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  1. Saw this. While plugging away on the stationary bike, mind mostly vacant, but a few thoughts nonetheless: 1) You'd think it'd get kind of old to just watch these characters overcome obstacles (and themselves!) while a Top 40 hit plays on the soundtrack. It doesn't! Can't wait for more of it! Every time a rocket blasts off, fun. Every time they use their deepfake tech to alter existing footage, fun. Every time they'd kill off a 'real' person, fun. 2) Every single thing I looked up that seemed implausible at first blush ended up being absolutely real, or real enough
  2. I didn't watch the show when it was airing (well, that's not strictly true — I saw the one episode everyone always went on and on about, I didn't like it, figured the show wasn't for me) but a couple years ago I sort of half-watched half-eyed most of the show from about the middle up until the end. I liked what I sort of semi-absorbed, I didn't really give it my full attention, I could tell I was missing out on something special though; should probably go back to the beginning and watch it properly. I think anyone really really excited about the movie, who really really expects it to
  3. Going to put this in a quote because spoilers follow -
  4. I think I'm pretty much the same as I was when I was 18. I don't think I'd get along well w/my 18 year old self, wait, how are we even interacting!??? Is this time travel rules or what!? Did he find a time machine!? Did I!? Who built this time machine!? Okay, ignoring that critical issue for the moment, I think the question of how the two of us (the one of us, actually!) would get along together is kind of silly when there's so much I can warn me about the world that's coming between '05 and now! I imagine we'd put aside our differences and learn to overcome our similarities and then just
  5. I feel like this is in some strange impossible (and obvious! I bet I'm not the first guy to make this joke!) way karmic retribution for Hannibal Buress being a landlord. If he'd only invested his money in, like, weed start-ups instead then Bill Cosby would still be locked up. His sin redounded through time and has freed the guilty! (Obviously, seriously, I blame the prosecutor. No, wait, I blame society.)
  6. I saw the pilot a couple years ago! I liked the scene where she banged the baker! Or, wait, was it the guy who became young in the pilot and banged a lady baker!? I don't remember who banged who but I remember there was banging!!! (Okay, I'm 9/10ths certain that there's a scene where the guy becomes young, seduces a lady baker, they bang, he runs away right after, and when her husband/boyfriend walks into the room and smells something off about the situation she just says something like : "Was just doing Zoomba.") I didn't find it sufficiently compelling to keep going w/the rest
  7. I can't seem to be able to 'like' this post. I get the following error message after I try : But, please, rest assured — I like it v. much! Glad you're home! Glad you're well! May things only get better and better for you from now on! [edit : whoops! it worked now! I like it! It 'like'd!]
  8. Well, I managed to get my second shot of the Pfizer eight weeks earlier than scheduled. Or, uh, nearly eight weeks after my first shot. Seems like it's ideally supposed to be three weeks between doses of the Pfizer! Huh! So weird! So strange! Who'dathunkit!? Regardless, I am happy and grateful to the people of Ontario and eager to be an active participant in this fun fun experiment. This time the vaccine barely hurt at all in the days afterward; a few aches, a few pains, but nothing too major. But did it work? How well did it work? What results will an antibody titer
  9. I'm not sure if this really applies (does it count as local? does it count as cult classic or sci-fi/fantasy/horror?) but for me it was Saturday Night at the Movies.
  10. I watched it when it came out and bailed an hour and a half into it. Took him thirty years to make it and I couldn't manage to get through it, oh well. I do remember a great line delivery Jonathan Pryce has when he's sprawled upside down over his saddle. It's something like 'What is this splendid castle that defies gravity?'.
  11. I know, right!?!!!!!!1! The former, I think.
  12. Got vaccinated on Sunday. Pfizer. Did not hurt a bit when I was stabbed w/the needle, unsurprisingly, because I am so brave and strong and big. (Must confess, though, that the injected arm was kind of sore and ache-y for much of the first few days afterwards. I'm going to chalk that up to causes unknown, can't be helped, certainly no reason whatsoever to doubt how brave and strong and big I am. I also felt very tired but that's kind of par for the course w/me; your brave strong big boy is also a sleepy sleepy sleepy boy.) Looking forward to repeating the process and getting my second sho
  13. I'm probably just being needlessly cynical about a horrific injury (he broke his pelvis!) but I kind of think "I can't really be in your movies because of my motor bike accident" may have been code for 'pay me more money to do it, George'.
