of our modern world are quite zhevere! Diana and Steve live in 1984, which is but five years after the first World Climate Conference in Geneva and a mere four years before James Hansen's testimony to the Yew Ezzh Congress! The cosztsz of climate change can not be merely wished away with the Themysciran citrine now that Diana has chosen this course of action! There is no golden armour we can adopt to defeat it! Czivilizationzhs rize and czvilizationhs fall! This izh the natural way of the world! Diana & Steve appear to break thizh cycle of history but thizh izh, of course, an illusion! There is no way for uzh to live outzhide of history! They have only doomed us to a worse fate by far. We do not live in 1984. *sniff*. We live in 2020.

    tldr = There was the one in 2017,  there was Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, there was Justice League, there was this one. I have definitely seen four movies with Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in 'em. So if this movie is WW84 what am I missing? Does the upcoming Snyder Cut count as another movie? Seventy nine? Math's never been my strong suit. Oh, wait, ImdB tells me that the full title is Wonder Woman : 1984. I better get busy tracking down those one thousand nine hundred additional movies!


  15. songs:

    The Cherry-Tree Carol

    Little Donkey, Little Donkey

    Christmas With You Is The Best

    I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Claus

    It's A Marshmallow World

    All Alone On Christmas (which Steve Van Zandt שליט"א did for Darlene Love so she could make some money instead of handing it all over to Phil Spector)

    O Holy Night and It Came Upon The Midnight Clear (both bangers) (anything that references a 'weary world' is a good'n!)

    All I Want For Christmas Is You

    Frosty The Snowman

    Here Comes Santa Claus

    I Wish It Was Christmas Today (Julian Casablancas cover)

    It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

    Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

    Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

    Santa Baby

    White Christmas

    Winter Wonderland

    You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch

    Joy To The World




    I dunnknow. I rewatched the Peep Show ('03-'15) episode where Mark's parents come for Christmas dinner. It's a good one! Set entirely within the apartment, too!




    They Live By Night (1948)

    Blast of Silence (1961)

    Frozen River (2008)

    Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town (1970)

    Metropolitan (1990)

    Gremlins (1984)

    The Lion In Winter (1968)

    A Midnight Clear (1992)

    Die Hard (1988)

    Elf (2003)

    Cash On Demand (1961)

    The Hudsucker Proxy (1994)

    The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

    Eyes Wide Shut (1999)



    stuff I don't get:

    presents (I am 0 for 34! Where are my Christmas presents, Santa!?)

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