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  1. Hmm. I vaguely remember being told by the Internet that the Judoon had a marked resemblance to some species from Judge Dredd in 2000AD. And, naturally, to the Sontarans.
  2. While I can completely understand the reactions of others she doesn't really get under my skin. Maybe Rusell T. Davies shares my unusual level of annoyance-resistance and is sitting back in the production offices idly wondering what all the fanboy fuss is about.
  3. Nah. I thought it was cool that when Sally Sparrow actually ended up meeting the Doctor she was perfectly okay with just giving him the relevant information he needed so things would turn out right for her and didn't seem to care all that much about the wider events. Having her as a companion would be like bringing back whatshisname (he's also that guy from "Hustle") who was in the fanclub episode. Their stories have been told and while they could be revisited they don't seem to me to belong as companions per se. I'm kind of good with Tate as the replacement. At least it'll be a welcome chan
  4. The fact of that sort of thing never (or rarely) happening is what made it so cool when it happened. It was like the ghost of Douglas Adams came in for a moment and threw a few script notes into their writer's room. Rigorous adherence to formulaic constraints isn't all that great in my book. I prefer that there be danger and excitement even if it does go a little against the traditional way things are done. The downside of this is that the show frequently goes the other way and resolves the danger by pulling something out of nowhere. Which, yeah, tends to happen in just about every season fi
  5. Yeah, I saw "The Five Doctors" too. It's important to remember that I don't mean geeky pejoratively and would define it here as a reliance upon details of the show's history to provide content and context. So it's always cool to hear lines like "Been a while since I reversed the polarity of the neutron flow" and see mentions of UNIT and Time Lord costumes straight of storage. But it's the sort of thing that's likely to go over the head of uninformed viewers. For example : Paul McGann offered to do a regeneration cameo right at the beginning of the series to set up the new Doctor. He was declin
  6. Well, the show's been overindulging the geekier side of things lately. I wouldn't be all that surprised if something like that happened.
  7. Haven't all the finales ended with a quick tease for the upcoming Christmas special? I remember last year pulled the exact same shtick right down to the same reaction from the Doctor. The show's first episode had a reference to the Ninth Doctor being somehow involved with the Titanic. Two of them, actually. Wonder if that'll be acknowledged or ignored.
  8. I thought she was said to be "the last Earthling". I certainly remember that she was the last 'pure' human and all the rest had interbred with other races and were considered mongrels in her eyes. Transducer, your theory makes good sense to me. The Master wouldn't allow himself to die permanently from the black hole engine thingmabob but had a contingency plan in place for other circumstances. As to the Mistress joining in the Grand Psychic Lovefest, I took that as an indication of her own conflicted feelings (as evidenced when we first meet her through that reporter lady) on the matter. I w
  9. I could have sworn he was, UK. A quick look at Wikipedia seems to sorta confirm that he is and offers no evidence that he isn't. So, uh, what makes you say he's an alien?
  10. What? What? What? Power of love saves the day. Again. Spoiler! --Click here to view--How can Jack be the Face of Boe? I'm gonna quote his dying words one more time : He certainly wasn't the last human around. I suppose you could stretch things and say that he was thinking of himself as the sole remaining Time Agent or something. I thought the show had reached the zenith of campy musical awesomeness with "Voodoo Child" playing as the world dies and the Master's wife awkwardly dances along to it. And then it one-ups itself with John Simm acting as a tyrant disc jockey manically singi
  11. Nonsense. It was clearly a horror flick. Ellen DeGeneres had a starring role! Ahem. A serious response now. I found your ratio of 75% comedy to be a little excessive. I don't remember laughing through three quarters of any Pixar film and I doubt anyone else here would say different. What I said was basically a sarcastic rejoinder to that perceived error rather than a refutation of the general truth of your claim. In this instance you are basically in the right. If the comedy was excised from 'Toy Story' it'd basically be a CGI adaptation of a Nick Cave song as directed by Tim Burton. Ju
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong but that "break your heart" stuff was given over by the Master as an answer to the Doctor asking who the Toclefane really were. It seems to apply specifically to that point as opposed to the whole "Die Earthlings Die" problem.
  13. The one about the widowed father's desperate search for his kidnapped son was a real laugh riot. Remember that first bit where not only the mother dies but nearly all her children too? Fuhh-nny.
  14. Point. But how would the revelation that the Gelth are actually the Toclefane serve to break the Doctor's heart? Answer me that, Ryn! Hah! A winner is me!