  14. I wanted to see Obi-Wan fight a krayt dragon. But they've already done the krayt dragon on THE MΛNDΛLORIΛN so my appetite for that is kind of sated. Don't need to see him face down a krayt dragon while dual-wielding lightsabres no more. Will be perfectly fine seeing him dual-wielding lightsabres against, I don't know, stormtroopers or whatever. Indira Varma and one of the Safdie Bros. being part of the cast is kind of a big draw for me. I wonder who they're going to be playing!? Are they playing the same character, maybe, a two-headed guy like the guy from TPM, the podrace announ
  15. zambingo already said Kermit but I'd add Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo and his chicken wife, Rowlf, Scooter, Pepino Rodrigo Serrano Gonzales, the entirety of The Electric Mayhem, Dr. Honeydew and Beaker, Sam the Eagle, Lew Zealand, the Swedish Chef, Sweetums, everyone, all the Muppets really.
  16. I do not hate Zack Snyder. I envy him! He seems so happy! He's just a big ol' golden retriever of a guy; his brain got imprinted on a viewing of John Boorman's Excalibur (1981) and a handful of Métal Hurlant comics at an early age and he's just going to keep pumping out his stuff until he dies or everyone else dies first. I don't think he experiences doubt, I think he has silenced that part of his brain permanently, and so what we see when we see his films are the work of a true artiste. Brett compared him to Neil Breen and Ed Wood, that's fair. They could (or will? Breen is sti
  17. This, along w/Genevieve O'Reilly coming back as Mon Mothma for Rogue One, is the sort of thing I really really like!
  18. Saw it. Spoilers follow after the Waid & Templeton joke from Elseworlds 80-Page Giant #1. I can't figure out how to make the spoiler tag no more what with the update. Gonna just drop it in a quote box and hope that truncates most of it.
  19. If I'm having dreams, weird or otherwise, I'm not remembering them upon waking. I have no idea if any of the following is universal (and getting v. particular with what's up w/me, what my situation is, how things are, well, that's the sort of intimate details that I'll maybe feel comfortable sharing w/all of you in ANOTHER twenty years but for the moment I'm going to keep that locked up tight, practice good op-sec, it's cool that you're all doing good or doing bad but things are getting better or what have you) but it's what rattles around my skull nowadays. 1) I remain ge
  20. That all sounds awful! I hope things improve for you in the near future! I have no idea if the following will be of any help to you but here goes nothing : 1. Sometimes, to fill time, I will play casual games. Things like Among Us, 2048, Settlers of Catan, tower defense games like Kingdom Rush, really simple easy familiar things to do. Most often I'll listen to something or other while playing them, podcasts, that sort of thing. Often I'll, wait, I think what I'm about to type could count as its own separate thing maybe. 2. YouTube! I am currently watchin
  21. R.CAllen


    I liked the finale! I'm kind of a mark, I'm a rube, because, hey, there's very little they could do to actively displease me on a television show that's all about The Vision and The Scarlet Witch. But even accounting for that I thought it was pretty good stuff! I'll even go so far as to say that this is the first episode of the series to ditch the sitcom conceit that I enjoyed as much as the ones that fully embraced it. I didn't put it together up until now but Jimmy Woo's preoccupation with close-up hand magic makes him a fairly fitting choice for this series about One (1) Witch
  22. That sort of thing does bother me all the time, yeah, but what I'm describing here is a feeling of discomfort that I'd estimate at a higher level of magnitude. I think it's something v. specific to Eddie Murphy; even more specifically to undisguised Eddie Murphy. How!? How this be? It's not like I'm worried about Trading Places II (2022) or whatever. I don't think this is the start of the Eddie Murphy Cinematic Universe. I listened to his Marc Maron interview (surprisingly little evidence offered for my 'he's a complete loon' clinical diagnosis in that'n; outside of the revelation
  23. R.CAllen


    We never had a Lower Decks thread here but each and every time I'd see an episode I'd tippy-type my thoughts on it and left 'em in a Word doc. Here they are now : The pilot It's not good but it's ... not bad!? Even as it accomplished much of what a pilot is supposed to do the pilot still didn't really feel like the pilot for an actual television show. More like the memory of a nightmare in which an extremely eager to please child hopped up on Red Bull® threw action figures at my face while manically repeating the same phrases over and over at increasingly higher spee
  24. Another thing that got me, and only me, I am probably the only person in the world that cares about this, in a tizzy was the idea of there being multiple ontological Eddie Murphies (Eddies Murphy???) in a single fictional realm. I know that it's an established element of things that him and Arsenio are dressed up as different people but I assume the makebelieve people in the movie see the different people as even more different than they are. (I do not know why I assume this to be true.) But both his character Billy Ray Valentine and his character Akeem Joffer are Eddie Murphy. I understand th
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