  15. Seconded. Anyone who questions the ability of the animated form to convey emotion should watch this scene. Ideally, they should do this at three-and-three-quarters years of age. They must be wearing their favourite pair of footie pajamas and must view the movie at their grandparents' house. These are the ideal conditions in which to experience the true power of those moments. Also, it helps if at the time you secretly believe that you are not human and are actually an elephant. Just another tip, that's all. Andorus - I am obviously made of sterner stuff than you. I can blink back my tears
  16. Excellent. I see we're dropping the spoiler text. Good. They're voiced by the same person, Zoe Thorn. I doubt it's significant. The Daleks, the Cybermen, the Nestene Consciousness from the first episode, all of them were voiced by the same fella. If the Toclefane turn out to be the Gelth, I'll be extremely surprised. UK Legend, I'm with you on your description of the Time Lords. That's the very reason the revelation of what they turn into would be so painful to the Doctor. And I emphasize that this wouldn't have happened willingly but would most likely be the result of an accident or so
  17. It's his only movie moment. Oh snap! Take that, wildly successful millionaire actor! [EdwardJamesOlmos]You've done a man's job, sir.[/EdwardJamesOlmos]
  18. Hah. I saw a Youtube video of people having the same reaction. Spoiler! --Click here to view--Wow. I was expecting far more resolution to the setting of last week's episode. The show took us out of there in, what, two seconds? The Master is not only the Evil Doctor but Evil Tony Blair as well. Gallifrey. Squeee! I'm making a bet that the Toclefane are gonna turn out to somehow be the Gallifreyans themselves. The last remnants of their consciousness placed into mechanical form, taking on the name of the childhood boogeyman they irrationally feared? They were certainly presented as in
  19. Unlikely. Here's his dying words to the Doctor : It seems clear to me that at the time he was told this the Doctor was literally the only remaining Time Lord alive in existence. The Master was human with his Gallifreyan consciousness suspended in the watch. Nevertheless, the fact that some remnant of his people exists in some potential form was what was being communicated. Whether the YANNA equals You Are Not Alone stuff was just Russel T. Davies playing about or some sort of legitimate hint to the Doctor within the confines of the story remains to be seen. Is it the Face of Boe playing w
  20. Excellent. You pass the Voight-Kampff test and can be presumed to be human. Good for you! Hmmm. You're in the desert. You see a tortoise lying on its back, struggling, and you're not helping. Why is that?
  21. Likewise, ewww. That wasn't where I was going at all. I was thinking it'd be neat if the show somehow had the Doctor have a companion who was the last of the human race. Oddly enough, this episode already established that Cap'n Jack would be a fair contender for that title. So they could make that explicit (ewwww! I mean, make it obvious!) through him or could even choose one of the many people knocking about there at the End of the Universe. Either way, I think it'd be an interesting direction for the show to go on to. And since they've added Barrowman to the cast itself I'm starting to w
  22. A fair criticism. I guess it just depends on how wide the range is of how you apply that term. He might be that way to you but in comparison with those who'd I consider heavyhanded he has a fairly nimble touch. "Love and family conquers all" is the sort of theme that tends to be beaten intr annihilation. "You are what you choose to be!" If I had a choice, I'd ratheo our heads by those who choose it and I think Bird's use of it stands as a good example of how to swim in that pool without choosing to happily drown in it. Err, to mix my metaphors in a powder keg of righteous retribution topped by
  23. Besides being a nice little moment on its own the show also seems to be echoing the words of Harriet Jones who said something similar (but well-intentioned) in the exact same situation when she was Prime Minister. A small clue some of you might have missed : when Derek Jacobi was talking about the pocket watch and how he got it he mentions he was found as a child "on the fringe of the Silver Devastation". Which was where the Face of Boe was introduced as having arrived from way back in the first season. So hopefully the show isn't just using that character to lead us into the Master's arriva
  24. A similar situation is the general impression people get when you say "comic book". Just because the ostensibly most predominant form of a medium is a specific genre that doesn't make the whole medium itself simultaneous to the same genre. It's like assuming that the only thing that can be done on a radio is commercials because that's what you usually hear. Also, Brad Bird is a genius. A loud yelling eccentric genius who is probably a little bit crazy ("I have said time and time again! WE USE EVERY PART OF THE BUFFALO!") but a genius nonetheless. When the whole world watches the scene wher
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